Merry after-Christmas! How were your holidays?

Was and am still hanging around in Seoul, Korea, again. Both bf and I flew over to meet each other, and I am indefinitely happy to be here, because Seoul is paradise to narcissistic bums like me. Time and space are no bother to us while we're here, we eat when and whatever we deem fit, go everywhere by Taxi, go shopping at 1 a.m., and feel like snobby rich kids (thank you strong European currency).

I've been incredulously happy with life in general lately. I deem it very important to never forget all the good things in life we are so blessed with. Because really, we have good lives, and as Jimmy Eat World (of all bands!) once put it, "your problems they aren't problems, so be glad they never will". So that's what I was thinking of lately, all the great things I am so blessed with. Not only in 2009, but I have always been blessed with. Ya, there's all those little things, and there are tons of them. Why does everybody love to forget and overlook all that's so good?

This trip is just another supersweet cherry on top of it all! I am one lucky person!

Merry Christmas

An obligatory Christmas-greeting.

From Yours Truly.


I love the Swedes. For some reason they hang around in Tokyo in flocks. But that's okay, because they're all really cool and extremely lovely ;D I love my Swedish friends dearly!

Almah's not a friend, but she's Swedish, and my Pick of the Day, so to speak. I love her special style! It has qualities to it I've never seen on anyone else'. Ever. Her style is one of my favorites.

Just a Note to Myself

promising myself to buy: +++ party dress in black and/or white +++ crisp white extra long shirt +++ make-up-brushes (preferrably the The Body Shop Mini Kit) +++ yet another denim +++ fur coat and/or jacket +++ basic black flats +++ plaid shirt +++ pleated shorts +++ denim shorts +++ lace up boots +++ a proper hair cut +++ The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash and toner +++ bunches and bunches of statement accessories +++ peach blush (probably by The Body Shop in Apricot Shimmer) +++ jumpsuit +++

Sheer Delight

I wanna think of one occasion when I can wear this look.


In the process of putting together a treasure chest of quality statement accessories. Still in the works, but fueling the hunt with a luxe new watch. Courtesy of my one and only. Thanks to my teddy for modelling.

Pic(k) of the Day

Banshee Beat is possibly becoming one of my most fave blog clicks. A pretty girl in style, whimsical self-made collages. Do take a look for urself!