Music of the Day: Taeyang

Taeyang - Look only at me

Taeyang ft. G-Dragon - I Need a Girl

Taeyang - I'll be there

I feel like advancing to the official K-pop-ambassador on here. But Taeyang is one of those K-pop-singers who is talented far beyond the realms of K-pop, and makes R'n'B that defies the mere K-pop-categorization. And that man can dance! Watch these and y'all know what I mean. I would like to promote SHINee on here, too. But then I would have to post every single MV they've ever came out with, because they're THAT good!

Pick of the Day: Colours

I am extremely enchanted by the colours in Taylor Tomasi Hill's outfit - or what you actually can see of it in this picture [via Citizen Couture]. The red of her hair, her lips, and her scarf plus the black... it may sound weird, but it makes me feel all good just looking at it. Weird? Maybe.

Topshop Christmas 2010 Lookbook

My favourite looks from the Topshop Christmas 2010 Lookbook [via Fashionising] predominantly feature wide, wide leg trousers. While the sequins are a true eye catcher, I find the fine pleats to be subtle yet effective in a more understated way that's appealing and work-able.

Beige and Black

Stumbled upon these two pictures [via Object Fashion Blog]. Looks like it's from a Korean magazine. I could as well just ask.

Pick of the Day: Fierce

[via Mayao]

Things I Love: My Parka Jacket

This is a really old collage from last year when I first wanted to present it. The fur collar is still attached in these. Then I thought, oh what the heck, let's make a crappy video, because the jacket is that good!


It's a three-in-one kind of thing with lots of more possibilities to personalize the looks of it. The lining of the jacket is another smaller bomber jacket that's cleverly attached to the inside, you can take it out and wear it by itself, and it's reversible (!!!). Yes, ladies and gents, this is a two-in-one jacket with yet a third option to wear it. Basically, a four-in-one, because if I take out the lining which basically is yet another jacket, the parka jacket itself becomes another spring- or autumn-appropriate between-seasons version of itself. I know, so cool, right? The leopard patterned part of the lining aka other jacket is a super soft and warm teddy-bear-fur. The other side is a glossy black. The parka itself has a fishtail cut with bat wing sleeves, and then there's the detachable fake fur-lined hood, and also a detachable fake fur collar which I seldom wear, though. Uhmmm, yeahhh, that's it. It's good, isn't it!? It's from a Japanese brand, called World Wide Love, and I got it last year in - I'm sure you've guessed it - in Tokyo. And the music in the video is by Cornelius, the song's called "Smoke". I'm eating a Ferrero Rocher I found in the pockets of the parka, that's why I chew while I dance. Sorry :)

So well, there you've got it :)

Pick of The Day: Comfortable and Cool

Sun Fei Fei in J. Crew. I'm not too familiar with US brands like J. Crew. Looks good to me, and like the perfect rendition of comfortable, casual and cool. [via Asian Models Blog]

Music of the Day: Deerhunter - Desire Lines


Something about men being skinnier, leggier and taller than me... [via Style Sightings // Gade Mode // Street FSN]

New Playlist

I've uploaded a new playlist for this month. It's a much more accurate account of what I am listening to on heavy rotation at the moment, enriched with catchy K-Pop songs. Full download here.

Ambra Medda

I came across this apparently brand new women's magazine called "Fräulein" in our local supermarket while out for groceries. Their slogan is "The women's magazine men love", but neither from the content nor the letter from the editor could I pin down why's that? Well, bf found the magazine interesting on first sight, so maybe the line speaks the truth... I haven't read the magazine yet, which title can loosely be translated to "young lady", or "damsel", a German title rather patronising and not in common use towards women nor girls any longer. Uhmm... well, I don't know, guess I need to read the content before understanding what this is all about, but when I ran through the pages I came across this editorial starring Ambra Medda, founder of Design Miami/Basel. I think it's getting sufficiently clear what is so appealing about it, so I scanned it. Other editorials include men's wear, too. Anyway, for now, I'll leave you with this.


Since December is my birthday month, and then there's Christmas, and it's the end of the year soon, too, I feel like I really want to indulge myself with sweet treats. Not that I'm way too indulgent already. But I can already feel Christmas on its way, and I feel like spoiling myself with some luxurious treats. Not that my wish list is really what you conventionally would call "luxurious". But, you know, it's things I wouldn't indulge in every other day simply because I limit myself to things I really "need" and because there's some rationale behind that, too. So my wish list includes rather small treats, nothing of dire need, only things that make your life just that little more sparkling, and enjoyable.

Nail polish by Butter London in preferably West End Wonderland, Chancer, Henley Regatta or All Hail McQueen. The Ruby Red Slippers by Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Un Parfum de Charmes & Feuilles by The Different Company, a scent I've been coveting for years now. The Babooshka Gold Foil sweater by Whistles. Glittery goodness. I wish.


I don't know how quick everyone else will be on this one, but I want to lemming this trend, like, right now, and buy new bell bottom denims right away. But wait! I was seriously into super duper flares way back in high school, and I still have some flared jeans left. They're really tight now and the wash isn't really what I'd want it to be, but they still fit. And who knows, I might just wear it out tomorrow. [via fashionsquad // Hanneli Mustaparta]

Pick of the Day: On the Street

Ah! Perfect! Sick of my bum-and-slob-references yet!? It's winter! Bundle up and look messy!!! [via fashionleaka]

2010 11 21 They Call Me Polar Bear and Yeti

... but I don't care. I'm decidedly in love with my fur jacket, it's been one of my most precious buys of which I am glad to have had many this year around (the more thoughtful shopping is doing good things!). Right now, I simply pair it with clearly basic outfits. Obviously, I let the jacket do the work and make my outfits to what they eventually are. The Doc Martens give it an additional punk-inspired feeling, something I am always happy to achieve. I'll try to build more "sophisticated" outfits around the jacket soon. As I said, there are some ideas I have.

Dark Lips

I'm pretty much addicted to nail polish all year around (on my nails right now: OPI Go Goth Halloween Sanguine), but all during summer and part of autumn I went completely bare faced and wasn't too enthusiastic about make up. However, come transition to winter I get all tangled up with my fascination with make up again. Last year at approximately the same time I was crazy about everything make up and beauty and stockpiled tons of beautiful cosmetics from Japan and Korea. Now it's time to use it again! I'm most happy about my dark lipstick (also here) I got earlier this year. This fad won't ever die, and I'm glad about it.

Nothing Is Ever Random

You would be inclined to think that these pictures don't well go together in any aspect. Then again: The layering! Also, these looks exemplify character, and how much more appealing it is to make things work not because they are supposed to match, but because you make them match each other. It's playing it by your own rules, and I love looks like these. Besides, Rachel Zoe has a look of her own that I think nobody can ever copy. I mean, I would if I could. [via Glam Canyon // Chicago Looks // unknown // Anne Bernecker]

Pick of the Day: Slob Fashion

I really don't want to call anyone looking like a slob without preemptively explaining what a good thing that is in my book! So this picture [via Cloe L.] has me taking notice: Proportions that are off and somewhat unconventional (because unflattering) is good! I'm glad I got my friend's Doc Martens, too. They're the perfect accessory for whatever slob fashion I want to emulate. If you see me around loitering in this and that library my looks right now lean towards the unkempt, the dark, the too-big-shirts-that-look-like-her-bf's, and the messy - next time topped off with a dark lipstick that's clearly reminiscent of emo-goth-terrain, but always with dark smoky eyes. I don't know what it is that makes me want to look messy and kind-of-like FU! all the time. Maybe because I think I look too nice in general. It's fun to exactly not be nice, or at least to just not look like it.

Pick of the Day: Comfort

My key objective is to combine both style and comfort in a manner that comes natural to me. More than anything, comfort rules absolute supreme for me even in matters of style and looks. If I don't feel comfortable, style doesn't matter in the slightest. I need to feel good in my own skin, in my clothes, and to me, that is ever more important. It's the lesson you learn after much experimenting, and then coming to terms with the things that "work" for you, and those that don't. This winter, I am keen on staying warm and getting better with my own style without having to compromise the comfort. And with sound reasons, I feel well prepared enough. Other than that, this picture [via streetfsn]

2010 11 17

I'm feeling super ready and extremely inspired to run around like a glam bum! Yeah, I've made that up. But it's basically what I want to look like: Do dark heavy smokey eyes, dishevel my hair (need to work on that, my hair is too sleek), and wear dishevelled masculine, loose fitting looks, be imperfect, and messy. Rawrr!

Your Outerwear Is Your Outfit

I cannot re-iterate often enough how important outerwear is where it's cold. It's a pleasure to have a good, nice coat that you don't ever hesitate to make a part of your entire outfit. Or, which actually makes your outfit as a whole. Three good examples [via anywho // Elin Kling // StockholmStreetStyle].

Pick of the Day: Layers and Dark Lipstick

When I was in Berlin, I requested my friend's super old and beaten up Doc Martens from her and got them. She told me that she got bleeding blisters from breaking them in at the beginning because the leather is so stiff, but that they've been her faithful companions ever since and good ones at that for seven, eight years. I would say that definitely was a good investment, and now I'm wearing them for winter. Anyway, other good things in this picture [via tjallamalla blog] are of course the oversized coats, and the layering. However, the dark lipstick is what really pulls it all together, something I was intending to pull off for a whole long while already. In any case, I'm feeling the vibes of dark lipstick heavily right now, and I think they'd be the perfect way of accessorizing/complementing the looks I have in mind for this time of the year.

Pick(s) of the Day: 12 New American Apparel Nail Polishes

I ended up buying nothing in Berlin, even though we spent almost all three days running all around town looking into shops here and there and everywhere. Nothing ever struck my fancy even in the slightest, so in the end, all I bought was two really, really fancy nail polishes by Deborah Lippmann: "Bad Romance" and "Today was a Fairytale". Now if that weren't enough, I just read about American Apparel to release 12 new nail polishes [via Refinery29]! I love American Apparel nail polishes - they are okay texture, but don't chip for nearly a week, and come in extremely addictive colours. I've marked those colours of interest to me with a yellow dot. So in case somebody doesn't know what to get me for Christmas, here's your safest bet ;D

Wardrobe Building: Autumn/Winter

something typical, quickly thrown on

These are my autumn/winter buys up to date:

midi-length T-shirt-dress

2010 11 09 The Fur Jacket

After much talk, here it is: Said fur jacket. I was a little afraid I'd never pull myself together and wear it out. But now that I have - I love it! Super fluffy, and a bright white, it's a style all of its own. I'm well aware that I do resemble a yeti from certain angles, but I don't care. I'm having a lot of ways I want to wear it, and with it, I feel all ready for winter!

Fur-ther Thoughts

Today, I've been searching through the depths of my old inspiration folder on my laptop for good ideas on how to wear fur. I've just received the white fake fur jacket I won on ebay, and while I really like it, I am not confident about being able to pull it off non-chalantly. Fur is such a statement piece that's style-defining in itself - something my wardrobe right now might need more of. However, while I had been on the passive lookout for a fur jacket for one or two years already, now that I have one I find myself clueless as to how to wear it? As a fur, it of course is very voluminous. As I am quite short, and very likely too short for a voluminous jacket like that, I think counter-balancing the volume with height is an important key! Maybe it's no coincidence that a lot of models wear fur jackets. Their height gives them head start on this one.

Judging from the pictures collected I pretty much see about three general ways of wearing fur. You can either go for

1.) the Bohemian look (think floaty dresses underneath),
2.) the slightly Rock Chic (black being the predominant colour palette), or
3.) the elegant way (think basic items as the foundation).

As it's clear that I'm not exactly good at Bohemian looks at all, only the two other options remain. I'm fine with that. I also don't think white should be a hard colour for me to work with. The only problem is that it pops into your eyes instantly! If I wear this jacket out, there's really no going back!

Dissecting these pictures, smokey eyes seem to be a good companion for fur. On the other hand, I will want to go "nude" still just like Daul Kim (very first picture), as that's more me and I really don't want to over-dramatize the jacket's feel. I also really need to shorten the sleeves of my jacket, as they are, as already noticed from the start, a little too long. I also think that accessorizing should tip to the more elegant, glamorous side of the inventory available - I'm thinking leather bags, metallics and hardware (gold, silver).

Any more ideas about the matter? I'd really appreciate more voices on it, because I'm sure I'll only get the hang of it by the by. I also hope that after all this talk I'll be ready to wear the jacket out sometime, because I'd love to wear a fur jacket after all, and because I think that it's a very special style to wear.

I don't know the source of many of these pictures, but some of them are from Stockholm Street Style, or Jalouse.

Pick of the Day: Korean Pop

BoA - Game

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

2NE1 Comeback Stage: Clap Your Hands, Go Away and Can't Nobody
(Autotune galore!)


Hello, hello, hello therre! Just a real quick post before heading out, since I am apparently a huge suckerrrrrr for nail polishes, even more so if big ass chunks of glitter are involved. Will be checking out Uslu Airlines and Deborah Lippmann polishes when in Berlin. Word!

Pick of the Day: Floral Jumpsuit Re-Loaded

I've got this vision of pulling out my floral jumpsuit I got in summer, and updating it appropriately for autumn. This picture [via Street magazine] of course is encouraging. I already have an idea of how to wear mine, but not sure if I'm able to pull it off really. We'll see. Until then, I can't wait for the faux fur jacket I won on ebay to come! Come, come, come!

2010 11 05 November Playlist

I've posted a link to a download of my new November 2010 playlist before, but after I found the link broken, I post it up here again. If you don't have adblock, irritating banners touting "Play Now" or "Download" pop up around the actual download links, so I am urging you to not click those. To download my new November 2010 playlist (the obligatory K-Pop-tunes included), choose between "DepositFiles", "Badongo", "Megaupload" or "zSHARE" to start download. For a track list click here. Hope you enjoy!

Pick of the Day: Hair

I'm letting my hair grow long. That in itself is a most boring business. It actually means doing as good as nothing with my hair, and just taking care of split ends. Just thought I mention it, though, because then my pick of the day [via I love Wildfox] kind of makes more sense, doesn't it? Anyway, bf spontaneously bought hair dye ystrdy and we dyed his hair a slightly lighter dark brown. I, who has never in my life ever dyed my hair, was amazed about how easy this works! Now, I want to pop my hair dye cherry, and dye it, too! I'm one of those ppl who wants whatever other people have as well. No. But seriously. I've dreamt about being blonde once only some little while ago, and when I woke up I was thrilled to be blonde and about how easy going blonde is. But then I realized I wasn't actually blonde, it was just a dream, and I was somehow disappointed. Now I'm thinking about starting it off with a very light brown. Wooh! How amazing would it look!? And once I'm over in Asia, I'd like to go all the way, and maybe bleach them white-ish platinum blonde after all!??!?! I was okay with shaving off half my hair when I was younger, but now I'm not sure how far I dare to go. I hope I'll do it someday!

Gradient Nail Art

Just bought triangular make up sponges today, and will be working on this soon! Can't wait for the results.

2010 11 03 Favourite Things

I decided to return the trousers from the last post. They were a typical case of "looks good on everyone else, but on myself not so much", so I gave up on them, and I know it was the right decision. Anyway, was wearing many of my favourite things to run errands today, such as the blouse, these shorts and these boots, plus my most favourite parka jacket ever in the world - unfortunately not pictured. When I see other parkas, I am so happy because none ever comes even close to mine. Really. Anyway, I like all of these items because they're easy to throw on, and I always like how it turns out. But then again there are more interesting stories than that about one girl's favourite clothes. Now off to expand my go-to- and shopping-list for yet another trip to Berlin in a week.

2010 11 02 High Waist Pleats Trousers

Just received these high waisted pleats trousers by American Apparel and tried them on as pictured above (not very good pictures, I know). I've been meaning to buy these for a whole while alrdy, and when that 30% coupon came my way I knew right away on what to spend it. Boys have a very funny way to describe girls' clothing and outfits. They make stunningly accurate parallels, and liken you to something that you, as a girl in your whole own warped fashion-industry-influenced world, would have never thought of. In this case, I remind bf of a cute clown, or Steve Urkel. For clearer understanding, he proceeded to pull up his own jersey trousers, tucked his sweater in it, and jumped from one foot to the other, telling me I looked kinda like that. We both had to burst out laughing when I, however, interjected "but that's in", knowing perfectly well how silly it all is. So end of the story is he doesn't quite like these trousers, but it's really up to me. And I'm amused about how I'm all caught up in my own little world that is so shaped after this "collective style-consciousness", as's slogan goes (quite a scary thought, I must say, tho), that builds around me through other blogs and outfit-diarists. I need to try out these trousers with a few other items to determine if I keep these or not. What do you think?

2010 10 29 The Fine Twine

Sweet Fredi from work started a blog which will center around her exquisite photographs and the fashion that catches her eye. I'm sort of her opener, and am very honoured about that. I think next up on her blog will be yet another girl from our work whose style I admire a lot as well. If I get hold of the portraits Fredi took of myself some time ago, I'll showcase them on here a.s.a.p., too, just to demonstrate her abilities. In any case, keep your eyes on The Fine Twine.

Wardrobe Building: A Progress Report

Finally, I am very satisfied with the wardrobe building and my wardrobe in itself. First, I've purged even more, and anything that was unnecessary went, so that was really good. Then, my latest purchases are all of impeccable qualities which I don't see myself tiring of too easily. Everything is perfectly my style, and I feel 100% comfortable and good in everything I've got there. Additionally, I am presumably well equipped for any of the usual occasions, weather, or time of the day without having to compromise.

I'm pretty happy, because dressing has become so much more enjoyable and, most of all, easy again. It's not only convenient, but exponentially more inspiring in itself. As for the building itself, however, I've come to several personal conclusions (and solutions):