Screaming Eyes is Totally the New Tokyo Bopper in Taiwanese

You remember that cam whoring chick from Taiwan with her a little awkward poses I blogged about some time ago? Well, I had mentioned that she obviously works/worked at a store called Screaming, and, from what I could see on her, that they are carrying pretty fancy stuff there. Well, ever since I stumbled upon that girl, I also bookmarked the blog to the Screaming-Shop, Screaming Eyes, and I'd say you should too! Why?

2010 04 ?? Stand By

A stand-by-outfit I resorted to two, or three times last week when I was really busy, out and about lots, and had no time to really think anything thru.

2010 04 22

This is the ridiculously tight riding-pant by American Apparel I received in the last parcel, with rather pointless, but decorative patches in the knee-area, and a high waist. I was unsure how I'd be doing with beige, but I ended up really liking these trousers.

Try to change up the part in your hair sometimes. It's like you have new hair!

2010 04 ?? B&W II

Time flies. Really does so. Hope it's not getting out of my hands! This is a rather old picture, but I've been busy lately, so really no time to snap new pics. Spring is here to stay, but I must not be rash because who knows what the weather around here has yet in store. I've started working again now, and I love my new work! In slightly related news on getting back into a real life I'm taking the bicycle to get to work and school, and I really hope it'll keep me that little bit more fit. Bf and I are also determined to keep up Badminton in the park now&then. If I have clothing have an appearance more often than anything ever did on the blog, it's cus I downsize my wardrobe. At least that's what I am seriously attempting to do. Also, I currently play Super Princess Peach on the DSi right now, and it's super fun! Thought I had out grown Jump'n'Runs because I tried so many lately, and none really appealed to me, but fortunately I haven't.

2010 04 14 Blue

Don't ask what I'm doing in my face... I don't know..

Rather major shopping spree ystrday and today. I'm super proud of myself, as I think I've turned a real smart shopper. I now manage to buy only things that I love. I am really selective as to what I really want for my outfits, and my style in general. That involves knowing. Just knowing what will work, and what not. I mean, there are some things I really like on others, but never the tiniest bit on myself. You live, you learn. I think I figured it out pretty well now.

Quick change of topic, but H&M sells the sickest nail polishes atm. Like this electric royal blue here for an example (named Blue My Mind). Also, I absolutely love my Headmistress Manchester feather ring. Can't thank Jillian enough (hi Jillian!). And I have no major problem with wearing silver&gold in one go. I'm a rebel like that.

2010 04 10 Badminton

Badminton in the backyard. But one of our neighbors kicked us out. She's a vixen. When I greet her when we meet in the staircase, she never greets back, but ignores me, and I knew if anyone ever complained about us, it'd be her! She didn't even have any reason for us to go somewhere else. When I had been a tiny little kid, I always played around there. She's just bitter and annoying in general. I want to throw raw eggs at her door!! Grrr!

2010 04 06

Don't think I'll be buying new dresses much, either, this season. I just plan on shortening some old ones. That idea struck me in my sleep. Not that they're very genius, but, like, I get a lot of ideas while I'm still asleep. Not gonna shorten this dress in particular, tho. It's as short and formless as a kid's dress. Looks like it, too. New fave lipstick in coral.

What I'll Wear in Spring

Sooooo, spring is ON! Like, yeah! So on time, too!

Don't you just love how inspired u get by the increase of sunrays in a day. I'm having numerous of ideas spinning around in my head of outfits and how I want to look like in general when it's eventually really warm, bordering to hot.

I don't really bother with tops here. They just matter to some certain extent really. Most of the time I'm just happy with a random sloppy T or blouse that slacks around my androgynous body while keeping me cool. What can I say, I've been buying more bottoms than tops for a while now. Guess when the top's always just loose it doesn't have as much effect as some cool trousers with a statement silhouette. I make an exception for outer wear, because, boy!, they do certainly make a difference! But that's not up for discussion, because we're talking about Spring/Summer here! Ditch your fur now!

Finally, what I'll wear in spring:


Almah // Facehunter // Anywho

You know, they're chic, but they're casual, too. I can't really explain or tell you how I'm going to wear them in any way spring-appropriate. I just know they're loose, and they're chic, but they're casual, too. Am I repeating myself? Well, I'd say a sloppy, worn out wife beater sounds good to me. Or some really oversized, light bf-button up casually tucked in&out. Oh, now I can see myself!


zanita // unknown // Daul Kim (R.I.P.)

They're harem-pants, but tapered at the top, and have more of a chic, than slack feeling to them. Anyway, I've been buying those, and tapered pants in Korea. They're perfect for any kind of top. The silhouette always looks fresh. They're very light-weight and easy, too. I love them. In case you didn't notice.

Baggy Shorts!

Jap mag // christeric // Jap mag

Now here comes the classic. I'll be wearing shorts! Surprise! Yes, I know, I'm such a trendsetter. Shorts are so much easier for me to work with, and give the better vibe, in my opinion. Some time ago I just noticed I can't really deal with skirts anymore. Unless they're super asymmetric and have tons of drapes all around, then, yes, I'll keep them! How can I not? But here's the deal: I love looking like a total bum. Aren't cut-off-ripped-up-denim-shorts perfect to pursue this ideal? Yes, yes, I know.

So here's about my spring-tops: I'm super down for lace, but I'm more of the black-lace-type. I'm excited about anything transparent, especially super light cotton or silk. But no chiffon! "Uh-uhh!" in a disapproving manner. I'll rip my Ts, I can already tell you, and give indecently revealing tank tops a go. I'm all for shabby, worn out wife beaters. Too bad bf doesn't wear those, I would take his. Instead, he's got tons of M to L size Ts you'd wear to sleep, but I'd wear to party.

I'm so excited!!


home in my favorite room // Rathaus on Marienplatz // my station, my home base
(pictures by me)

I really, really want to kick start my master thesis. I know I could start writing right away. I have enough ideas to fill a few pages already. But the first sentence really is the hardest, and I can't seem to find even the word with which to start it off. Thus, procrastinating. This is where I live. I love München!

It doesn't mean anything to me, but happy Easter everyone!


You might have noticed a little increase of details shots. It's not gonna stop.

I'm quite fed up with clothes right now. I've amassed so many clothes by now, nothing in stores really occurs to me as any original anymore. There's little I don't already have in some or the other similar form.

So in a countering move, I'm back to basics. And full on focus on details. Isn't that what makes the outfit anyway? I don't actually need to ask.

I'm off the apparel grounds, you can meet me in the accessories corners, at the make-up-counters, and equally indulging on their online equivalents.

1. Nude lips and golden eyes is the new black eyeliner (picture by Yvan Rodic) // 2. Totally useless and unnecessary, but who can resist little star stamps all over the place? Bet u can't! // 3. I'm definitely pro silk scarves, as you can wrap them around the neck, ur arm, ur head, anything really. How much more in-ur-face is a huge scarf of the more simple sort casually hanging around in ur hair, tho? Why so many questions I alrdy know the answer to today? (picture by //

4. Big, huge, super impressed shout out to Jillian from Headmistress! Still on the hunt for quality statement rings. I'm very picky, but I welcome Headmistress' Manchester ring with open arms! // 5. Colorful, eye catching lips in screaming colors is my hugest obsession right now! Waiting for my M.A.C. Up the Amp dupe (Berry Haute by Revlon, btw). Pondering hard about getting the M.A.C. Riveting LE lipstick Show Orchid. It's a hot, hot pink, y'all! // 6. Remember Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes? When I think of her, I always think of her wearing a feathered crown. It's always the right moment to want a little to be like her in that regard. Hugest, and the loudest thank yous to the Headmistress for some drama feather crown head band!

The end.