20xx xx xx The 2-in-1 Sweater

The thing about my shop is that I only stock things I would, without fail, all wear my very self.

Take this sweater for example.

Shortly before I left for Germany, I decided I need a warm, cosy sweater to keep me warm during the colder days, so off I ran coming home with this one. It's become one of my favorite items to wear!

Not only is it incredibly soft inside making it delightfully comfortable, it also ticks all the right boxes. Its oversized cut with the wide batwing sleeves gives it just the right quirk to an otherwise staple jersey sweater, and the zipper in the back only adds to this. What's even better, that zipper allows for double wearability since turned front to back the sweater can also be worn as a loose jersey jacket (see here).

Running back to the store where I got it, I purchased two more of it and they are now, of course brand new and unworn, available in the shop. Check it out!