2010 02 27

Yesterday's nighttime me. Doing things spontaneously, &absolutely randomly makes everything all the more fun. Having a car helps too. Thank you and love you KK :)

2010 02 27

This Saturday's daytime me. Running around, running errands, eating out, being happy.

2010 02 26

I felt 90ies in this somehow.

Make Up Looks

Here, have new make up ideas!

Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Just like Kôenji, Shimokitazawa (下北沢) is a rather down to earth, snug, alternative little area filled with vintage shops and cute little cafés, where bands play on the streets, or artists sell their art work next to the station's exit. Thus, compared to the larger play-areas of Tokyo, Shimokitazawa feels way understated, and relaxed. The area is rather small, but up until the last day I would get lost there each time. I'm not good with directions anyway, but Shimokitazawa was a real challenge to me, don't ask me why. On my last visit to Shimokitazawa, Stephie and I picked up this handy little map of the area that gives a good overview of mainly vintage shops, but also cafés and larger landmarks to orientate yourself. It's mostly in English, too, so no problem to use I guess! I don't really know how handy the map might be because I never tried using it, but it gives u a hint anyway.

I liked Shimokitazawa because it wasn't too far away from where I lived, and very close to my university. I sometimes went there just for spontaneous drinks at my favorite izakaya, Imanari (map), where beer was only 180Yen, and the dishes really delicious! Chicken liver sashimi! Horse meat sashimi! Don't judge before u tried it!!! There's also this burger place I loved to go to, Village Vanguard Diner (map). Also check out the Village Vanguard Exciting Book Store! And then this cute little dining café/bar called Tsunami (map) where they served tasty, original, Hawaiian inspired dishes.

As with everywhere in Tokyo, just stroll around, and you can be sure to stumble upon something worth the notice. Don't hesitate to step into any obscure looking stores, u never know what awaits you. Shimokitazawa is famous for a lot of really good eating spots.

2010 02 24

Have you ever really wanted to learn, but the means offered to you - sometimes the only that you have - did not suffice the purpose at all? Do you know how frustrating this can be?

I am very, very glad to be back at my home university, and so happy to be able to get productive again. Oh, wonderful productive, studious university life!

I was running errands in this outfit, but in flats. For dinner, however, let's go in heels!


Little things make me happy, and so do these following two lipsticks I just picked up at the drugstore by Manhattan Cosmetics. Manhattan Cosmetics is a German make up brand for less. Manhattan Cosmetics has memories of my-first-ever make up attempts all over, or rather, when I was a rebellious teen I had Manhattan Cosmetics all over. It was quite a mess. That must be the reason why I've stayed clear from the brand ever since, not even bothering with one look at any of their line ups or products.

However, a new infatuation with bright lip stick colors had me finding nearly exactly what I was looking for at the Manhattan Cosmetics stand of all places. A bright light pink, and a bright orange. Perfect in that they're bordering on neon-colors, no shimmer, no glittery glitz, just nice, matte, bright goodness.

The pictures don't capture the brightness of both colors too well, they never do. But I am very, very happy with them, especially for the price (~3€ the stick). I must say, it seems that Manhattan Cosmetics has upgraded a tiny bit since my teen times, or I had been too ignorant all along.

Dressing Room

What up, kids!? I'm back from Tokyo, back in Munich, yo!

I will miss life in Tokyo, the city, my friends, the food, the shopping - all of it! I will do so like crazy, I can already tell. (Kisses to my lovelies! You rule that city, and you know it!) But for now, I'm super, super happy to be back home! Because eventually, I missed my life in Munich too.

And look what bf build for me while I was gone:

He re-modeled my study, and turned it into a walk-in-closet! Full of my stuff, tho still not even all of it, since I am still waiting for some parcels to get home to me. But seeing it all spread out like this, and filling all the racks and most of the shelves in that room makes me wonder how I ever managed to cram all my clothes and accessories into a closet anyway.

Bf pondered a lot about how to best furnish and assemble the room to make it suit my needs most optimally. He looked to it that I have enough mirrors, and good lighting. But the really very hyper best part of it is my dressing table!!!

Look at the insane light bulbs installation, and I have drawers to store all my schnick-schnack, and a huge, foldable mirror, and and and....... ! OMG I'm so vain I could sit hours in front of this table arranging, then re-arranging my cosmetics and brushes, just because I love it so much.

I'm still kinda overwhelmed by my own closet. I combed thru most of my wardrobe, added the new pieces from Japan and Korea, re-discovered so many old pieces, dismissed some, threw some away, but in general, I have to get used to having all these clothes again. I'm still sorta clueless as to how to wear and mix&match them properly.

Home, sweet home.

(Working on some further guides to Tokyo as I find the time to)


Outfit pictures soon! I promise!

In the meantime check out these videos, and the amazing styling job done.

I was standing at the huge pedestrian scramble junction in Shibuya waiting for the lights to turn green, when this video came on one of the huge video screens on the buildings around the junction. I absolutely love her styling, hair and make up. It also gives u a good idea about what's 'in' and 'now' in Japan right now.

The pictures for Tsubasa Masuwaka's eye lash line should give another idea about this as well, what with the pink cheeks, nude lips and emphasized under eye lashes, and all. Tsubasa is model for the teen mag Popteen, and singer, and currently The IT girl here as far as I understand, btw.

As we are at it, also check out this video from Korea.

B2st is a new Korean Pop band of six members. If I was ever to become a fan girl of any band ever, then this one. Their stylists are doing the best job I've ever seen on any band, especially generic pop band. I've watched several live performances, and their outfits really nail it each time! I also happen to like that song, and actually, I might, just maybe perhaps, already be fan :D Bf laughing at me for making sheep's eyes at little boys still in their teens.

I know, Asian pop really isn't for everyone. I used to laugh about it hard myself. But beware, it gets u when u don't pay attention, and it's called Pop for a reason!

Queen Michelle

Yes, yes, I know. Total slowdown in outfit posts. Instead cosmetics? Ur bored yet? I hope not. But it all makes perfectly sense. I'm inmidst preparing my going back to Germany right now, and have over the last couple of months already seen to it that most of my stuff will find its way back home. I've sent off 80% of my Tokyo-wardrobe home alrdy, and even stuff I had just bought in Seoul. I'm right now stuck with the most basic of basics only. It's rather cold, and I'm not left with much to work with. However, I've been anticipating the re-occupation of my full wardrobe back in Germany PLUS all the stuff I've amassed over the last year. That, and a helping hand with taking pictures from bf, means more outfit posts soon-ish! I've forgotten half of what I've got at home...

In the meantime, Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style for you!

It's not that I just wanna fill this space. It's that she just doesn't cease to thrill me with her outfits and wardrobe. She's been there when I just got to know that there are style blogs, and right from the beginning, she's been one of my favorites. She still is! And will be forever probably! I don't know how she does it, and why I can't do like she do. My lamest excuse for that up to date is that I lack her long, thin model-legs, as I blame my stumpy legs for anything else anyway really - outfits don't look as good, I'm not constantly able to keep bf's pace, my short sightedness, global warming, u name it. Another explanation is prolly also that I've never been able to collect such significant, outstanding masterpieces of clothing like she has done over time. I have to learn to get a better eye for that! It's my big mission anyway. Also, she makes me want to be super-fierce, and wear killer heels, while I'm actually almost always on flats. So ya, here's to you, Queen Michelle! I'm sorry I hotlinkedddd!!!!