Rice Porridge

Rice porridge is what any Asian mom will cook you when you're sick! But it's not only the perfect food for when you're sick, it's also a convenient way to use up your cold left over rice. Anyway, I've been sick lately, so this is the rice porridge concoction I came up with for the occasion. Recipe is for one person. For more, adjust accordingly.
Set up 1 cup of soup stock of your choice. Boil. 
Add one bowl of cooked white rice. 
Turn the heat down to medium. 
Boil and stir often until the liquid turns into -- excuse the expression, haha -- slime, and the rice has mainly dissolved into pap.  
Add an egg. Stir. Let it sit for a few seconds. 
Add a topping of your choice. I used doljaban muchim, seasoned seaweed.
Serve hot and enjoy! 

Another version I often cook and which is even more suitable for sick people is by using water and white rice only. Usually I top off that version with pork floss.