K-Brands: Young Korean Designers in Nylon Japan

While the world has not yet fully cooled down over quirky Japanese fashion, Japan itself has already moved on to the next thing: Korean fashion! Nylon Japan is keeping up with the times and, besides K-pop and Korean cosmetics, is offering an introduction to so-called K-brands, young Korean designer brands. Brands which you must not fail to miss, either, so here they are, with a few informational bits and bobs that Nylon Japan has to say about them.

Paul & Alice, I introduced to you earlier in 2011 already. To follow up the link to my post on Paul & Alice, click! Described as grown up romantic-casual, Paul & Alice is taking cues from a Jean-Luc Godard movie, called "À bout de souffle" from 1960, and its main character Patricia, played by Jean Seberg, this season. Inspired by Charlotte Gainsbourg, Joo Hyo Soon, designer behind Paul & Alice, knows how to translate French chic into casual Korean cool.

Jardin de chouette is first and foremost famous for its well-constructed and stylish jackets. Frequented by Korean stars and the stylish crowd alike, Jardin de chouette is a popular shopping destination in the heart of Korean high-class area Apgujeong.

Steve J & Yoni P are already somewhat famous among fashion insiders not only in Japan. They are mostly known for their unique prints and street-fashion inspired wares, and popular among stylists and fashion editors who have make the brand name emblematic of modern Korean fashion.

fleamadonna's design are greatly based on unusual textures as well as bold prints that have garnered the brand fans all over the world.

Kai-aakmann is a personal favorite of mine. It's the modern Korean girls' staple wardrobe being cool and casual working great as basic pieces. Kai-aakmann being stocked at international mega-online-shops like Revolve Clothing attests to its wide appeal.

The Centaur complements androgynous cuts with feminine prints and playful details making it a brand to watch out for! Its main catch is certainly a certain gender ambivalence which, in my opinion, makes it very modern and "right now".

Johnny hates jazz is minimal and feminine. Having been an assistant of Vivienne Westwood, the designer is concentrating on basic pieces like dresses and trenchcoats it works with color-blocking and other modern style elements in trend today.

Goen.J is probably best known for being one of the contestants in Project Runway Korea season 2. But I'm sure the classic and basic designs with fun twists and quirks make waves of their own enough, too.

Talk Service is simple designs that work every day without being boring. Easy to mix and match with strong color pops here and there it's a great brand for fun style without being overdressed.

pushbutton is another one of my favorites. Girly, yet very poppy pushbutton encourages girls to dress for themselves adding vivid colors and modern cuts to a quirky yet wearable whole.