The Red-and-Pink-Mix

I've always been a fan of the red-and-pink-mix.

They're not supposed to be worn together, but that's exactly the point. Together, they hurt your eyes!

Imagine my delight when I saw this make up inspiration on Refinery29.

Red lipstick is a pretty bulletproof style statement. Pink lashes are an awesome idea! Together, it's a genius look! I love it!

Now, would you wear it? To a party I definitely would. Heck, even in broad daylight I would!

2011 09 xx Palazzo trousers

From all my trousers, these are my favorites right now!

At first I wasn't too sure what to wear these trousers with. But if you like something (or someone) very much, you will make it work somehow. 

I like that they are dramatic and elegant because they can look like a wide black maxi skirt, yet are nonchalant and cool because they are trousers after all. They are a pleasure to wear as they are so wide, too. 

I purchased them in a Korean shop called Å-Land. Å-Land is like a Korean version of Urban Outfitters. They have branches in almost all relevant shopping areas in Seoul, like, Hongdae, Myeongdong, Garosugil and now even Ewha, but maybe not Dongdaemun. They carry clothing from small Korean designers, as well as international brands like Cheap Monday. Don't buy Cheap Monday at Å-Land, though, it will cost you 10 times as much as anywhere else. 

Low Classic

It's very hard for me to decide which area in Seoul is my favorite place to shop.

Fortunately, there is no reason for me to decide that particular question. However, the doota! department store in Dongdaemun is always a wonderful place to start.

doota! is also where I stumbled upon Low Classic.

Their designs are nothing much out of the ordinary at first sight. It's the sleek understatement in style and styling, as well as the subtle details, however, that draw me back to the brand again and again.

As I am now beginning to prepare for fall and the soon approaching cold winter, Low Classic is a prime contender for essential spots in my wardrobe. Mainly the cream white angora sweater with side slit looks like a comfortable yet very chic addition I could stay warm in.

Looking at their online store, is there anything you would love to own, too?

SOLD: Black Asymmetric Zara Pumps

Selling these Zara beauties in black, size EU39.

I have worn them out only once, thus they are in good condition even though the surface of the shoes do show slight traces of wear.

However, the shoes are in still very good condition. A little brush up and they'll be as good as new.

You might remember that they were highly sought after when they came out. I think Zara released the same design in different colors and materials thereafter milking their great success. I was immediately enchanted by these beauties, too. They are classic and timeless. However, I have to admit they are still not my style. For an outfit picture with them click here.

Classic, sleek pumps

See, when other women wear classic, sleek pumps, they look chic and sexy.

When I wear classic, sleek pumps it's like... OK. Plus, I cannot properly walk in them anyway. Even if I could, to me it'd be hell.

Conclusion: I'm a flats girl at heart. Can't help it.

Pictures [Facehunter // Vogue Italia August 2011 // Joan Smalls]

P.S.: I especially like the dame to the far left. She's pretty hot.

2011 09 24 Hangover Day

Yesterday's hangover outfit involved a white asymmetric chiffon top and shorts from Bangkok, cardigan and bag from Seoul, as well as my true and trusted ASOS leather loafers.

I look tired in these pictures because I was.

OK and because my eyes are half closed in each one of them for some reason.

What's in my bag

This bag is one of my newer and favorite bags to wear right now.

It's actually just a pouch, but I simply use it as a daytime clutch.

True, a clutch is actually quite unhandy in everyday life but I don't particularly care as I am not required to function highly efficiently at the moment anyway.

Holidays, yay!

Anyway, I purchased this pouch in Singapore in a shop called fourskin on the ground level of The Heeren on Orchard Road, and it holds everything I need on a daily basis. Which is my wallet, a colorful clear plastic number I purchased at the same shop and which I love a lot, too, my Céline shades, sanitizing wet-tissues, and my iphone 4.

Yes! I don't carry any make-up or other cosmetics with me usually. When I am very eager I carry a little bottle of sun screen and/or lip balm with me. Most of the time I forget to use them anyway, tho.

Sale: Black Carin Wester Lydia Leather Wedges

Remember these?

There was a little bit of legit hype surrounding these. Rightly so.

The Carin Wester "Lydia" wedges are made of incredibly soft black high quality leather that wraps itself around your feet like a dream. The wedge heels, 2cm in the front and 11cm in the back, make these a most comfortable thing to wear, too.

Stylish and easy to wear, with gold zippers in the back for easy putting on and off.

These are size 38 and in very good condition still. You can't even tell that they have been worn a couple of times already. I guess quality counts after all!

The reason I am selling them is that I merely came to the conclusion that high heeled shoes are not for me, even if it's cool wedges like these.

So if you are interested I will let these babies go for 80€ plus 15€ shipping.

Payment per paypal please!

Write me an email under

Cat Eyed Beauty

I'm such a sucker for a sensual cat eyeliner.

And brown eyes.

I like these pictures of Rose Byrne shot by Will Davidson for Muse Fall 2011 because she looks cute but there is still a very womanly sensuality in them.

If I was a man, brown haired doe eyed beauties like Rose Byrne, Olivia Palermo or Rachel Bilson would be my "type".

2011 09 18 This is an outfit post

This is what I wore coming from the hairdresser some days ago.

Top from Bangkok, sweatpants from Seoul, shoes from Singapore, bag by COS and shades by Céline.

Reviewing the Clintia Clarifying Skin Care Line

There is only three skin care rules I deem absolutely essential.

First, a generous amount of water intake every day is extremely important. It clears up the body and with it the skin. Second, wrinkles basically are sun scars, thus sun screen is an absolute must every day, even if it's cloudy outside. Third, to find the right product for your skin type, start with the most gentle products you can find first, and only give more aggressive products a try when you notice no improvement after some time.

It's really not easy to find the proper care regiment for your own skin, as each person's skin is individual and different. In my youth, the few pimples I had made me believe I have trouble skin and hard to control combination skin. I used aggressive anti-acne products and scrubbed my face with harsh toners but did not moisturize afterwards. Unfortunately, this only made me have more pimples.

Only some years ago I realized that all the products I have been engaging on my skin were exactly what caused my skin to overreact and form pimples, feeling dry and looking tired. When I switched to more gentle products, namely products aimed at sensitive skin, my own skin instantly got better even though I can't say that my skin is sensitive at all.

Now in Korea, my boyfriend and I both use Clintia by Niobe for trouble skin and are very, very happy with it. The Clarifying Cleansing Foam, Clarifying Skin Toner and Clarifying Emulsion are a daily must in the morning and in the evening. The line is furthermore well rounded up with the Clarifying Aqua Essence for extra moisture, and the Clarifying Spot Treatment Gel as a first-aid product, and others.

My boyfriend has very oily, very sensitive acne-prone skin. I on the other hand have a bit of combination skin which is neither particularly dry nor particularly oily and if ever only gets pimples during "those days" of every month.

That the Clintia skin care line works so well on the both of us, who have very different skin types, attests to the power of the line. Its main strengths, however, certainly are that the products are all free of ethanol or alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, colors or talc! The formulation of the Clintia products is therefore very mild and well suitable for sensitive skin, and this is what makes the big difference! From my own personal experience I can absolutely recommend the Clintia products, as my skin is clear and healthy and feels better than ever! I am glad I found this line.

Niobe is a skin care and make-up brand from South-Korea. The products are available at select Olive Young drugstores, and I think cost around 10 to 25€ (14 to 35US$). Some, but not all products are listed on the Clintia page.

Are you interested in trying it out?

2011 09 18 New Hair Color

Yesterday, I had my hair dyed for the first time ever in my life.

Yes, I'm a late bloomer at 25.

My initial plan was going blonde. But we all decided - my hair dresser, my friend, my boyfriend, and then I agreed - that I should try to go as light as possible by only dyeing without bleaching first. I think next time I can get my hair almost blonde with hair dye only eventually.

Anyway, I love it!

I have been thinking about dyeing my hair for so long now (OK, like one and a half month). However, it needed an old friend of mine who visited me in Seoul over the weekend and whom I haven't seen in two years, to finally do it. She's always the one to give me the courage to try something new beauty-wise. She was also the one I had my first permanent wave with in Tokyo.

By the way, the friends that always, always inspire me the most beauty-wise always happen to be Chinese! Is that a coincidence!? I don't think so!

For those who are interested, I had my hair done at beauté de marshall in Ewha (here's a map on Google maps). It cost me 100 000KRW all in all (about 65€ or 90US$), but the service was wonderful and he also cut my hair (I requested to have only the ends cut), and blow dried my hair in elegant waves. You feel absolutely great coming out of the salon looking like a star!

Here's a picture of how I looked right after the hair dresser.

Lesson learned: It's fun to try something new every once in a while! If there is anything you have been meaning to do for some time now just do it!

My Wishlist for Fall 2011

I need to jot it down somewhere, so why not here on my blog.

  • Nike trainers, preferably Nike Lunar Sweet Victory+ or Nike Free XT Motion Fit+
  • The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square
  • Undies (I usually just wear simple black or white cotton ones by H&M, which I need more of now, too, but I also really need a couple of G-strings as well as some flesh-colored underwear)
  • The Karen Walker Deep Freeze sunglasses (I know that summer is technically as good as over soon, but I'd like to have these anyway) I decided to save the money for the glasses for now and buy a winter coat with it instead. It's more urgent.
  • thick knit cardigan
  • A thick knit sweater (still regretting not buying one I had found in Shanghai)
  • The black ruched jersey skirt by T by Alexander Wang

A friend of mine is coming over to Seoul over the weekend and I figure we'll be out shopping a lot. Of course, that will expose me to a lot of temptations but I resolve to stay strong and stick to my list! I really have to!

Spinning out of control when out shopping seems like a nice idea of fun, having the feeling of being able to afford all of that stuff. However, keeping yourself in check and only allowing yourself the things that make sense is ten times more fun in a way you can feel good about yourself, too. 

2011 09 13 Back

I'm back from an a m a z i n g trip to Singapore and Bangkok!

The concept of a multi-ethnic society like Singapore's is still mind-boggling to me personally as someone from Europe where nation-states are tightly knit to the idea that the culture of a majority is to prevail. That aside, if it makes for a diverse and incredibly nice choice of food it cannot be such a bad thing, can it!

I really enjoyed Singapore, its food, the amazing cityscape, and of course the company of good friends (hi Stephie!) who did an amazing job showing me around and have me feel right at home!

Of course, I went shopping mainly in some of the many department stores on Orchard Road. The great thing about Singapore certainly is that they boast so many international brands from the US, Europe, as well as Japan and Korea. It's a real brand and labels Mecca!

Bangkok, however, was even more fun! The city itself, the people, the food, the shopping, even the sightseeing were absolute fun! I was happy sampling the different street snacks, navigating through the city so easily (like a boss!!!), and just enjoying the special pace and atmosphere of it.

I did some souvenirs shopping and of course some shopping for myself while I was there. The Platinum Fashion Mall as well as the Chatuchak weekend market, which was soo much fun to hang at, are worth a special mention. There aren't as many brands and labels (though you can certainly get your hands on those if you wanted) but instead it's laughably low prices and some real gems if you know what you are looking for!

The shirt I am wearing is my favorite summer top from Seoul, my shades are by Céline, but my shoes and clutch are from Singapore and the high waisted cut-off denim shorts were a steal (not literally of course) from Bangkok.