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More Summer-y Inspiration

More summer inspiration: loose maxi dresses, wide leg trousers with flare cut, cotton bags and tribal inspired details. Also: hats! I need hats! Or a hat. Also, I wonder what to have for dinner tonight.

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South China Daily Post's Style Magazine, April 2011: China Doll

So usually I am more of a no-frills person. I am all uni-colors, clean cuts, no accessories. I should break out of old ways, and try something new from time to time..

Pictures [via Asian Models]

A Few Inspirations for Summer

A few inspirations for summer [via because I'm addicted // Friend of Mine lookbook // Little Plastic Horses]. A kaftan for a summer dress, urban-tribal inspired strap sandals, ankle cuff and dramatic black eyeliner.

The Olsen Twins and their Sunglasses

Pick of the Day: So-en May 2011

The most recent issue of So-en from Japan has got me daydreaming of warmer days when I am NOT having a cold and am feeling sh**.

Wardrobe Building: My Real Summer-To-Buy-List

I thought a little more about it, so I wanted to review my to-buy-list for summer. It is what I want to abide by when I go shopping for the whole season after all, so I should be clear about what I want and 'need', so I 1.) have no excuses, and 2.) avoid insensible purchases. Thus, instead of just copy&pasting the old to-buy-list I had, I am now doing another from scratch.

I have it be accompanied with a collage of pictures of Dree Hemingway and others [via unknown // B. Jones Style // The Man Repeller], which are some of my more summer-y inspiration pictures I have. Very obviously, it is not much about short skirts. Quite to the contrary, I am most comfortable with skirts ending far under the knees. Unexpectedly, it is just so much more flattering on me.

  • a floppy straw hat
  • distressed light blue cut-off jeans shorts
  • a pair of cute (strap) sandals
  • a new wallet
  • a high-waisted flow-y midi-length pleats skirt
  • a boxy light sleeveless button-up chiffon blouse
  • a loose light white T with V-neck and breast-pocket
  • a cool masculine but colorful backpack
  • a Kaftan-dress
I think that was it for now.

Pick of the Day: A Great Outfit for the Summer

As repeatedly mentioned on the blog before, I am far from being good at handling heat. I have a serious sweat-o-phobia, and I get heavy headaches from the glaring sun. I was lucky enough to have been born and living in Central Europe, where the summers are hot, but short, and the weather is rather comfortably mild to cold most of the time. Until now! Now, I already dread and fear the hot and terribly humid summer that is drawing nearer and nearer to Seoul by the day. So hurriedly preparing for a hot and humid summer in Seoul I try.

I posted my to-buy-list for summer here. Someone rightly required where the summer-y dresses were, and I must admit, I am not sure if I will be wearing many dresses this summer. I guess I will at some point, but right now, I am not sure if I will actually find any I like. I am more on the lookout for distressed light blue denim cut-offs, and am planning on pairing them with airy tops and sleeveless blouses, as well as a floppy hat that is supposed to shield me from a headache-inducing sun. Roughly, I am planning on looking like this woman in my picture of the day [via Mr. Newton].

The only thing that has me worrying is the quality of the blouses I plan on unearthing. Seoul is blessed with many good looking clothes, but cursed with as much polyester, that I am not too keen on having on my skin, especially not in the summer and/or when it's hot (actually never). If I can, I will look for and invest in silk blouses.
Can we please be realistic? The H&M Conscious Collection does not make H&M more conscious nor "green" than it was before. The collection does draw away the attention from H&M's usual ways, but vice versa it also highlights them (if you thought about it). The collection is such a minuscule part of their total assortment. I doubt that the few clothes made of recycled polyester or what they are make up for much of the waste they mass-produced over time. It's merely very well done marketing. I'm just saying.

2011 04 13

I am surprised at how busy I am.

blazer from Tokyo // T-shirt by MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela // jeans from Seoul // bag by COS

'Meet Flaviana' by Chad Pickard & Paul McLeanin ARISE #10

This is just good!

Spot the Fakes!

Anywho, I updated my photo diary with lots of new pictures, so please check it out.

Wardrobe Building: To-Buy-List Summer-Version

Since coming here to Seoul and thus with exponentially more shopping opportunities available, I need to remind myself of my own shopping list I resolved to adhere to. This is the original version from January to which I have been sticking to. However, it is getting undeniably warmer lately, so it is only fair to do a few adjustments to match the list to the upcoming spring/summer season. I basically just take things off the list for now, and only add one other to the end of it.

  • a (dark blue) high waist wide leg denim with crease
  • a high waist black skinny denim
  • distressed light blue cut off denim shorts
  • a grey oversized knit cardigan
  • a wallet

I think that's it.

My Seoul-Blog on styleranking.de

Yet more news :) I am now also writing a weekly column about my life and fashion in Seoul on another big German fashion blog, styleranking.de. You will be able to find all of my posts here, but only one, my first, is online for now. It will be written in German again, though. I am really sorry about that, but maybe Google Translate can help out? Anyway, I am looking forward to writing a lot about Seoul, which will also give me the opportunity of getting around a lot! I hope everything will work out like I hope it to. Until then, stay tuned!

2011 04 09 A Puddle of Mudd

I have been running around Hongdae trying to find this frigging Aa Design museum yet again, but still haven't found it. Google Maps on my iPhone is completely not working. When I try to locate myself via GPS it's telling me random stuff confusing me more instead of helping me. Mehh!

skirt and jacket from Tokyo // bag from Seoul // T-shirt a kind gift from American Apparel

Music of the Day: Body Language - You Can

2011 04 08

Was bargaining down this sweater the other day and am most happy about it. On another note: Time flies!

Dress from Weekday // bag from Tokyo // sweater from Dongdaemun in Seoul.


Finally, it's official! We have been brewing over this for a while now, but after a few weeks of vacations, my move to Seoul, and some necessary fine-tuning, my new blog is now online! Many of you may be familiar with http://www.lesmads.de, one of the biggest and most popular fashion blogs from Germany. Needless to say, I am more than stoked to be part of their blog-network taking over the beauty-ressort and now blogging about everything beauty related on s(u)tekinamono. Please head over to Facebook, too, and LIKE the fanpage! Yeah, I promise you will actually like the blog. It will be written in German, but there'll be tons of pictures so everybody gets their share :)

Vogue China April 2011: Long and Lean

Asymmetric maxi-skirts, high slits, lean silhouettes? I like!

[via Beauty is Diverse]

Supersize Me in Interview Magazine

Anything black, oversized, extralong and all mixed up proportions is right up my alley.

Pictures [via Interview Magazine]