2011 05 31 I'm the Mime

Things in Black and White

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2011 05 28 Dream Concert

What a day!
I saw SHINee, and I LOVED it!
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Updated my photo diary on tumblr with tons of pictures, be sure to check it.

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2011 05 19 Colors!

I am actly in search of an airy kaftan dress. Instd, I came across this top/short dress. I have no idea if this is something I am going to wear that often, but it is very airy and comfortable, so that's a huge plus-point. However, I am not sure if I can wear it any way I will really feel comfortable? Errr, I feel kind of dorky in this :/

Finding Things

Sometimes, the choices you have here can feel overwhelming. I have not really been finding exactly what I had been looking for when I was out either, and in a city of 10.924.870, just strolling around can be tiring. I guess this means browsing shopping catalogues and online shops will be my next stop for now. Which is a relaxing thing to do for itself. Also, I am finally able to place an order in Korean online shops, too! Just scrolling through their pictures is inspiring enough.

Pictures via [hugwhy.com // en.stylenanda.com]

2011 05 15 A Walk Through Town

I could just walk around the whole day and be very happy. Seoul is fantastic! The weather is getting warmer and warmer by the day. I seriously need a summer wardrobe overhaul.

Things I'm wearing: Black and white striped Ann-Sofie Back for Topshop T-shirt, a tailor made skirt from Viet Nam, my most favorite leather loafers by ASOS and a silver metal chain strap moto-style handbag from Tokyo.

Just saying...

  1. A quality I would want in a future girlfriend/boyfriend: I already have it all.
  2. Story behind my last kiss: He is coming back in the evening.
  3. Something I am proud of: Moving to Seoul. Or actually, my life in general.
  4. One of my insecurities: My upper arms.
  5. A secret:
  6. An ideal date: Getting pizza and watching movies from bed.
  7. A turn on: Smartness and wit.
  8. A turn off: Indecisiveness. HUGE turn off.
  9. Something that makes me happy: Many small things, like the early morning calm, or taking nice pictures, or checking things off my lists.
  10. Something I regret: I have somewhat of a bad temper sometimes. I afterwards often regret showing my dislike for things so easily and without much restraint.
  11. A random fact about myself: I love butter.
  12. Where I would like to live: I am pretty much where I want to be.
  13. One of my bad habits: I am a very messy person. When I take out things, I don't always put them back, or I leave my litter lying around. Bad, bad habit.
  14. Who I wish I could be: Myself, but with a little bit more confidence in myself.
What about you?

Pictures [via SicaJ // anywho // SicaJ]

For Summer: Shoes.

I love me some men's style inspired leather loafers. Actually, that's all I ever wear these days.

Pictures [via minmote // Stylites]

For summer, however, I'll go with strappy sandals, like these gladiator sandals by Killah with a twist I unearthed via Shopstyle.de.

2011 05 08 Shopping Again

I actually revised my summer-to-buy-list. Again. Also, I think it's time to de-clutter my wardrobe. Again! I am wearing the same stuff over and over. I have not been doing that ever since high school! That must sound pretentious, but it happens to be true. I don't know. It's the first time in ages I have so little clothing. It's kinda nice, and then it's kinda boring.

Cleavage-Talk and Pretty Pictures

There is maybe something you did not know about Asia. Or, well, at least Japan and South-Korea, Viet Nam or Hong Kong, too, for which I personally can speak from experience because I have been there. Which is that showing a lot of leg, as in super short dresses, skirts or shorts, is perfectly fine. However, showing any sign of cleavage not so much. Actually, at least my Japanese girl friends don't ever even show shoulders or their arm pits. Yeah, I have been in Tokyo a couple of times and was always irritated about the way Japanese girls would layer T-shirts under sun dresses and strappy tops. Not only does it defeat the purpose of straps and does not look too elegant, it must be hot! Also, I was out shopping with some Japanese girls yesterday, and upon showing one of them a flowy chiffon top with short ruffled sleeves, she said she has never ever worn anything as short before. Figures! Also, watching K-pop-music-videos on youtube, you cannot fail to notice that shorts and skirts can be pretty skimpy, but you will not see much cleavage except for in a few rare cases.

So well, here goes some sort of conclusion: Even though fashion in Asia, or OK, Japan in particular, because everybody is 'so inspired' by Japanese street fashion, might sometimes seem way crazy, they have their own kind of boundaries and no-gos, but they are not as defined by cultural anchors, like swastikas only for nazis or hiking boots only for active hikers, as they are in the West. Also, imagine myself very surprised when a real Tokyo-ite came over and declared South-Korean fashion was crazy and would earn weird looks from Japanese what with their preference for New Balance sneakers and neon colors and all. It is so interesting to see how other cultures perceive other cultures and so on.

OK, end of rant. This was kind of inconsistent but whatever.

Look at the pretty pictures!

All [via fashiongonerogue]

2011 05 07 Shopping

Was out shopping after I haven't really got the chance to go for a while now. I was able to check two items off my list, a new everyday bag (just a canvas one, my preferred kind of bag), and finally a new wallet! Have been looking for a good one for quite some time now. This is me in Forever21 Korea in the midst of cute and sassy G-string-panties.

2011 05 06

I think I've never worn this dress on my blog before even tho it's kinda old. This is what I wore ystrdy. Today I am going shopping.

Summer Soon!!

It has gotten quite warm in Seoul finally. I have just been waiting for this. I can already see it getting uncomfortably hot in a few weeks time. But alright.

I have been keeping back with shopping ever since I came here. There were other purchases more important, and I cannot be sure as of yet how much I will actually need each month, so while I try to figure it out I have been abstaining from shopping just to make sure I don't go overboard. However, a shopping spree is soon in order, because I have been rotating the same stuff over and over again, and am slowly getting really sick of it. I am pretty happy with the stuff I have, that's actually not the problem. I guess I am just easily bored. Or maybe it's also because I really lack color! Probably simply both.

Anyway, life is good. No, actually, it's super awesome. I enjoy every single day, and those sudden flashes of happiness I get every now and then just looking around me are nice, too. Take a look at my photo diary tumblr, I religiously update it with my iPhone almost every day. I love the convenience of it. Things I love atm: Playing with my iPhone (a lot!), going out with friends, the weather, dressing, and rolling around on the floor!

2011 05 01

Blogging this while standing at the red traffic lights in Seoul. God, technology is so far ahead of us!