2010 09 19 The Leather Skirt

Got this skirt from ebay, and I love it very, very much. In the description, the person selling this piece said how much she loved wearing it until she's grown too big for it, and the fact that it has been pre-loved makes it so much nicer even. I had it taken in and shortened, which has heightened the feel of personality to it, because it now fits me perfectly. It's the most splendid real doeskin leather circle skirt you'll ever come across.


A little bit of after-dinner inspiration. Forgot to mention this in my winter "trend report" a few days ago. 50ies-inspired lady chic complete with high waisted full circle skirts + cropped jumpers.

Theyskens' Theory Spring 2011 RTW Collection

I don't do runway reviews, but I am sure you have already noticed that anyway. However, there is something very exciting and magical about Olivier Theyskens' Spring 2011 RTW collection for Theory that I cannot possibly keep to myself.


Some trends are heralded loudly in advance by designers and magazines. But what we call "trickle-down" is not a process that passes off at random and without selective forces coming into play. Fashion and information circulation is happening so fast these days. The "trickling down" our socio-economic ladders is only a matter of a few months now, if not less. Fashions and trends decidedly spread faster, especially those that are easily re-producible on a large scale. But since many of these trends become available quickly already, they die faster, too. So we've seen the capes-trend take the stage in a whirlwind-like manner, but, may I say, capes are already over again. Maybe that's just my point of view, but I don't see them stay for the winter. I figure that probably they're just so impractical, and kind of useless, because do they really keep anyone warm? I thought the Urban Outfitters Top 10 Trends listing to be interesting, but not really hitting the mark in my opinion. So the following is what I personally think will stay for winter. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. But with this I think it maybe become clear what to indulge in for winter, even for me.

~ 1 ~
Knit jumper
This is the one thing the UO Trends list and mine definitely have in common, though I wouldn't exactly say oversized. But I guess wide-cut and loose-fitting while cropped to just hip-length would be spot on. I'm definitely in for a nice, cosy knit jumper, just because I have always been looking for the ideal sweater/jumper to simply throw over anything anyway, so investing in the perfect one would make a smart purchase.

~ 2 ~
I'm sure it's made its rounds enough already: The colour Camel is IN! I've never paid attention to Camel at all, but thanks to endless repetition I am absolutely ready for it. Something about it feels just right for fall anyway. If you want my two cents, something small and simple in this colour is totally enough. I'm thinking silk blouse, a cashmere stole, or a leather belt! Essentially, it should be prime material.

~ 3 ~
Until only recently, I disliked Red in clothing. Of course, things change. Red and a light Beige feel so fresh right now. I wouldn't mind a red leather something in my wardrobe, even if it was only red leather gloves. In the case of Red, I think even a very sleek and simple T-shirt would do. The only problem would be keeping the Red vivid and bright.

~ 4 ~
Personally, I am pretty much obsessed with real leather at the moment. Not necessarily as a trend item, but also because I can't stand faux leather. I used to not make any difference between real or fake either long before, but the soft feel of it is addictive, and you'll never want to go back.

Freja Beha-Erichsen in Isabel Marant // Zara lookbook F/W 2010/2011 // Turned Out
via Wildfox // unknown // Vogue Turkey
Caroline's mode // Zara lookbook F/W 2010/2011 // via Haneli Mustaparta
W Magazine via HiStyley // via Yvan Rodic // Freja Beha-Erichsen via Elin Kling

Also, I just fell in serious mad love. Theyskens' Theory collection!


Accessories wish list: Shoes by ASOS, bag by COS, acrylic finger rings by BLAC Design.

Maxi-Dress, Maxi-Skirt, Maxi-Slacks

Street magazine // Zara Fall 2010/2011 Lookbook // ASOS magazine September 2010

My Fall/Winter Mood Board

backstagesideshow.com // W Magazine via HiStyley // via because I'm addicted
Roisin Murphy // Elle // Maria from Vanilla Scented
from some Korean magazine // from some Japanese magazine // via The Glossy

2010 09 09 Vintage Blazer-Dress

I'm still trying to figure out my concrete wish list for fall/winter after I scrapped my last. The item I am most undecided about is shoes. However, I am sure a decision on that matter that makes sense will form in my head eventually.

2010 09 06

2010 09 03 Chinese Mafia

These pants are not new, but have become my favourites of the moment. They are a solid, but still flow-y cotton, similar to a linen material. When I wear them, I tend to pair them with something similarly light-weight and wide. I feel a lot like a Chinese kung fu fighter from a martial arts movie from the 1970s then. I don't know if anyone gets the parallels. Like, Bruce Lee but with a shirt.

Wardrobe Building: How to Proceed?

~ Foreword ~
I am determined to build my ideal wardrobe. And with this, I will be trying to take notes of my progress & thoughts on building it, too. An ongoing project documented.

After purging and purging and purging and purging and a bit slower and hopefully wiser shopping, it is safe to say: I love almost each piece in my closet and each part of my wardrobe is there for a reason. I'm almost completely there, almost! When I have gone that very last extra step purging even the very last remainders of what was once an immobile wardrobe full of needless superabundance, I will be fully satisfied at last. In the meantime, I already enjoy the benefits of a wardrobe that is effective and made up of only items I would wear any day without hesitation. It's convenient and easy, but always 100% my style.


2010 09 01

Ain't I trendy? It's a bit embarrassing. But these Carin Wester Lydia wedges finally arrived, so I had to jump the first opportunity available to wear them out. The cape speaks for itself.. Though I am hoping of getting a lot of wear out of it, simply because I like draping a cape around me. Next time around I'll be pairing it with something more minimalistic and .. uh .. coordinated.

Audrey Cantwell Navajo Cloak

With the navajo-inspired capes trend in full swing right now this could be interesting to those who are still searching for one. Because if I wasn't already having something of the sort, I would have purchased this cloak by Audrey Cantwell on the spot - no need to look any further. It's perfect! And it has a hood. What more do you need??