Black Stuff good. It just never gets old.

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2011 06 26 Rainy Season

And when they say rainy season, they obviously mean rainy season. Continuous rain all day every day.

2011 06 18 Not the Best, Not the Worst

... I've ever worn.

Red String

A recurrent theme. High slits, plunging necklines. Summer!

Nothing new under the sun.

Favorite New Dress // New Favorite Dress

+ azure blue cardigan + pink sunnies + black leather loafers.

Patterns of Preference

I'm remarkably easy.
Obviously, I like asymmetric tops a lot.

These are a few of my purchases I did ever since coming to Seoul.
At first, it hasn't been that much. I had to watch the cash flow carefully.
However, my mom's in town right now, and she likes to spoil me, and I'm like, OK, why not!
So we headed to doota!, and I caught up on all the shopping I abstained from the whole long time.
Not that I have not been shopping at all, to be frank. It's just what I like to tell myself.

Christy Turlington

If I ever did 'sexy', it would certainly not be the standard combo mini skirt + heels. There's so many more subtle ways to do a sexy look. But men are really such a disappointment, don't see what's good when it's good, but all they see is mini skirts and heels.

Christy Turlington shot by Ellen von Unwerth’s in Madame le Figaro June 2011.