Korean Make Up Favorites

If you have taken a look into my Korean fashion shop you will have also noticed that I offer Korean make up there, too. However, I find it important to state that one of my main objectives isn't to simply just sell any make up, but only the make up and cosmetics I personally prefer, like, and can give good reviews of. Thus, here a short introduction to the make up products on offer right now. I will make sure to add more of my favorites by the by.

The Jelly Pop Nail Top Coat by Etude House
It's pure luck I picked exactly the one top coat at random that I would be the most satisfied with ever. This top coat leaves an incredibly glossy finish and extends the wear of my nail polishes by at least one or two days, if not more in some cases. It's a splendid inexpensive top coat I know I will buy again and again.

Lime Secret Shine Base by Skin Food
This comes in three color nuances, #65 Lime Pearl Green, #75 Lime Pearl Gold and #85 Lime Pearl Peach. They can be used as spot highlighter or applied all over the face or anywhere else for that matter giving your complexion a healthy shine and wonderful dew. I love using this all over the face as a make up base under my powder or by mixing it with my sun screen or BB Cream. For me, it really makes a difference and I love the dewy look it creates leaving my complexion looking fresh and healthy. Insider claim that the Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base in #85 Lime Pearl Peach is an affordable dupe of the famous Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter.

M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ by Missha
This BB Cream by Missha is one of the classics of Korean make up and has been extremely popular all around the globe for a while now. BB Cream is short for Blemish Balm Cream and is, to cut it short, a type of liquid foundation with plenty of nourishing and skin improving properties, as well as often UV protection and moisturizing features. The fascinating thing about BB Creams is their ability to blend perfectly with the color of your teint even though they usually come in very limited shades. This BB Cream by Missha really is no fuss, it blends right in and makes my skin look flawless. It has UV protection of SPF 42 +++, anti-wrinkle, whitening, soothing and moisturizing properties in one. If you are worrying about the whitening feature, please be at rest. What it actually does is lighten up your complexion evening out your skin tone by reducing redness or dark spots, so it's a good feature to everyone. Many blog readers I have recommended this to have been extremely satisfied, too!

Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover by Skin Food
This is hands down one of my most favorite beauty products in the world! It's a great and thorough make up remover that gets rid of the even most stubborn waterproof mascara there is for you all while being nice to the sensitive skin area around the eyes. Nourishing and efficient, I use this on heavy eye make up and lipstick. It's never let me down! Shake well before use.