2010 05 31 Neon Pink Lipstick

It's depressing weather conditions around here. It's been raining and raining and raining and raining and raining awfully for weeks now, with very rare intermittent moments of frail sunshine. Not funny. Meanwhile, here's to my Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Lipstick #49 Tropical Pink. Wow, was this color hard to capture with a camera.. After many a try I finally half-succeeded to convey on picture that it's a NEON PINK we're dealing with here! NEON PINK, ladies and gentlemen!! Yes, really! Let me just be clear that if summer finally, finally sets in, I'll be r e a d y.

Übrigens: beim Douglas kosten die YSL Lippenstifte 26€, beim Müller "nur" 20,80€.

2010 05 28

American Apparel Nail Polishes

Thought you might be interested in how the American Apparel Nail Polishes look on the nails.

from left to right:
Factory Grey
(a color that has much potential) - Office (just a tad runny) - Rose Bowl (clearly best texture! gets on opaque in one layer, too) - Coney Island (was hard to work with at first, but it's manageable with two layers) - Palm Springs (such a beautiful color! just a tad runny, 2nd layer might be needed when in doubt) - California Trooper (I was pretty positive this is just a very nice taupe at first, but then you notice this little tinge of green, and it's more like a very pastell-y and light khaki, it's splendid!) - L'Esprit (beautiful, beautiful light lavender blue, which comes running down the brush in big drops, so you might wanna stay aware!)

Some require a second layer when in doubt, tho they mostly go on well opaque if you're a thick layerer like me. You might need two, if you layer very lightly. If you're of the impatient kind, can never wait for nail polish to dry, and will inevitably spoil some nails, try essie good to go. You're literally good to go after two or three minutes, and are basically free to move and touch things as you please, so long as you don't carry stone bricks or dig over your garden beds. But surfing the net, or, like it or not, doing the laundry or the dishes will be all okay!

I also purchased the clear AA Nail Polish, because I noticed how long their lacquers last (certainly longer than eight, nine days!), and I own considerably many cheap polishes that would chip within one, or two days. Using the clear AA Nail Polish has done what I had hoped it would do, tho. It's keeping my cheap polishes on for much longer now!

In case you're afraid I was wickedly manipulated by free care packages from the American Apparel headquarters, fear not! I have never received such a thing as Nail Polishes from the company itself, but can freely recommend these polishes on my own accord. I wouldn't be able to live tranquilly ever after would I randomly recommend things I don't actually find recommendable, anyway.


pics found via images.google.com

Miliyah Katoh (*1988) Singer/songwriter from Japan. Currently celebrated as style icon by the gyaru-press. I've embedded a video by her before. It's worth a watch!

2010 05 25 Floral Jumpsuit II

My bicycle is faster than yours!!

Some Things for Summer

It's about time I get my wish list together for summer, even tho I don't usually do I wish this I wish that on the blog. However, it helps me tremendously with focusing on things I really have want of.

Did you know American Apparel makes these sweaters? I have a huge want of simple sweaters I can throw on just like that. Figure this is what I want. // I have several cut-off-shorts, but one in light denim would be splendid. It's just that little something that'd finally make me say I don't need any more. // They're all over Japanese magazines right now, and I can't miss these because assessing Japanese magazines is all I do lately (for research purposes, mind you): They call them "Cancan hats" for no reason I understand, but I'd like to have one. // This dress by All Saints Spitalfields. // A flowy button-down blouse. I understand it's not so easy to find one that's ankle lenght or even in any way close to 'maxi'. So I'd settle for a compromise. // Not pictured, because I haven't found 'the one' yet, is a cardigan. I don't exactly know what it's to look like, but it has to be spot-on, and I will know it when I see it. //

Also, I got contacted a while ago informing me about free online coupons, like for example Shoemall coupon codes, etc. The one of most interest for me was Drugstore.com coupons. I've come across drugstore.com a while ago, and it's a good option for me to get my hands on some popular cosmetics I read bloggers and reviewers ranting about, but of which very few are easily available in Germany. Will be making a list with a few items there, too.

2010 05 17 Rag Head

Watch El Orfanato, it's pretty good! // I love Horror-flicks. // Wrapping rags around my head will be my new 'next thing'!! // I love The Hipster Runoff's Alt Report blog, and its use of the term 'relevant', as well as its blatantly sarcastically sarcastic use of 'apostrophes'. // Will use many apostrophes now too. // The 'weather' around here sücks. // I spend 'way' too much cash on nail polish. // Did u see American Apparel has a new summer range of pretty neat nail polishes? (I alrdy ordered L'esprit and California Trooper) // I'll be making a trip to Barcelona in 'a few weeks' :D // If you have any recommendations for where in Barcelona to best shop/eat/get drunk, do drop me a 'line' please! // I'm 'kinda' busy lately. // It's not actually a rag around my 'head', it's a scarf..

Summer Item

christeric // from SCawaii

'Need' an airy ankle-length dreamily flowing blouse. Just because. And because perhaps it could rid me of tedious trial&error to come up with someting 'original' in summer even tho I don't work well in heat.

2010 05 08 Marienplatz

Haven't been one to buy at American Apparel much in the past, but they keep getting better and better, coming out with things that really make a difference in a wardrobe. Since now that I'd like to keep things more focused, statement pieces is all I want. So here's to the Disco Pant. Black, shiny, tight little things. And these American Apparel nail polishes! Just got myself another batch of them today. S u c h beautiful colors!

Already tried out Palm Springs and Office. Palm Springs is one of the most beautiful colors you'll ever see - a pastel orange-y peach. The texture is good, the wear very good! Wonderful quality for beautiful colors all in all. I'd be stoked if American Apparel was ever to make lipstick, I believe their color selection in that department would be just as appealing.