Bright Red

When I found Shu Uemura having a palette of really bright cream eye shadows, I thought - what the heck, why not? and got one pot in red. I never planned on using it strictly as eye shadow, though. I wanted to take the creamy texture to my advantage and just treat it as another eyeliner.
So this is my usual eye line in red. It works surprisingly well.


I've reviewed the past. It's been great.

Paint it Black

Black for me is a safety pin. It is unobtrusive, and it pulls everything together and thus fixes what otherwise might not go together with too many colors that won't work, or an outfit that won't work because of too many colors.

My most worn shoes are a solid black. I swear by opaque black tights. From each clothing item you can possibly own I have almost the same amount of black as back up as I have of it in different colors.

In contrast to possibly all other colors, going in monochrome black can be elegant, cool and fierce all at the same time. It can be many things all at the same time.

Black doesn't draw attention to itself, but leaves the show for the interesting cuts/designs, or a beautiful silhouette. By being so uncommitted, it leaves the focus on shapes, material, the design itself. I do love colors, but it is black that makes them work on me.

Dressing in black for me is playing it safe. Of course, it's also lazyness on my part, but I don't see anything wrong about that.

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You Could Be A Girl, But You Could Just As Well Be A Boy

When I wrote that I resort more and more to jeans, as well as pants, lately, I still was a bit scornful about being so lazy on my part. However, I put up with becoming more and more casual, and actually now embrace the look. It makes me less of a headache nowadays, whereas some time ago I would have done anything to avoid putting on jeans. But frankly, I do feel like it, and that's just it.

Also, a while ago already, I noticed how many men's styles I have amassed in my inspirations folder in the past few months. Also, how men's styles inspired and fascinated me more and more. Now, this strikes me as no surprise anymore. Either men have become more effeminate in fashion, or girls have become more tomboyish, and I think we all know both in essence is true. I don't have the most feminine features, so I feel I can work the tomboy look quite okay and that I should.

That's also what the following tell me.

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