2011 11 26 Fluffy Jacket

Heavens, my love for fluffy jackets knows no end!

I don't think my boyfriend is a fan, but I absolutely enjoy wrapping myself into soft fluffy somethings with sleeves.

I remember a sad time when looking for a fake fur jacket proved to be no easy feat (last year in Germany). Fortunately, Korea obviously loves fake fur jackets just as much as I do and doesn't hold back from providing its population plentifully with exactly that.

I happened to stumble across this black and white number and while bf says it looks like smth a hooker would wear (he then withdrew his statement softening his tone by likening it to smth Peggy Bundy from Married with children would wear instead), I was most delighted when I found out it's wearable inside and out doubling the ways to wear it to countless possibilities!!! The other side of the jacket is simple black, so it's versatile indeed!