Hitting the Shoes

The thing I have always been the most anal about in style and dressing is hemlines and how bottoms hit the shoes. I think to me, it's about the relations between two directly tangent layers of clothing in general. But the most delicate relation is that between the bottom hem of trousers and the shoes. Which is why I love showing ankles, as this style solves the problem extremely elegantly. I used to stay clear from ankle height boots, because I would think they make me look short. They might do that, but I've totally changed my preferences, and am now all for ankle boots. Some years ago, tucking your skinny jeans into high shaft boots was the most common, this year around I embrace ankle boots, especially (sorry for being so repetitive) my Doc Martens. I'm looking for Chelsea boots, too, lately.

[in clockwise direction from top left via unknown // The Sartorialist // DI$COUNT // Anne Bernecker // Kate Loves Me // Lookbook.nu: Ida F.]

Vogue China January 2011

You all already know what you'll wear for NYE? I'm not sure. It's not that I try to impress anyone, and it'll be more a medium big gathering at my place with open ending, which means I might or might not go out afterwards, too, depending on what we feel like. For some reason, I am keen on wearing a dress for the night. I don't have that many dresses any more, but they're all party-appropriate enough. I just don't want to get cold, and I want to wear my Doc Martens boots! Anyway, I think I already know that my make up will have to be sparkly and stuff. And I want to wear a lipstick, but I always end up not wearing any, mehh. I always feel eye make up and lipstick is a tad too much.

Pick of the Day: Snejana Onopka

I would be much OK to run around like this each and every day. Then after a while, it'd get boring. But I like to come back to a look like this once in a while anyway. My Doc Martens in my right size finally came! I'm so happy about them! I want to dress like a boy from the 90ies, and listen to depressive music!

Sock it Up

Never knew what to make of this fad. I guess I'm just not cut out for this. But that's OK.

[via inside amlul's closet // Style Sightings // Mr Newton // Japanese magazine // All the Pretty Birds]

Showing Ankles

[via The Sartorialist // Stockholm StreetStyle // Copenhagen Street Style // Style Sightings // Swagger NY]


Hello from bed! I'm getting sick, or maybe I am already, but I don't want to believe it and imagine myself and my body still fighting it with all means. Here, I'm lounging in my pajamas, ready to catch up on much needed sleep. What do you do when you just can't sleep?! I get worse and worse at falling asleep at night :( On another note, the new year is fast approaching. I like to think back, and make lists of things I've learned along the way this year. 2010 was rather unexciting, but on the other hand, it was a very content and idyllic year which left me want for absolutely nothing. Also, my hair has grown so long already! I just looked it up in old pictures, and can confirm now that this is the longest my hair has ever been in my entire life!!! Woah, long hair!

2011 will be far more exciting.

Somebody's got new glasses, and it's me! So happy about my new frames!

Pick of the Day: Son Ga-In

Part of Brown Eyed Girls, I'm a fan of her style ever since watching her on "We Got Married", and now in "All My Love". Both shows are so silly, but she's got style.

Pick of the Day: Elle China December

I love all the looks from Elle China December [via fashiongonerogue]. I've posted this on my tumblr before, but you need to see them all. So beautiful.

2010 12 21 Work Day

These days, I'm wearing whatever comes my way, and makes the impression of being comfortable enough for me to venture out. Today, I just grabbed my bf's super old grunge-style cardigan that's even too big on him. It's got holes and reminds me of his grunge-teen-time when he was all emo and listened to Nirvana all day :) Check out my tumblr while you're at it!

2010 12 20 Lounge at Home

This is actually only a lounge at home outfit, but I admittedly do like it and thought that after a dearth for outfit posts I can post this anyway. I've got this maxi dress with a deep back décolleté sent to me by American Apparel (thank you!!), and while I didn't find much opportunity to wear any maxi dresses (snow here was pretty high), I ended up wearing it at home, as it's got long sleeves (it's really cold in my place), is really, really comfortable, and I don't know, is just convenient to throw on.

Billige T-Shirts

Wer Deutsch kann, sollte lesen: http://www.zeit.de/2010/51/Billige-T-Shirts über die Entstehungsgeschichte eines billigen T-Shirts. Sechs Seiten, die sich lohnen.

Pick of the Day: Staying Warm

I think I've never been as concerned about staying warm as now. It's not even the coldest winter I've ever experienced. My default outfit right now is my oversized asymmetric coat by Weekday topped off with a huge black/white-plaid stole with a hood, ear muffs, and my wool/angora mittens. It's not really important what I wear underneath. I also received my Doc Martens yesterday, but they were too large, so I had to send them off for an exchange today :( I'm sad I have to wait yet another one to two weeks for them. I hope this time around they'll fit.
[via Lookbook.nu: Veronika B.]

We Are Animal

[via Lookbook.nu: Elisabeth G. // Swagger New York]

Pick of the Day: Fruits

The first time I got into fashion in a broader sense was when I was trying to "fit in". Fitting in as a teen is such a big freaking deal. I was sad about not fitting in with exactly the people I wanted to fit in with, even though I had really tried to appropriate all the surface-characteristics of their dress codes - or at least I thought I fit the bill. Realizing that I was but an outsider looking in from where I stood, I decided to screw them all, and just dance to the beat of my very own drum, deliberately deciding to stick out like a sore thumb, and define a brand new category for myself. Since I couldn't fit in anywhere exactly, I thought that I can just as well not fit in then. It was a freeing moment. In pursuit of ever crazier ways of dressing in a way that was unconventional and not ordinary, I looked for Japanese street fashion. A source of great inspiration, I searched high and low through the internet for more and more pictures of street fashion to get inspired and learn more. This was before street fashion blogs became super major big. So I also ended up purchasing both Fruits books by Shoichi Aoki. While not necessarily approachable or easy to emulate, I loved those little details that were everywhere in Japanese street fashion, and which alone did already give you lots of good ideas about how to turn the conventional into something new and by association unconventional. [via fuck yeah street fruits tune]

Vogue Layered

People can have the most non-sensic ideas, like layering a year's worth of Vogue covers from all around the world over each other. Just because. The resulting effect is ethereal and nice actually, so let's all do non-sensic stuff sometimes. Just because. [via Fashionising]

Like Going Hiking

Even though they were everywhere when I was in Japan, back then, I just didn't "get" the hiking boots trend that was going on not only amongst men but women, too. They were really, really popular almost all year around, but I think have more staying power among young men. It was, among plaids and down vests, one of the characteristic staple items for the so called "Outdoor Look" that invoked certain notions of going hiking or doing other outdoor-related activites. While I didn't get it while I still was in Japan, I do get it now. I am looking forward to receive my Dr. Martens 1460 Aztec 8-eye boots, because they do look a lot like hiking boots. Sturdy and masculine, practical and timeless - right now, that is what I'm drawn to.

Pick of the Day: Japanese Men's Style

There's so many style ideas particularly cultivated by Japanese men I want to emulate. I wish, I had been more receptive to them when I was still in Japan. [via Stil in Berlin]


I'm glad I looked this up and somehow ended up finding out what these types of shoes are called: Chukkas. Nice! Right now, I am eyeing Chelsea boots, and Chukkas (and the classic Doc Martens, of course). They're classic, and just the right amount of masculine yet unisex and universal. From top to bottom: J. Crew // Dr. Martens // VANS for A.P.C. Unfortunately, these are all men's. And I think bf doesn't like Chukkas? :(

Wardrobe Building: My Christmas Wishlist

I'm in no way encouraging anyone to buy any of this for me, though I won't deny I'd be most happy if someone did. But this is definitely more a list of things I plan or intend on buying myself sometime rather than something I want to be spoilt with by others.

  1. Ajito Flap Tote from Yesstyle.com (I haven't purchased a bag in such a long time. Even if this isn't real leather, or my first choice for that matter, I'm actually just looking for something more chic than my everyday linen shoppers at least, so this bag might just be a place holder representing "a bag")
  2. Dr. Martens 1460 Aztec 8-eyes
  3. essie Ruby Slippers nailpolish
  4. butter London 3 free in West End Wonderland
  5. ASOS Minx Suede Tassel Loafers
  6. Lime Crime lipstick in Airborne Unicorn

Pick of the Day


Pick of the Day: Lush Long Locks

Ah, luscious, full, long hair [via Style from Tokyo]. I wonder when my hair will be as far. Don't ever forget my Nice Things tumblrrr. And thanks everyone for their opinion on the shoes in the last post :) It helped tremendously!


I think I have never ever done this before, but this time around I'm having SUCH a hard time deciding on which Dr. Marten's I want to get, so I am asking around for opinions! I like both for looking like hiking boots, but while the left ones are rather "winter only"-style due to the fur lining, the brown ones are also okay for autumn and spring I think, so I could get more wear out of them in the long run. But then again, I really don't know, because the biscuit colour is really nice and basically the colour I was looking for from the start, as I was originally looking for the classic Timberland Premium boots. In some way, I am more drawn to the dark brown ones, since they're more practical in their own way. But then again.... I REALLY DON'T KNOW!

2010 12 06 Work Day

I know that when I was younger, I wanted to stand out from the crowd no matter what. Today, I want to stand out in a more refined and subtle manner. Through a good understanding of my own style, and about what suits me, and makes me feel good about myself. The simplicity I have turned to is attesting to it. But I don't know if I have matured in my way of dressing, or if I have simply lost my mojo.

Frilly Blouse

[via unknown // Shae Acopian on Lookbook.nu]

Pick(s) of the Day: On the Surface

[via Style Sightings and Refinery29]

Purple Lips

I somehow have a weak spot for lavender lips [via Vogue Beauty // knight cat]. Don't forget Nice Things, my tumblr!

Nice Things Tumblr

I've decided nail polish swatches is nothing for this blog. So I set up a tumblr for my other unhealthy obsession. I have also always wanted to write about beauty in some way or the other, but didn't want to spam the blog for it. I think the tumblr is the best solution to my dilemma, and I'll be now writing about it on Nice Things, my new tumblr. Picture [via zanita]

5 Inch and Up

Maxi for fall and winter [via 5 Inch and Up].

Round Glasses

Round glasses [via Shiny Plastic Hag // Frou Frouu // Face Hunter].

Smitten With My Mittens

Today, I bought new mitten gloves from Accessorize. I've been meaning to buy them for weeks now, and since winter here has begun for realest real (it's been snowing non-stop today, for example, the world looks seriously pretty at the moment), it was a good time to get them at last.

Pick of the Day: Knit and Wide Leg

I love, love, love this look [via all the pretty birds].