Kiko Mizuhara in Nylon Japan, 2012/1, shot by Hiroki Wada

I doubt that print will be dead any time soon considering the amount of material blogs draw from magazines. Where else would we be getting our glossy fashion editorials to re-blog on our 'inspiration tumblrs' I wonder. Like these three 90ies-inspired shots from the current Nylon Japan issue from January 2012 starring Kiko Mizuhara.

'Genderless' in So-en [荘園], 2012/1 shot by Masahiro Sanbe

Japanese magazines currently are full of gender ambiguous style editorials as I think are actually many other fashion magazines all over the globe. Most of the time that means masculine fashion on girls. The capture of this spread called "Genderless" thus simply runs "A girl wears men's clothes". Among all editorials of the kind I've seen so far I choose these pictures as I think they capture the gender-ambiguity best while touching upon some markedly 90ies style elements that are so en vogue at the moment.

As the watermarks suggest, these scans aren't mine.


Only a few days left until the new year. My, time really flies! Did you already draw up your new years resolutions? No? I've got some ideas for you.
Use up your tubes, pots and bottles in your beauty and make up stack, or at least try to use up five of your products in 2012.
Compile a list of five books you've always wanted to read and read them over the course of 2012.
Make a list for your next shopping spree and stick to it.
Find the part of your body you especially like and find ways to dress it to its best advantage! Flaunt it!
Think about and prepare birthday presents for your most loved ones way in advance and make it something special by complementing it with things you made yourself.

Sitting Pretty

Drapes, and layers, and sequins.

via Style Bubble // Vogue UK // S Moda

End of the Year Soonish


Can you believe it? 2011 is coming to an end supersoon already. The older I get the faster time seems to fly by. I can still clearly remember drawing up my New Year Resolutions for this year, and now it's already about time to think about new ones!

As inspiration, let's see what my resolutions for 2011 were and how, by measure of that list, did I fare.

Lee Hana in Nylon Korea Dec 2011

Lee Hana is a Korean actress and singer, and the star of this short spread in this December's Nylon Korea.

On another note, I'm taking a flight back to Germany today for the winter holidays coming back to Seoul just shortly before Christmas. The posting won't be affected too much I believe. Besides, I still have a few scans left.

But feel free to tell me if you've got enough of them yet.

Nylon Korea Dec 2011, "It's very Hyoni"

Got enough of Korean magazine scans yet or craving for more?

Anyway, I still have a few good ones left. These few starring Hyoni Kang for example from the "It's very Hyoni" spread in this December's issue of Nylon Korea.

Elle Girl Korea Dec 2011, "Fur gets paddings", shot by Hong Jang Hyun

Another editorial that I thought I'd share. I mean, one can never have enough winter inspiration. Especially when it's as playful and fun as this.

To see the rest of the pictures, just jump!

Nylon Korea, December 2011, "Jump Up", Jin Jung Sun shot by Moke Na Jung

I have a scanner now :D

Which is great to scan things. And to scan I will!

My first scans are from a little booklet that was inserted in the most recent issue of Nylon Korea, Dec 2011. Shot by Moke Na Jung, Jin Jung Sun is, as I remember one of the contestants of Korea's Next Supermodel. I don't think she won, tho. Anyway, styling by Kang Hyo Gene.

Good job Kang Hyo Gene!

I like this because it embodies all the things I love about dressing up in winter: layers, coats, and knits!