Pick of the Day: The Scarf

Time flies! I want to play around with scarves more this autumn/winter, though I don't see myself pulling this look off as elegantly to be honest. [via hug.Y]

Pick of the Day: Carin Wester Melody + Mimosa

I've been thinking about this outfit [via 30CanCan] for weeks now. I love Carin Wester anyway, and the Melody bouclé jacket with the wide Mimosa trousers seem like such a perfect match that I am thinking about getting the jacket, even though I don't even see myself needing it in any way.

2010 10 29 Work Day I

I was going for some secretary lady chic, but then decided to break the look with my neon yellow Baby-G watch, and my sturdy black boots. I can't get over how much I love them, too. I have two pair of boots I decidedly love, and a bf! I'm blessed!

Pick of the Day: Wood Wood

Among my most favourite labels right now is Danish label Wood Wood. When I tell people that I like my style to be very simple most of them don't believe me because to them I don't look simple at all. But it's the details, and a knack for unconventional proportions that do the trick, and Wood Wood ticks these boxes just right. Sleek, comfortable and casual yet with an eye for the small things and silhouettes that don't cater to the usual gender expectations Wood Wood is laid-back and easy style. Their store offers a range of other highly attractive brands, too, by the way, among them Eley Kishimoto, Jeremy Scott or Bernhard Wilhelm.


It's almost getting ridiculous: I'm still in search of a new bag, and can't decide. I've browsed etsy once again, and through this very inconspicuous Quilted Leather Clutch I was stumbling upon HomemadeBags and was practically finding the embodiment of some of the things I had been on the lookout for in my possibly new bag on there: Geometrical silhouettes, cut-outs and integrated handles. And it's made of leather - my basic requirement. I'm immensely tempted for both the very left and very right model, but am also eyeing several models by Decadent, and Modalu. Help!

Pick of the Day: Olivia Palermo

[via Japanese magazine]


[via Ginza Magazine // via Little Plastic Horses // via Lookbook.nu: Clement Louis]

Pick of the Day: Long Coats

It's getting decidedly colder around here, time to bundle up well! [via Fudge Magazine]

Pick of the Day: Balenciaga

Just found this [via trankillement]. Where is it from? Does anyone know? Not that I think it's affordable anyway. But I wish! Thanks to Anonymous for the tip-off: It's by Balenciaga.

Pick of the Day: Dusan FW 2010/2011

I've had these pictures [via Style Bubble] saved on my laptop for a while now, apparently. It's some pictures from the Dusan FW 2010/2011 lookbook I thought were inspiring, especially now that fall has hit. My ideal type of style could somewhat be circumscribed with "dressing like a bum". However, "dressing like a boy" doesn't come in too far behind, so I definitely appreciate loose, wide cuts, plus masculine proportions and details.

Pick of the Day: To Chilling at Home

Sometimes, hanging around at home doing nothing and basically everything you enjoy is good to catch up with yourself. It's good to feel comfortable, and in peace with what ever you are doing. So taking time to relax, and enjoy is as important as catching up with the work load that is still lying ahead of you. And basically I'm talking to myself here... [via Spur Pink]

2010 10 20 The Coat

OK everyone, say hello to my new coat (also here). I got it when I was in Stockholm just some weeks before. I like to wear it with a huge ass scarf, with my hair tucked in. It's already cold enough to wear it around here, but I hope it'll work throughout a harsh winter as well. Anyway, in a region where cold rules the greater part of the year, a nice coat is one of the most important staples of your wardrobe ever. It's wise to invest in some really outstandingly pretty ones, because when winter hits the only thing that most people ever see of your whole attire will simply be your coat (and shoes! Wear good shoes!). I pretty much buy a new coat each year in winter - not because I plan so, but because I love beautiful outerwear. I must say my selection of outerwear is the department I am most proud of in my whole wardrobe - I have some pretty bad ass coats and jackets, and that's me being humble (hoho). For me, outerwear and shoes are the two things where looks and comfort (in the case of outerwear, that'd mean it'd actually keep you warm) are equally important. I didn't know what I was missing until I found good outerwear that had me completely forget that it's cold!

2010 10 19 Work Day

Still can't get over how terribly in love I am with these boots o_O Am dressing them up and down. Also obsessing about my new metallic foil nail polish Take the Stage by O.P.I., and am now thinking about getting the other metallic foil in that Burlesque collection, Rising Star. I think I'll have to do it... I'll leave you with this mirror self-picture again, and promise to try and go get out get some outfit pictures done in other surroundings than my closet or staircase. You know, just to change it up a tad.

Pick of the Day: Neon Swatch

Bold and very special. This has got me thinking I can do that, too. Still have the Lime Crime blue lipstick that I abused as eye make up. [via I Love Wildfox]

2010 10 18 Two Years and No End in Sight

I officially declare the comeback of the mirror self-pictures. Looking through my archive I notice I shouldn't have sold the DSLR after all... Though it's definitely been for the better. However, I'm sad to not being able to deliver better quality in terms of outfit pictures any more.. On the other hand, they serve their purpose anyway, so no stress.

Pick of the Day: Fierce!!!

Wow! This is fierce! And not even any black involved. The shoes are pretty wicked, does anyone know where they're from? They remind me of the GeeWaWa Fatales Erin Wasson sported a while ago [via Face Hunter], but a look at GeeWaWa's website doesn't list shoes like these. [via Street Style Aesthetics]

Pick of the Day: Casual

For me, my everyday look differs a lot from the look of most people, at least where I live. For me, "casual" is very different to the "casual" of others. The look above is casual to me! Low boots, my favourite skinny jeans tucked into them, and two layers of comfortable tops on top of it. The blanket she's holding reminds me of my Navajo-style-inspired poncho I'm throwing on for an extra layer that should keep me warm and cosy. Sundays are for relaxing. [via unknown]

2010 10 16 Officially in Love...

... with these shoes!

Also, a little late thanks to Dead Fleurette for sending me this blouse with a friendly handwritten note. Appreciate it lots :)

Coming Soon in Pixiemarket

Don't you just love when little online boutiques summarize their coming-soon-stock with a collage? Just imagine that one shop clerk who must have sit there putting it together. It makes the shop so much more approachable and likeable. Anyway, from what I can see, pixiemarket.com will be stocking up on more Shakuhachi soon - as if there is still any e-shop that doesn't - as well as Carin Wester (love!). And the shoes at the bottom left - yum! [via Facebook Pixiemarket]

Pick of the Day: Carven

In love with Carven. Grown up but with decidedly preppy twists. All the folds, and drapes, and asymmetric cuts go well with the cheeky femininity of it all. Lovely!

2010 10 15 Work Day

My new boots arrived, and I am already wearing them in the pictures. Click here to see them properly. I am very happy with them. I've tried them out with several other bottoms, and they look very good with my skinny jeans tucked in, or my boyfriend-style jeans rolled up on top of them, too. It's important to know your boots go with as many items in your wardrobe as possible if they are to become a staple of the new season.

Pick of the Day: Rebel Chic

Another incredibly fashionable editorial I cannot let you miss [via Fashion Gone Rogue], "juxtaposing womanly sophistication with punk rock edge". It's beautiful! I really like to look at it, and find inspiration in both aesthetics.

Swedish Masculine

via Life by Ida // via Elin Kling // Dear Nike

My favourite outfit of these three is certainly by Dear Nike.

Tan Leather Bags

1 // 2 // 3

On my current wish/need list I have somewhat imprecisely noted "handbag". I still don't know exactly what kind of bag I really want, though I've come across a few kinds that had caught my attention. Guess I am still absolutely open to whatever comes my way. I will know it when I know it. Browsing through etsy led me to these three items. But I still don't know...

Wardrobe Building: Value

Pretty, but blind folded

De-cluttered my closet yet again the day before. I thought about trying to sell some of the old and some even new clothes, but then scratched the idea and just gave them away for free like most of my stuff before. Why? Because considering all the money I had put into amassing so many cheap clothes it would have never even been close to worth the effort and time put into trying to get at least some of the money back anyway no matter what.

Now, just to clarify really shortly: Of course it is a waste - all the money spent down the drain. But I am happy with my decision, and it's positively been for the better. I can move on, and hardly ever even think about the clothes I have not any more.

However, this post isn't even about re-iterating the goodness of de-cluttering and putting out the old. It's about how frigging little my old wardrobe was worth!!! It's about value. An issue I have been thinking about a lot for over a month.

Pick of the Day: i-D 2002

Head on over to Cheapskate Chic to see the whole editorial! Highly recommendable stuff! The styling: Somehow basic and simple in the way it's put together, very clean because no fuss, no accessories involved, but kept interesting because of each one of the items for themselves involved. Basically the concept that I hope can be applied to my style someday.

Pick of the Day: Layering

From Gade Mode.


Things I wish I could wear right now:
Audrey Cantwell skirt // minimarket SS2011 wedge sandals // COS sweater

Today, I would like to touch upon a few questions I received from my work mates, amongst whom it is commonly known that I've been blogging for over four years now. Though their questions baffled me at first, I must assume that some of you might have the same questions and ideas about blogging like them. When asked directly, I was at loss for an elaborate answer, so I'll do it better here this time around - even if I do not suppose the persons concerned will read this really.

Pick of the Day: O.P.I. Diva of Geneva

via Stingy Style

Because I've just sent off an order for a new batch of fancy nail polish (everybody around me already knows what a terrible sucker I am for nail polish!!!), and I can't wait to swatch them!!! Other colours I've sent for: O.P.I. Take the Stage, O.P.I. Ali's Big Break, and China Glaze Classic Camel.

Bright Orange

ASOS magazine on the top left // from Bleach Black on the bottom left // via Anne Bernecker // Jeremy Laing

A new fad I've been not aware of? If anyone's in for this, I suggest neon orange nail polish. Subtle, but effective!

Demure Skirt Lengths

Demure full circle skirts ending under the knee:
via Refinery29 // Easy Fashion // PHOSPHENE

Demure pencil skirts:

I took a excruciatingly long time understanding that mini skirts just are not for me. I tried again and again, but I always felt the most comfortable in skirts that had a presumably rather unconventional length for my age group - namely skirts that end under the knee. Now, of course, they're all the rage, and seeing them all around is not so rare any more. But even before I never quite understood the argument that they're supposed to make you look short. Quite to the contrary I felt that they were more flattering to my body type than any mini skirt would ever be. On the other hand, if you feel like the new skirt lengths just are not for you exactly like mini skirts just are not for me, then please leave it be. It's about knowing what's you, and what suits you. Some things look good on others but on yourself not so much, that's normal. Finding your own style against all the influx of trends is so much harder than just following. But it is more rewarding, too. And looks better.

Solid Metal Gear

Taylor Tomasi

Pick of the Day: Street Style on Vogue.it

Stumbling across street style coverage on Vogue.it [via Style Devil]. In case you're wondering, these leopard print ankle wedge boots are by Giuseppe Zanotti. They are decidedly killer, and had me eyeing these ankle strap pumps ever since simply because the form of the heels is such an appealing feature. Apart from the shoes, I love the long chiffon tail contrasting with the layered structures in her black outfit. What's not to love?

Stockholm Shop Windows

first and last: shop displays at Beyond Retro // middle picture: random shop window of a mainstream retailer... Vero Moda? Lindex?

I think a lot of our current fashion aesthetics hail from Scandinavia right now, combining sleek minimalism with volume and quirky twists. After much browsing through Scandinavian designer labels and all those epic super blogs from Sweden at their peak of popularity these days, I was convinced that I was dealing with a Nordic super race of blonde, leggy style icons up there in the North. I was somewhat comforted when I was able to assure myself that the Swedes are human just like us after all. Shop windows and people displayed an aesthetic not far from what I know from home already (a drab collage and appropriation of mainstream trends put together listlessly in the quest of staying hip), and it wasn't even hard to pin down a certain uniform that reigned supreme in the streets of Stockholm: Short leather bomber jackets, black leggings under super short tank dresses/extra long tank tops, ankle boots of all possible kinds (from peep toe wedge ankle boots, short UGG-boots to Chelsea boots)... So what I guess I'm trying to say is that really originally stylish people are a rare find even in places where street style coverage had you believe it's not. Still, I am hoping to go back to Stockholm one more time again soon in the hope of having more time for shopping and checking out all my favourite labels from Sweden (Carin Wester being my absolute favourite these days) thoroughly. Because, after all, looking for truly inspiring style and ideas in Stockholm will not leave you without rewards for long either.

Pick of the Day: The Dress and the Colours

Among other things I am in search of a suitable everyday dress for fall/winter. I think it's never been so difficult for me to decide on one. This 60ies inspired A-line dress ticks some of the right boxes, and I especially love the colour, and the sturdy material clasped together by a slim belt in the waist. My search for a dress (and a chunky knit sweater and cardigan for that matter) goes on.

2010 10 08 Work Day

Mirror pictures: OK? No?

Pick of the Day: Asymmetric Ruffle Longsleeve

This picture reminds me of how a single special piece can make your whole look, and how I need more of pieces like that. Point in case: This asymmetric big size ruffle longsleeve. All the better when it's casual in its elements (jersey, neutral coloured, and with a versatile base cut), but with strong eye catcher details. Via Les Mads also.

Pick of the Day: Rainbow Hair

You can tell it's fall, because whatever it is - the air, the weather, the shows - it's got me terribly inspired! It's time to revive an old blog category I've neglected for years: my picks of the day! Starting it off with rainbow hair, furry boots (very Japan-style, I must say), an oversized, boxy coat, and a rather sleek and classic colour palette if it wasn't for her hair. Via Les Mads.

Wardrobe Building: Shoes

Having to deal with distinct seasons means plenty of requirements a wardrobe has to fulfil. It's fall, and then winter in Germany soon, which bring brisk, cold temperatures, and rain and perhaps snow. Proper footwear proves to be essential in those days. While otherwise well equipped for most kinds of weathers and occasions you'll encounter in our regions, I lack in the shoes department a lot. For one, I really am in need of a pair of classic pumps that'd prepare me for formal, and more dressed up, grown up looks. However, now is not the time for low cut pumps. Now is the time for boots that can cope with freezing cold, water, snow, and iced streets! It proved to be a good idea to lay down my options for specific items I need/want. I'm now pretty sure which of the above I'm gonna get. Can you guess?

2010 10 07

Three Weeks

Berlin from above // Oktoberfest ride that left all of my friends terrified after riding it // Stockholm // drinking Oktoberfest beer // all of the above by yours truly

Going back to normal tomorrow after three weeks long 1.) Oktoberfest (if you don't know what that is, I think it's understood you'll look that up since it's obligatory general knowledge), 2.) Berlin, and 3.) Stockholm, where I actually spotted Elin Kling and another Swedish blogger I used to follow but now not any more and thus forgot her name... I'm not exactly shy, but on the other hand I don't go straight up to strangers and ask for a picture, so no evidence of those two encounters (in one day!) besides my word against yours.

Bundling Up

This is me (left), and my stylish, cool, and extremely sweet friend Kim from Stockholm (right, hej då!), bundled up in several layers each, facing the brisk winds up North of Europe. I'm back from a week-long trip to Berlin and Stockholm, where I had an amazing time! Only, I wish I had had more time checking out all those Swedish shops, brands, labels, and designers I keep seeing around on other blogs and in magazines - I really need to catch up on that some other time, and I'm absolutely certain I'll be going Stockholm again soon! It's an amazingly cosy, laid-back, and relaxed city, and Swedish people are just amazing each in their own particular way. I adore each single one of my Swedish friends! I only bought two items of clothing on my trip - one of them the most awesome coat ever. Can't wait to show off. For now, I am also glad to be back home! L8ers!