An Approach to Personal Style

I received a request for advice on finding one's own personal style. It's possible that the way to one's own personal style differs from person to person. But I guess, most of the time it works like this:

Most of us go through the most inconsistent but also most instructive phase of constant trial and error that is finding one's own personal style during our fickle years of youth. In the end of it all, we usually develop a sense or idea of what suits us, and also what we feel and look good in. The key simply is to know thyself.

However, inconsistency in style isn't necessarily bad in itself. It can also work out nicely. It's suffices to know what doesn't work for you. Get rid of the parts of your wardrobe that don't flatter your frame, that you don't feel comfortable in, that you don't look great in. Start building up a foundation and start to assemble a basic wardrobe. Focus on simple basics that work with basically everything, like a white T, the perfect blue jeans, a well-fitted blazer, a comfortable cardigan, all based on the premise that it has to suit and fit you optimally. From there on, it's simply a matter of re-configuring and accessorizing.

You can go with every whim and every trend that is out there simply by buying into it by the cheap: have a colorful cardigan for a pop of color, accessorize with plastic jewelry for a shot at the 70ies, wear a hat because it's in -- that's what's fast fashion is there for! Don't be afraid to experiment and try out new things you take a liking to. Fast fashion is disposable, you can also get rid of them again thereafter.

One important thing, though. While you experiment, don't focus on how you like the style, focus on how you like the style on you. Don't wear anything you don't feel absolutely comfortable in. Not each and every style looks good on each and every person -- be realistic, step back, look at yourself and get some sense! It's about filtering out the noise, the stuff you don't look good in, the stuff that you can't feel your own self in. By the end, you should be able to discern what is and what isn't your style.