2010 08 31 Bizarre Love Triangle

Yesterday night, I made it! I compiled a playlist with all Bizarre Love Triangle covers I could find, plus several versions of the original. Eighteen tracks all in all!! If you haven't already, you can download that playlist here. I personally have listened to it all day long today with no end in sight. That's how awesome I think the song itself is, but also each cover version of it. If you are not very well versed in music and history of pop, the original Bizarre Love Triangle song is by New Order, a British New Wave band from the 1980s. When Joy Division's front man Ian Curtis committed suicide, New Order, made up of the remaining band members of Joy Division, was what followed.

2010 08 27 Stephie's Shop II

These asymmetric fold-over drop crotch "sarouel" trousers are another part of the little care package I've received from Stephie's Shop! Coincidentally, I had been on the look-out for trousers just like these for a while already when her package came. They're versatile and non-chalant, I already see myself wearing them a lot this fall. Another thank you! to Stephie :)


Wait and See

Carin Wester Lydia Wedges // Camilla Norrback Florence blouse // H&M oversized sweater

Tokyo Street Style

DropTokyo // Droptokyo // Japanese Streets

All three whimsical and pretty in their own particular way. I especially like the last one, because all that white + the socks with these shoes are just adorable.

2010 08 22 Stephie's Shop

Don't you just love receiving parcels? I know I do! I received one from Stephie from Stephie says and Stephie's Shop, a very dear friend of mine ever since we first met back then in Tokyo. It's lovely to have such nice friends! I am wearing a blouse she sent me among other things that I will show off in other posts. It's still a little crinkled from being enclosed in a little parcel. I just had to wear it as soon as possible. Thank you ♥ Stephie :)

While I am optimizing my wardrobe, I am also optimizing my use of time. It's sad how there's many things you want to do, but you put them off forever. I now use the time before going to sleep to study Korean. Fortunately, bf is proficient in Korean, so he's helping me a great deal, and I am progressing very quickly. As I already know Japanese and both are similar in grammar, that helps too. Also, for better or worse, I might be something of an impulsive person, so in a sudden attack of panic I spontaneously ran off the scale down to the gym around the corner and signed up today. Thinking of it, my sudden enthusiasm for the gym is rather droll. But from tmrw on, I want to do Yoga, Pilates, and back exercises on three days of the week!

2010 08 21 10 Things I Learned from Blogging

This is actually an on-going series of specifically beauty bloggers sharing what they've learned from being a beauty blogger. As far as I know, all started with this post by Temptalia, and has now spread as a "tag"-meme among German beauty bloggers. Since blogging is an enlightening activity for bloggers of other genres, too, I thought it'd be funny to jump on the bandwagon and hitch a ride.

From blogging for nearly four years now, I learned...

2010 08 18 Tired

I'm often too lazy, or too much in a hurry to pile on accessories a lot. I rather like chunky fashion jewellery that can singly catch your eye anyway, as well as some more substantial pieces that I just love to wear, and improve the general feel of an outfit a notch. Like these leather tassel loafers from a couple of posts back, and this wool boater (which I absolutely love, by the way) for an example. As I am literally going back to basics, plain, and simple looks, accessories aren't supposed to be flashy, but on point.

2010 08 15

This dress by American Apparel (thanks a lot for it!) is decidedly more girly than I can take. At first I wasn't sure what to make of it (and these forest green cycle shorts with lace), but I want to wear it nonetheless, and even if it's only for my lack of dresses in general lately (threw them all out, on the lookout for better). I do look like a little girl in it, tho.


Checking off stuff from my wish list is going al-right. At least I was able to decide on which of the shoes I am gonna take, or rather, not gonna take. Now, however, I am thinking of adding wide flare pants to the list. Should be killer with some high heels I am thinking.

Wishlist A/W 2010/2011

It's been only a matter of time and at last it's been inevitable that I'd post my wish list for the coming cold season on here. I can't decide which of these items I will eventually buy yet. But it's a list full of only nice things, and serves me well as a brainstorming device in the meantime. Things like capes, and platform heels, or Navajo-inspired wool stoles is something I've kept my eyes peeled for for a while now. Other consistencies are certainly shearling lined jackets and a very warm autumn colour palette. I am sure the list will grow while I still ponder. I tried on the American Apparel 3D flower mesh jumper here, but I don't know...


~ 1 ~
Make a list

Making a list helps tremendously a.) with focussing on things you really want, and b.) against impulse buys. Don't go shopping without it. If it's not on your list, you have never even felt the need nor want for it in the slightest to begin with. You'll have a plan to stick to, and the results will be far more satisfying than giving in to each fad or whimsy you happen to come across along the way!

~ 2 ~
Don't buy things just because they are cheap

You think you made a clever bargain, but if you haven't needed and wanted it all along, you have just yet again spent your money on something that in most of the cases is just oh-kay (look into yourself and you know that it's true!). That's why I shun sale season, unless it's for an item I've had my eye on from the start. Remember: sales and reductions are only clever marketing, and aren't really supposed to help you save.

~ 3 ~
Take your time

I like to take my fair share of time to think about a purchase. If after a while of pondering I keep thinking about it, I think yet again. Do I need it? Would I wear it? When? Really? Will I still like it one year from now? Can I afford it? Is this really the best I can come up with? I know, it's a lot of thought for one item, but then again, most of the items I feel initial lust for I forget all about very quickly. By the way: if the item sells out while I ponder for so long, personally, I see that as a sign I guess.

~ 4 ~

Particular items that look good on models or anyone else for that matter do not necessarily have to look good on you. Be sure that's normal. I, for one, long gave up on leggings, high waist tulip skirts, and any kind of cropped jackets.

~ 5 ~
Don't stray

You know, I just threw away 30~ huge bags full of clothes and accessories, and I will try to build a whole lot better wardrobe this time around. As the last instance, I let my conscience decide if an item really is worth the purchase and the space in my closet. And I'll stick to that!

New Maxi

BoA in "Game" MV // via I love Wildfox // Dries van Noten

I'm so inspired. I am about to rebuild my wardrobe to the best wardrobe I ever had. I'm thrilled, and excited. The next post will be on my new resolutions and conclusions on smarter shopping. An ever haunting topic.


This is one of the most nicest editorials I've come across for a while. The simplicity of the way the clothes are presented reverberates intriguingly with the lushness of the dresses and the beautiful, beautiful sculptural feel of the wedge-shoes. Both items - the dress and the shoe - collude in a most modern way, and I just love pretty wedge heels. Click to enlarge, or see the charming rest via I love Wildfox.

2010 08 03 Work Day

Here is what I am listening to lately among other things (couldn't find a video for Rufus Wainwright's Shadows and I spare you K-Pop-ballads by SHINee). I just don't get together a whole playlist for Complex Variables these days, but nevertheless wanted to share.

Cool Twosomes

I found this super old post from way back. As I see it, I created it in June, 2009, and have just now stumbled upon it again. Enjoy.

Renée Sturm // Stitch Society // Drop Snap // boboniaa's Flickr // Josh Hartnett

Refinery 29 // DISCOFUNBATH // Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson // Kirsten Dunst // Style and the City