Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes

I love Swagger New York for enough reasons, but one of them is getting updated about good music on a regular basis. So I found Lykke Li's new Wounded Rhymes album online on Swagger New York today, and am gonna tidy up my apartment while moving to it now.

Der Nachtflohmarkt München am 25. Februar

An alle München-Residents oder solche, die derzeit in München weilen: Am 25. Februar 2011, also Freitag dieser Woche, findet im Backstage, München, Der Nachtflohmarkt mit Musik und Trank statt und ich werde dort mit Stand präsent sein und fleißig substantielle Teile meiner Garderobe veräußern. Zu Spottpreisen versteht sich. Wer kann und mag, der komme und sage Hallo (und kaufe mir nebenbei noch einiges ab ;D )! Ich verkaufe alles mögliche an Kleidung, Schuhen, Accessoires und Nagellacken - mein persönlicher Ausverkauf also, denn alles, aber auch alles muss raus! Über euer Erscheinen würde ich mich herzlich freuen.

Mehr Infos und Anfahrt hier oder auf der Homepage des Backstage.

Black and White Polka Dots

From elegant to bohemian chic - polka dots in white on black prove to be a versatile fashion staple. The key for tops is a transparent quality to the materials they are made of. For bottoms, a loose fit can only help the matter. How cute would both - sheer polka dot blouse and polka dot loose fit high waist shorts - be together?

Pick of the Day: See-thru Pencil Skirt

I'm kind of excited about the idea of a transparent pencil skirt [via The Style Scout]. Especially after I had been thinking about buying something quite similar from Cheap Monday [via ASOS]. Seeing this picture makes me want to just go ahead.

Pick of the Day: Just Like That

If it's that easy to be chic, why try? Or be anyone else but Kate Bosworth..

[via knightcat]

2011 02 15 Work Day

I discarded all my denim baggy pants, so I had to make do with one of my bf's jeans.

2011 02 14 Valentine's Day

I wear this top and this skirt way too little. For Valentine's day, they got their deserved outing.

Irina Lazareanu


Make sure to grab an Urban Outfitter coupon for some good deals.

Wardrobe Building: Keeping Track of It

In order to curb spending habits and get a better picture of my shopping behaviour, I decided - after a night that had me feel guilty about supposedly too many purchases at once - to keep track of it through a picture log I set up for the purpose. The screen shot is to demonstrate how it looks. Feeding it with pictures of my purchases and the prices I paid for them (blanked out in the screen shot), I get a better overview and practically a balance sheet to my months' shopping expenses. Much better than ordering online and then losing track of what I am actually waiting for to arrive yet while happily buying more and more. This way, I can take a look at it and feverishly look forward to it, too!

Pick of the Day: Feminine Chic

Sometimes I think I want to look like this until I realize that it's close to physically impossible for me. At least you can say I tried.

Pick of the Day: Wood Wood

Wood Wood must be one of my favourite labels right now. Affordable, casual but with a twist. And those hiking creepers - want!

Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 [via]

Music of the Day: Caribou - Jamelia

Music of the Day: Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't be Long

Pick of the Day: Oh, hey, Beautiful Blouse!

Get it custom made [via].

Nike Sneakers

I had been meaning to post the very first picture [via anywho] for a while alrdy, the outfit with the sneakers is just so fresh, I really like the look a lot. And then I stumbled upon this editorial [via through a glass darkly] featuring Nike sneakers, and I thought it all goes together like puzzle pieces.

Wardrobe Building: The Vow

I vow to go minimal in the future:
  • To buy only what is necessary!
  • No hoarding! (Exception: Anything that's tried and trusted and on sale for a limited time only)
  • To rigorously de-clutter wardrobe and make-up-drawer on a regular basis!
  • To cut down my beauty and hair care regimen to only the best!
  • To consider each and every purchase well!
No more over-owning and messing up the apartment with intolerably much clutter! Yes to a wardrobe that is 100% me, versatile and stylish, and just a real joy for me to have!

Music of the Day: Keepaway - Evil Lady

2011 02 07 Work Day

My walk-in-closet is a complete mess because I am de-cluttering my wardrobe yet again. This time around I am about to purge extensive parts of it. I will de-clutter it so comprehensively so that all that is left can ideally fit into a single suitcase (minus the shoes). As for the rest, I will keep it until the 25th of this month. I will announce why at a later point in time.

Madewell Spring 2011

I do admit winter can be nasty, but I prefer cold over heat anytime, so I am not looking forward to summer either. But the best months is when the seasons are in transition. Come spring, I want to stay cool like they are in Madewell's Spring 2011 look book. It's the perfect spring looks, exactly the way you wish you could dress every day with juxtapositions of shorts and heavy knits, light Ts with denim or some layering plus bare legs.

Pick of the Day: Master

I'll go copy the idea of this today.

[via 3 DOLLARS]

Pick of the Day: Things

Man! Those shoes! The bag!

Diana Orving

Found these runway pictures of the new Diana Orving collection [via Minmote]. I like. Best of all, Diana Orving is actually affordable. She has got a webshop now here, too. Watch that space.

2011 01 31 Trying On The Shoes

Trying on the Zara shoes I ordered a few days ago with the stuff I was wearing today. They're real killer. I'm super tempted to keep them anyhow, but they shall first pass the test: Wardrobe compatibility.

2011 01 30 Meeting My Friend

This is ystrdy's outfit for meeting a friend.