2011 03 31 In the Subway

Running wild around town, mostly doing errands. We have moved into our new apartment and are in the process of furnishing and filling it. Right now, while blogging this, I am trying to get Skype to let me call home. I've also uploaded to my photo diary a lot again, so check it out.

2011 03 29 First Steps

Today, we found an apartment! It's a bit pricey for the size, but right in the heart of the city in our favorite area, close to all things shopping, eating, and, ah yes, my university, and I like it a lot! I am looking forward to moving in on Thursday, and furnishing it after our own taste. With the apartment question out of the way, I feel so much better already. Living out of the suitcase is never that much fun. And you, you check out my photo diary!



OK, so, here I am! Seoul, South-Korea. Eating Korean style BBQ. Still cannot believe I will be living here permanently for at least a year or so, if not much longer when everything goes well. However, I am looking forward to it a lot of course: New experiences, new life, new shiny little things! I make sure to update my photo diary often, so please do not forget to check it out!

Leaving What's Home

Goodbye Germany!
I love you and you know it.
But now is the time for me to leave you. I do not know for how long. For very long, I hope, though.
In fact, by the time you read this, I will already be aboard my one-way-flight to another country far away to make it my new base. I will update the blog as soon as I arrive on location and let you know where is that.
(Until then, can you guess where I am headed?)
See you there!

Wardrobe Building: My Favourite Quotes from mnmlist

Paring down your wardrobe, or all of your possessions in general as has been the case for me lately, is harder than you would think. Here is my favourite quotes from the mnmlist blog, a blog solely dedicated to a minimalist life style and the whole long winded way there. And while I am not much of a minimalist myself really, they are still helpful reminders of the benefits of paring down none the less!

For most people, one of the most difficult obstacles to getting rid of possessions is the feeling of security they attach to possessions.

Having possessions, for many, gives them a sense of security.

This is just one of many emotional attachments that people have to possessions, but security issues are the biggest for many, and until you address this, you’ll probably always have an issue with possessions.


Let go of the need for possessions by realizing you don’t need them for security.

Why do we keep things even if we don’t need or use them? Because we’re afraid we might. Afraid of what could happen if we get rid of those things.

Minimalism isn’t about being cool or hip (though some might think so). It’s about re-examining our lives. It’s bucking against the trend of overconsumption, of consumption as the fundamental act of our lives. It’s a critique of the status quo of owning too much, of mindless buying of gadgets and big cars and clothes and other luxury items.

And the most important post: http://mnmlist.com/the-true-cost-of-stuff

A Photo Diary Tumblr

I have opened up a photo diary tumblr, aptly called "A Photo Diary".
Click here to see and please follow it. A permanent link is to be found in the sidebar.
It will be a tad more personal, and will track some important points of my life besides fashion, so there will be lots to see there, especially with the changes coming up now. But more about that later.

In slightly related news, I will slowly close down business on my Nice Things tumblr, which was mainly about beauty. But for that particular topic, soon another outlet will open itself and I will share with you in time. So until then, please stay tuned, even though this all might sound a little confusing and I seem to have too many blogs all at once... It will all make sense in a short while.

Wardrobe Building: Remember!

Set your mind to de-clutter mode by reminding yourself:

~ 1 ~
Clothes are clothes, not memorabilia of times gone by that need to be archived like in a museum. Keep your memories in your heart, not as lifeless objects in your closet. Therefore do not get sentimental when it is about throwing your clothes out, but focus on how long it has been since you have last worn them.

~ 2 ~
Closet full to the brim, yet nothing to wear? Can't decide? Know what's up? You own too much! Imagine having a closet full of only your most favourite things - you could wear what you love each and every single day! And dressing gets that much easier in the morning, too.

~ 3 ~
Lessons of Feng Shui say that material plunder and clutter will end up being mental dead weight, a ballast to your mind. Clear your space, clear your mind.

And one question remains: What are you afraid of not owning those things?

Urban Outfitters Lookbook

These looks from the Urban Outfitter Lookbook for spring/summer 2011 are nice. Just: Nice. I would really like to be more simple, yet outrageous because I wear crazy head wear or other funny accessories, but I don't... It is harder to change your ways than you would think.

Angela M.

Angela Merkel [via http://www.herlindekoelbl.com/]

Wardrobe Building: Questions

I am working my way through my to-buy-list, and it is going well. It is fun to cross things off of it, but it is still a rather slow work in progress, of course. Since I do not want to just buy anything, I take a great deal of time to select and purchase, ponder and decide.
  1. Is this my style?
  2. Does it fit?
  3. What's it made of?
  4. Does the quality and design justify the price?
  5. Do I look good in it?
  6. Do I "need" it?
  7. Do I see myself wear it often?
  8. Does it match the rest of my closet?
  9. Is it comfortable?
  10. Can I afford it right now?
That's the questions I (ideally) ask before a purchase. It is not enough to just like it. I need to be sure it is wardrobe-compatible, so that it matches with most of my other clothes, and that I really have need of it, because the more often I wear it the more worth it was to purchase.

Picture [via ilovewildfox]

Music of the Day: Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld

The Blues

It's been raining all day today, and I feel like it's taking its toll - feeling blue, just waiting for the new.

Pictures [via stylebubble // Facehunter // unknown]

"There have been more than 450 aftershocks since the magnitude-9 temblor left hundreds of thousands stranded and without power, with disruptions to food and water supplies. [...]

The official death toll at 2 p.m. Tokyo time today was 5,321 people, with 9,329 missing and 2,383 injured [...]. The tsunami and fears of a meltdown at the plant forced 451,059 people from their homes, and 385,549 were evacuated [...]."

[via Bloomberg]

In times of need, let's help each other out. Japan would do the same for us. I am not telling anyone what to do. But please, consider donating to Redcross.

With the aftermaths still not under full control, it's hard for me to find the right words.
It is a terrible time to go through, but I believe in your strength. I cry for the things and lives that you lost, and because of the things you have to go through. But you have friends, and we are here to support you.
To everybody I know in Japan: I am so glad you are safe!
Be strong. Don't give up. I miss you.

Trend of the Day: Coral Red

The colour has been popping up at several places throughout the day now. I think something's brewing there!
A pop of coral red [via fashiongonerogue], more pops of coral red [via anywho], and the all out coral red [via stylebubble].

Music of the Day: ミンミ - 四季の唄

Shiki no uta by Minmi from the Samurai Champloo OST.

Wardrobe Building: Fitting it into a suitcase

I have purged even more since this picture was taken some weeks ago. The trick? I need to fit my whole life into one and a half suitcases. It is the perfect incentive to scrap basically all of it finally. In fact, I purged so much, I really do not have much left to wear any more. And it feels wonderful!

(OK, OK, I cheated my way a bit out of it by dispatching one single cardboard box in time to rescue some of my bulkiest winter shoes and coats, but not many of them.)

Coci la elle Scarves

Coci la elle specializes in handmade parasols. Her scarves are similarly enchanting, though.


Had my eyes on this T-shirt for a while now. With a 15% student discount off at Urban Outfitters, this was hard to skip.

2011 03 15 Work Day

Plain black and white - my uniform outfit.
Top by Flair from Japan. Skirt hand made in Viet Nam.
I am counting down the days. About ten days it is. Half those days, I will be working. Because I am young and I need the money.

Music of the Day: 梶芽衣子 - 怨み節

My favourite Japanese enka-singer, Meiko Kaji, and "Urami Bushi", which also was part of the Kill Bill 1 soundtrack from 2003. The track itself however dates back to 1979.


Amazing layering [via Elin Kling].
Amazing stuff [via Curtis Yu]!
Amazing fringe skirt and jewellery on Taylor Tomasi-Hill [via tfs].

2011 03 14 Trench Coat and Wrap Mini Skirt

Had some amazing days in Hamburg and Berlin, but am now back to Munich. I love my family and friends, and I will really miss them. Do you know I love you?
Wrap mini skirt by Friend of Mine, trench coat from Weekday.
Dear friends, Japan may be a rich and highly developed country, so you may not realize that the need to donate and help out financially is just as high as it was with Haiti, Chile and so on. Please be aware that every cent donated to a charity program that you trust will help the thousands of people that have lost their homes to start a new life.
Hannah on Facebook

It's easy!
Japan is resilient, and it will come back again strong and fine. Until then, however, it is a bumpy road. Let's make sure to be with them all along the way.

Music of the Day: Goldpanda - You

Not the official video, but pretty rad nonetheless.

Pick of the Day: Kaftans

For summer, I would not mind running around in a light air kaftan. The best summer dress I could imagine, really. Picture from [ELLE UK March 2011].

Uhhhhh, yes please!!!

Why do they not ship outside of the US!? Does anyone know where else they are available?

Random Street Style Looks I Like

I have not posted much about fashion lately, have I. Here is some looks I really dig at the moment [via Facehunter // A Fashion Tale // Facehunter]. I am in for the bra-top and high-waist thing. If I look any good in that kind of stuff, why not!

Music of the Day: The Go! Team - Ready to Go Steady

Pick of the Day: Red Creepers

I think the next big thing will be very masculine and men's fashion inspired Oxford brogues as seen at Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. Kind of connected with the trend are classic creeper shoes, the sort of shoes I am currently lusting after! These are [via Kingdom of Style].