Pick of the Day: Curtis Yu

While I cannot find anything in women's fashion right now interesting enough to excite me in the slightest, I notice with some sort of satisfaction that men's fashion and with it well dressed males are on the predominant rise. Often times I find a thing or two in men's fashion I can learn from, like a nonchalant demeanour that is down-to-earth and very, very chic without being overly overdone, but natural and well suited for everyday. For men's style, Curtis Yu from Taiwan is one of my absolute favourites. His effortless style and his eye for charming details awes me, I'm impressed by his use of proportions and by the fact that his is a style that would work perfectly on both genders without appearing effeminate or overtly masculine respectively.

Pick of the Day: Purse'n Boots

2011 01 28 The Bag

Disregard the outfit, there's nothing much to see there. Look only at the bag! I finally found My Bag. I'm not much of a bag woman (ehehe). The type of bags I probably like the most are linen shopper totes. That's what I run around with very most of the time, sometimes changing it up with a sexay black back pack that bf got as a freebie and doesn't use. Well anyway, here I am, with possibly the perfect bag for someone who prefers linen shopper bags over your fancy women's handbags, but was searching for a bag made of real leather. It's by COS, and they had it in black as well, but I was much more enchanted by the idea of mustard yellow leather than the minimalistic sleekness of black.
Is it me, or are things right now really boring? All is just the same ol', same ol', we seem all to be running out of ideas, I see the same looks again and again. It's getting so repetitive, I think it's really time for spring.

Pick of the Day: Gangs of New York by Mario Testino for Vogue US February 2011

Black Maxi Skirts

There's something very dramatic yet so nonchalantly effortless and casual about plain coloured maxi skirts. If the world around me wasn't covered with grey dirty slush I'd love to wear one right now. It's so easy to dress up and down, I see so many looks with this. It's presenting itself as the perfect spring staple this year around.

[via Pop, Bop & Snap // unknown // Streetpeeper]

Pick of the Day: Black Pumps

I couldn't help but order these [via Zara.com]. They're so pretty, and real leather even. Wow! Finally something more feminine again. I hope I find enough opportunities to wear it.

Pick of the Day: Basic Palette

[via Anne Bernecker]

I think this picture does kind of sum up the way I dress at the moment: Predominantly black, basic yet structured and the theme is always something like skinny at the bottom and rather voluminous and long around the top.

Ystrdy, I spent much of the day and of my money on the most essential basics of them all: Several 3-packs of basic undies, white and black tanks to layer underneath, black socks, hair ties, and 100den tights (I usually buy those things from H&M, because that is the most convenient, and I think you get very good basics for the price). Now that that's cared for, I can turn to the next level basics, like black skinny trousers, preferably high waisted and real black denim. Or a simple white T.

Pick of the Day: Kinda Messy and Good

Layers: Check. Asymmetry: Check. Girly, feminine colours: Check. This would be my girl bum version, if I decided to not look like a boy any more, but be feminine and elegant, but still ideally messy. This is Dior, I think.

2011 01 18 Library

Tmrw and the day after tmrw, I'll finish my last oral exams, and then I'll be done with University. Woah!

Arizona Muse in Vogue China February 2011

Being painfully realistic about this: I don't think I could pull off all of these looks with my height. But I can see myself in some. That's what counts.

Wardrobe Building: A New To-Buy-List

K, people, I thought about it. Right now, I don't feel like I need anything really, if it's clothing-wise. This might just be a phase, and could change in a month or two, or when the new season starts, but right now, I really don't feel like shopping at all. That's that. Still, there's some things I would like to add to my wardrobe after all. It's very basic things, but I think it's things that also make the most impact. I'm not really pro-actively looking for them right now, but I would like to add them by the by even if it takes me a while. Here is my list:
  • a (dark blue) high waist wide leg denim with crease
  • a beige double breasted trench coat
  • a long thick cashmere wool knit scarf without fringes
  • sleek black pumps
  • a simple soft white T
  • a high waist black skinny denim
  • distressed light blue cut off denim shorts
  • a real leather asymmetric zip biker jacket
  • a real leather hand bag
  • a cashmere knit or jersey sweater
  • a grey oversized knit cardigan
  • a dressy bodycon mini skirt
I think that's it.

Woah, Pretty!

[via fashiongonerogue]

Pick of the Day: Jil Sander Stripes

Jil Sander SS 2011 campaign picture. I'm all over stripes if you allow me to.

2011 01 14 Library

I'm still not sure about the glasses + lipsticks combo, but I'll try to make it work, even though I might look a little off at times. I'm sure I do. Now I'm off munching unhealthy chips and watch K-drama when instead I should be studying.

Topshop Navajo Coatigan

I ordered this. I hope it's cool. My first clothing purchase of 2011.

[Edit: The material is so stiff, it hangs around you like a tent. I returned it.]

Pick of the Day: Her Shoes!!!

While I'm still thinking about Underground Creepers, here they are, updated and oomphed up. Can anyone ID them? Acute Angle let me know that they're available here. Thank you :)

  1. I find it hard to reconcile my want to wear lipstick more with my wish to wear my glasses instead of contacts. I don't find lip colour to work too well with the overall looks when I wear glasses :/ My favourite lip colours are probably Purples. Second is Oranges, and third are Reds. Pinks are my least favourites, I think.
  2. I'm bored out of my wits, shopping tours are dreary in outlook, I can't think of anything I would want to buy. Really. Nothing. Yesterday, I wanted to buy something just for the heck of it, but thinking about it, all seemed to me just a waste of money.
  3. I've got a new playlist together finally. I really like each of the songs in it a lot. Here is a link to download the playlist, password is: december. Here is the tracklist. I hope you enjoy. If you have any recommendations concerning new artists, albums or music in general, please always feel free to let me know.

2011 01 10 So Berry by Max Factor

Check my tumblr for more.

2011 01 09 Muah!

Here, I'm wearing asymmetric drop crotch sarouel trousers Stephie kindly sent me, an old sweater ex-bf left, and my beloved Doc Martens aztec 8-eye boots.

Eyes and Lips

Check out my Tumblr on beauty. I have a soft spot for nice cosmetics.

[via fashionising.com]

2011 01 07 90ies

My first outfit picture of 2011 is a rather dreary and unspectacular one. It involves the more than 13 years old Fruit of the Loom hoodie (a real 90ies must have) that belongs to my bf, and my new Doc Martens. I am positively and decidedly in love with these boots, even as they are quite painful to break in, to be honest. A few band aids, a few blisters here and there, and it'll be all good eventually. I love all the 90ies revival of things. I remember so much from that time. Most of my childhood to young adolescence was in the 90ies. But for some reason, I missed everything about Nirvana, and was more into Notorious B.I.G., and Maze at that time. Bf, on the other hand, was a huge Nirvana fan. I love all of his grunge past, and wear all his grunge-y things for him again. And I am quite happy about my hair being so long now. But sometimes I just don't know what to do with it, really. I don't even know if it suits me.

Showing Ankles... Again

As you can see, or as I am trying to imply, rolling up your trousers is - like many fashion symbols of today - only a re-hash from what has been there before. The Drums make a good point in case, what with all the retro-inspired visual concept. Of course, The Drums are wearing British punk- and Brit-Pop-inspired looks well modern again today. But point is, that a hat tip to this style's roots are there. In this case, we are speaking about skinhead-fashion from the 70s to 80s in the UK. Basically the same time and youth movements that politicised Doc Martens boots as a fashion statement. While the term "skinhead" has generally negative implications today, this style-group doesn't necessarily have to have racist or fascist backgrounds. In fact, there are anti-racist and anti-fascist skinheads, too. This is England depicts a little bit of both. In the film, my favourite part is when Shaun, the little main protagonist, is made into a skinhead, mainly by having him appropriate all outer appearance characteristics, like a shaved head, sturdy boots (he wants Doc Martens, but his mother decides otherwise for him), rolling up his trousers, fixing them with suspenders, and a check Fred Perry shirt. The power of fashion.
I think that you are lucky if you are able to travel. If you have both the time, the means, and open mind for it. I want to be always able to travel. Travel far, travel much. When I think back to the last four years, I do not ever want to miss it again. It's enriched my life, and my personality. My last trip has been too long (last summer). I need to go again. Need.

Pick of the Day: In With the New

This, to me, is an extremely great street style picture, and I am more than happy to pick this up! I really, really love his outfit. It reminds me subtly but urgently of how I need to stay open, more aware of new ways and that things I wasn't able to work in a good way should not be dismissed forever, but have to be approached in a different manner to start a new discourse on style, colours, proportions, everything! I suck terribly at wearing cropped tops and jackets, I just have no idea how to wear them? I am not even particularly good at wearing high waist trousers in any form. In this combination, however, I really see a way for me to work it, where jacket and top are the same length, and the trousers are of a nonchalant voluminousness. I think the whole thing would work well with a high waist skinny, too.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

I hope I'm still in time with this, but I thought the start into the new year makes a good opportunity to look back on 2010, and review what I've been up to.

Sturdy Shoes II

Apropos sturdy shoes: For summer, I don't think I need much more than some pair of chunky wedges/platform sandals. Mmh. I'm really not sure if my Carin Wester Lydia wedges really are a keeper, but I'm looking forward to more platform shoes shopping when the time is right, and might be exchanging them for another pair I feel more comfortable in. Anyone interested in them? Size EU38.

[via unknown // unknown // unknown]

Sturdy Shoes I

I'm practically obsessed with Doc Martens right now, and, concomitant, with sturdy boots and ankle boots in general. Sturdy boots are nothing new, apparently, but to me, it's opened up a whole new way of looking at things really, because I've always stuck with more feminine styles for no apparent reason, and this left me quite bereft of ideas about how to look like I want to look: Definitely not girly, nor even overtly feminine at all. I never knew my slob- and men's inspired ideal every day style is so easily achievable with a pair of sturdy boots. Or even semi-elegant Chelsea ankle boots. Arhh, all the opportunities!!!

[via fashionising.com // German Vogue // Stil in Berlin // unknown]

New Year Resolutions

I like New Years resolutions. It just fits my pattern of always making lists. I know that I forget about them half way (or earlier, mostly) anyway. But making them doesn't hurt:
  1. Wear lipstick more!
  2. Have cool hair!
  3. Be more relaxed!

Pick of the Day: All New, All Fresh

Happy new year, everyone. A new start, it is! New starts are for new beginnings, for trying out new things, and re-considering old positions. I'm sure you will find something you can reform, make better, or just look at from a whole new point of view. So many times, it's worth it, and you'll be glad you tried.


Happy new year!