Winter Clothing

It's gotten quite cold in Seoul lately. Since we're talking 〜7°C that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the sharp, piercing wind literally called "knife wind" in Korean cutting right through your clothing!

I'm a winter child at heart so I don't even mind that much. On the contrary, I am actually really looking forward to preparing for the winter!

Of course, I've alrdy been stocking up more and more autumn/winter appropriate clothing, mainly sweaters and knits! Sweaters are seriously all I need this winter. Even knit cardigans are too fussy for me lately, but I got some anyway.

Here's a few of my newer purchases, but I'm thinking of selling the last two items. I like them but then I don't know if I like them enough whereas I am downright in love with the other two sweaters if only for how comfortable and versatile they are.