Wardrobe Building: Remember!

Set your mind to de-clutter mode by reminding yourself:

~ 1 ~
Clothes are clothes, not memorabilia of times gone by that need to be archived like in a museum. Keep your memories in your heart, not as lifeless objects in your closet. Therefore do not get sentimental when it is about throwing your clothes out, but focus on how long it has been since you have last worn them.

~ 2 ~
Closet full to the brim, yet nothing to wear? Can't decide? Know what's up? You own too much! Imagine having a closet full of only your most favourite things - you could wear what you love each and every single day! And dressing gets that much easier in the morning, too.

~ 3 ~
Lessons of Feng Shui say that material plunder and clutter will end up being mental dead weight, a ballast to your mind. Clear your space, clear your mind.

And one question remains: What are you afraid of not owning those things?