Favorite Nail Polish Colors for Summer/Right Now

From left to right:
  1. O.P.I.'s Shrek Forever Limited Edition "What's with the Cattitude?" is a heavenly light creme azur blue. Check here for near real deal swatches by Short'n'Chic.
  2. American Apparel Nail Lacquer "Office" is one of those beautiful mint greens people have been swooning for in spring, and it's still going strong for me.
  3. O.P.I.'s Shrek Forever Limited Edition in "Rumble's Wiggin'" is the most dreamy light lavender, and I had been looking for something of the like for ever! Here's a swatch.
  4. American Apparel Nail Lacquer "L'Esprit" is an amazing blue-ish lavender, or lavender-ish blue. It's just wow! Here's a swatch of all my American Apparel nail polishes each.
  5. Just tried O.P.I.'s "Flower to Flower", a warm loud pink with sparkles, on the nails. Click this for a swatch. Perfect summer shade.
The texture of all of these is good! Though a little runny, two layers and you're set!

So what are yours?

2010 06 29 Japan vs. Paraguay

お疲れ。Japan lost.. Too bad! Keeping my fingers crossed for Germany on Saturday!!!!!!!!! Schlaaaaand!

2010 06 28 90ies Gurrl

Feeling decidedly 90ies today. Complete with bearing mid riff, and sporting a fancy Baby-G. Plus classic Eastpak-style rucksack, ha!

2010 06 25 Work Day

Keeping it simple with this boxy cut out sleeve shirt.

2010 06 24 Blue Lipstick

So I got my Lime Crime No She Didn't Lipstick in the mail today, and tried it as soon as I got home. While I was soon convinced of what I had suspected before anyway - that I won't find any near appropriate occasion to wear this on the lips, it's a pretty bright light blue after all - it also isn't very moisturizing, so my naturally dry, chapped lips didn't benefit much from the smurf blue. Which is a shame, and I will work out a way around this, and find an occasion to wear this to (costume party?). In the meantime, to not let the lipstick wilt away in the depths of my make up drawer, and get some wear out of it nonetheless, I simply pulled out my liquid-eyeliner-brush, and applied the beautiful blue color to my lid. Tadaa! Some additional strokes with pink and yellow khayal eyeliner here and there, and I'm all pop around my eyes! That would be more of an everyday look (for me).


If summer ever comes to my little modest corner of the earth, I would be nothing less than very pleased to look like they do in MADAME HAWKE's Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook. Pointing to the rather infantile thanks to demure button ups, neither high-waist nor low waist, appropriately loose fits, airy, casual materials soaked in pastel colors, and with a pragmatic bun on the head. Sigh.

Random Inspiration

Discofunbath // unknown // Chicmuse // Anne Bernecker

Love all of these.

2009 10 10 Last Year in Tokyo

I've come across this old outfit picture I shot in Tokyo, October 2009, but never posted. It's a fall/autumn outfit, but I could wear it right now all the same. The weather here makes me firmly believe that summer will pass us by after all.. You don't know how terribly bummed I am about that. I've been so eager to get together a most amazing summer wardrobe.. but now I will have to give up the effort prematurely, and give in to what seems to be the most dreary summer I've ever had.

2010 06 18

2010 06 17 Work Day

Many of my outfits might seem very similar lately I am afraid. It's because I have a dichotomy in my wardrobe going on: pieces I love, pieces I don't, and I will get rid of all of the latter eventually!

Good Stuff

Constance V. via Lookbook.nu // Chloe Sevigny // Japanese magazine scan


Back from a short, but intensely amazing trip to Barcelona, Spain.

at the ports

We were lucky enough to flee some serious heat wave back home, and were pretty comfortable at some 23 ~ 25°C in BCN, even tho unfortunately we got caught in the rain for some hours during our stay.

Fundació Joan Miró

Plaça de Catalunya

Our hotel's location couldn't have been any better very close by the Plaça de Catalunya (as shown above).

MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya)

I cannot praise the Time Out travel guides enough. As my go-to-guides, I've picked up one for Tokyo, for London, and now also for Barcelona, and you can always trust their restaurant recommendations in particular. Bf and I were relying on them heavily, and were never let down. To the contrary, we were rewarded with some of the best eating experiences, but very certainly with authentic Catalan cuisine.

at the beach // in the Parc de la Ciutadella

The Barcelona issue by Time Out also guides you through some of the most note-worthy areas via walking-tour-suggestions. However, renting a bike to explore the city absolutely pays, and is amazing fun! We got ours here.

roaming around the Born & Sant Pere

Bf and I really aren't anything into sightseeing, and wherever I go my trip schedule actually always centers around major shopping sprees mostly. Barcelona, however, is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to in my book, I didn't mind skipping more of the shopping and get it on with some tourist-y sightseeing tour. Some highlights I thought were Barceloneta & the Ports, the Parc de la Ciutadella, and our bike ride thru pretty much most of the city (the Raval, The Born & Sant Pere, and some of the Eixample's modernist areas). We also got up Montjuïc, enjoying the sight from above, and taking tons of pictures.

As for the food, I can really, really recommend Tapaç 24 (especially the burger w/ foie gras, and the Bikini Comerç), as well as Restaurante Casa Delfin!