ViVi 09/2010

Browns and Beiges

Technically, it's supposed to be summer still. However, one gets bombarded with new autumn/winter items everywhere one turns right now. The rain around here doesn't help, and I'm convincingly tricked into thinking the seasons are already transitioning into autumn. It's not even August yet, but I am pondering if it's still reasonable to purchase another pair of chunky wedge-heel sandals (is it?! Well, I did it anyway), or if I am better off buying boots already?

2010 07 28 Inception

Wooh! Yes! Dorky faces again! Maybe it's the cooler for a style blog the more serious and bad ass you look! I have yet to learn. The shawl was rather unnecessary, but I like to have it around.

2010 07 27 Work Day

I felt depressed on the weekend, my skin suddenly broke out a bit (right after I bragged about how well my skin's been all the time), and I feel ugly and uncomfortable... Well, since all of this is coming all of a sudden and all at the same time, I am thinking it must be hormones. I don't actually know why it should be, since, you know, I'm not having "those" days. But I do hope it's hormones, because, boy!, I hate being such an emo.

Skin Care

My skin's n e v e r b e e n b e t t e r lately and I'm so happy with my skin right now, even though my routine consists of the cheapest products I've ever used! Instead of looking greasy, my skin's now looking dewy and fresh without me even wearing any make up these days, except for a little bronzer as a blush. Of course, everyone's own skin is very particular, and finding one's own holy grails can be tedious. But there's some universal tips I can share, even though every one of you will still have to figure out which products suit your skin type and take care of the rest.

~ 1 ~
Drink lots of water!
I know it's old. But it helps! Try like 1,5L. But even better 2L/day. I personally drink up to 3L a day. It's good in a million different ways. But if you want one, it'll make you have a healthy glow about your complexion.

~ 2 ~
Wash your face!
I know it's old. But it helps! I wash my face twice a day, 1. when I wake up, 2. before I go to bed. Get all traces of make up off your face before going to sleep. Before you turn to agressive anti-acne-and-blackheads-facial-washing-stuff, try something gentle first, otherwise you are risking allergic reactions and bumps! I use pH-balanced wash lotion that costs like 1€/a bottle (von Balea). I practically live pimple-free ever since I use this!

~ 3 ~
It helps to re-assess what you think your skin needs. You'd think you're oily, and thus overly moisturized, so you'd skip on moisturizing. Bad idea! Oily skin tends to be overly dry, which explains why it produces so much sebum to balance that out. And all other types of skin clearly need moisture as well! I'm combination skin, and not sensitive at all actually, but nevertheless like to take moisturizers for sensitive skin anyway (von Alverde für Tag und Nacht). It proved to be a good idea!

~ 4 ~
No scrubs!
I read a lot about how you should use a peeling at least once a week. Peelings are fine, but better chemical peelings than mechanical. The mechanical ones usually work with particles that scrub off dead skin cells, but are likely to affect healthy skin cells in the process due to abrasion. For some more insight into things, read more here.

~ 5 ~
Drying out pimples.
Popping them seems tempting. But when I get one after all, I'd rather not to. When I see a pimple coming, I just dab on a tad of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Gel. It might not get rid of it immediately, but it makes the pimple stop growing and go back to normal in a matter of a night. I've not had one for one or two months, really.

~ 6 ~
Sun protection!
This is a little extra from me, but I find it important to protect your skin from the sun, because UVA and UVB rays have proven desastrous to our skin, making them age and wrinkle, and in a worst case scenario causing skin cancer. So even tho you might be into a nice glowing tan, use sun screen no matter what! The sun can affect skin cells even on cloudy or rainy days, so it's really up to you, but I really recommend sun screen whenever outdoors. That applies to your face as well.

2010 07 21

Thanks to American Apparel for this airy, transparent plaid button up!

2010 07 20 Work Day

Lately, I talk with bf while he takes pictures of myself. Not that good of an idea. Thanks to American Apparel for these shorts! They're all kindsa cool!

2010 07 -- Kimono-Style Kaftan Thingy

I'm not going out much these days, but as summer set in some parties will certainly have me coming. This is what I'll be wearing. My mom brought this very loose fitting kimono-style kaftan silk dress home from her trip to Viet Nam. A fine belt, and it's all you'll ever need to a summer party. Plus these shoes are without a doubt my favorite shoes to wear right now.

2010 07 15

One word of advice, don't argue with your boyfriend while he tries to take pictures of you, because you'll end up looking like a dork on the pictures. D'uhh.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies of all time. I watch them again and again, and I love them more each time. Fantastic Mr. Fox is rather new, but it was love at first sight. What are yours?


I'm a grown up now. I wear loafers made of genuine leather. Today, I've bought yet another pair of shoes, and justified the purchase with "It's on sale! And real leather!". Which reminds me of how genuine leather is a huge selling point to my mom, too. I'm my mom now.

Germany vs. Spain

The weather's nice today. And Germany will win against Spain. And then against the Netherlands on Sunday. World domination is ours! To my friends: Japan, the US, England, South Korea, France, and Argentina are all OUT! Sweden didn't make it to begin with. All that's left is Germany! This year is it!