Autumn Tunes

Hello, how are you all? Is the colder weather getting to you? I finally got a new playlist up here. To see the tracklist, click here. I think it's a good autumn tune. I'm all into this season.

Body Ideals

Even if you hate the body ideal of now, don't go and celebrate the alternative. Either way it will hurt the persons who don't have the features you so hold up. Because eventually, there should be no body ideal at all.

B/W-plaid Stole with Hood

black/white-plaid stole with attached hood as cape // white, long back Flair blouse (see here) // tank with lace-hem by Pageboy // denim and rope-belt from Korea // black ballet flats // random cotton batik bag

missing out on typhoon signal 18 // actually studying // driving myself bankrupt

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I Was Born in Winter

I hate heat. I love winter. I love winter clothes.

from several J-magazines

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