Pastel Colors

I'm going all crazy over pastel colors lately (thus the pastel blue frames in the Sunglasses-post). I figured I need pastel colored denims, and a pastel colored chunky knit cardigan in my life! The former in preferrably pastel pink, or coral, the latter in pastel peach, please! I count coral as kinda pastel, because depending on how you see it, it's a pastel version of bright red, innit?

Natasha Poly // from Cutie // unknown

I am going even more crazy about pastel nail polish. As bf is my witness, I've pondered long and hard about sending off a big, huge nail polish order to American Apparel, which offers a pretty attractive new line of nail polishes in exactly the colors I'd like.

American Apparel polishes in Office, Coney Island, Cotton, and Palm Beach // Essie Candy Mint Apple // Catrice Pastel Delight line

I want them all! So might push the button soon.

Btw, can anyone help me out with the following nail polish hue?

A bright neon yellow, where can I get?

Time for Sunglasses

It's spring now in Munich. It's warm, the birds chirp, it's sunny, it's beautiful! You have no idea how pleasant Munich is when the sun shines. Consequently, with the sun comes the need for sunglasses. Too glaring light gives me big headache, and I don't like to squint anyway. How come sunglasses make you look that much cooler, too?

first two by H&M // third one by Urban Outfitters from way back in 2008

The Kids are Bored on Sundays

Suddenly I want to have new transparent plastic rimmed prescription glasses by Oliver Peoples of all places..

I'm always very bored on Sundays, too, but I don't look as fine while being so.

Shirley Manson (from Garbage) and Elijah Wood, y'all!

2010 03 21 In the Navy

Nude Lips

The Candy Doll Lip Concealer gives me the nude lips I was looking for for sooo long. Matte, no streaks, perfect shade. Thought of as a primer and base for lip stick, this gives me the perfect nude lip so many products failed to give. It's from Japan. Japanese gyarus have a penchant for pink-nude-lips, and I'd like to kiss them for that.

I love nude lips. Seriously do.


Okay, you can take a look at the Shop now :)

Lots and lots of new stuff on sale, but don't forget to check out the older ones too, if you haven't yet.

I sell it all for cheap because all I want is these things to have someone who will like and wear them.

Also, there are a couple of things under 5€. If you buy two of them, choose another of those under 5€ for free :)


This is the entrance hall to our Bavarian State Library in Munich. The building is beautiful, and way impressive in real life. It's very, very modern inside, while it's almost naturally embedded in stone and marble. The total of volumes it holds is 9.530.000. That's quite many. After registration, you are free to order them, borrow them home, read them in its massive reading rooms, or copy the pages. During examination periods, or semester breaks when many have to write at least one, or two thesis until the next semester starts, a lot of students resort to the Bavarian State Library, or one of the douzens of faculty libraries of the two Universities in Munich - the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt (LMU, that's mine) and the Technische Universit├Ąt (TU) - to study and write. Or sleep. It's been seen to have happened... ;)

I am now about to begin to write my final thesis. Roughly, it will be about Japanese Fashion. I tried to gather material for the topic when I was in Tokyo, but trust me, that is not a simple task for plenty of reasons. It was really, really tiresome. My friends say I'm a geek, but I am endlessly glad to be back being a proper student provided with the proper means, studying, reading, thinking.

2010 03 17 Stripes Galore


Devendra Benhart is a cool guy. And he makes good music. His 2007 album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon was good company when I rode my bike thru the summer in Tokyo. It was quite epic times.

In the video of his new single "Baby" he and his mates get transported into another world where wild, colorful creatures reign, and the party is just waiting to be stumbled upon. Or so.

Do I have to mention that Devendra Benhart and his friends are very well dressed and good looking? Well, not that any of that mattered.

Devendra Banhart ~ Baby from Ron Winter on Vimeo.

Black Board

Good evening y'all ^^

How are you doing lately?

I'm doing very well, thank you!

As supplied before, ask me more and more and more questions via
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Also, I put on a huuuge sale via my shop-blog
P i c k e d S h o p!
All very cheap, I'm sure you'll find a deal. More certainly to come within the next week, I'll let you know about that when it's time.

I re-discovered
I'm determined to upload all the missing outfits until now, because it proved to be immensely handy to have them all in one place :) Check there to find an archive of all of my outfits.



Looking at my outfit pictures I notice that my head is unproportionally big in relation to my body and height. Not that it is of any importance :)

Also, I either feel Napoleonian, or get likened to Michael Jackson with this jacket. This jacket thus must aim for grandeur. Please note my nails color. Nice, innit?

There's still snow on the streets of Munich, and it seems that it's here to stay for a while. Not that I particularly care. But actually, it's already March now! Not that we never had any snow later in spring season sometimes for a day, or two. Then again, there has been snow in other parts of Europe this year where it's not really any normal, particularly at this time of the year if at all.. Bf suggested the seasons have now permanently shifted to later points of the year. I, on the other hand, am spooked by the idea it's a symptom for something bigger.

BTW, ask me more questions if you like, via! Do it!

2010 03 09 Sweater

Partly too busy, partly too lazy for proper outfit pictures. There's always so many things for me to do. I am happier to be back home than I ever thought I would be.

American Apparel sent me this black sweater with neon pink lace back detail, amongst other things. The fit of this sweater is surprisingly perfect, I really like it a lot. It's comfy, too!

Orange lips, y'all!


So I don't need to repeat how much emphasis magazines, and trend reports focus on denim lately, and how functional and versatile denim is, because, let's be honest, denim just has never really went out of style ever since it became part of our everyday lives, and is hailed as a trend every other season just like red lipstick, plaid, ethnic, military, sailor chic, etc., are. The only striking thing happening this time, however, is how it's celebrated so broadly in Europe, America, and Japan, in high street fashion magazines to high fashion magazines, in street to shop.

from a Japanese street fashion magazine (left upper corner) // by Style Scout (left lower corner) // Japanese Elle (middle) // via mydailystyle (right)

from Zipper, Japanese magazine

from H&M Germany home page


The Siegestor says "Dedicated to Victory, destroyed by War, reminding of Peace".

Munich is nothing special really, but since we - bloggers and readers - are all a huge network of people from all corners of the world, why not give each other a bit insight into things that we take for granted but the other may have never seen or heard about? Whenever possible, I'll try to show you around the city I am living in, may it be via pictures, or maybe someday videos?

I have been asked a lot of questions via already (thanks everyone for their interest!), take a look, or ask me something yourself, anything you like.