Food Porn Much

Korean style pizza // fried hot chicken cheese rice pan // superbest and fresh Sushi!

cold Soba with Korean style Tempura // Australian steak all-u-can-eat //beef BBQ // Shabu Shabu

Seafood-Chijimi // overbaked pasta with thin breadcrust coating // classic Samgyobsal with first class sides

This is not to state that I love Korean Food in general. Because I don't really. Apart from a few dishes that are exceptionally good but actually kind of variations on general dishes that can be found anywhere else in the world just as well - like pork or beef BBQ, stuffed pancakes, or Korean style pizzas (tho a class to their own). The rest is usually all a mixture of unidentifiable stuff thrown into the typical Korean red sauce that I am not all to keen about. Also, I am actually used to have plain white rice with most of the Asian dishes I know. Not so much here, tho I'd often definitely need some. Also, Korean noodles are far from too refined. The Ramen they hand out in food shops is usually just the Instant-Ramen you get in your supermarket plus an egg.

But I don't complain at all. Learning about Korean Cuisine apart from Kimchi, Bibimbab and Samgyobsal is a treat in itself and if you know what to get specifically you will also sometimes get rewarded quite a lot. And also, it's so cheap here anyway, you can't do too wrong just sampling thru it. As in most Asian countries nowadays, Western food is everywhere here now, too. I was already amazed how good Italian pasta in Japan was, and so it is in Korea. As a German, pizza&pasta is more of a staple than anything German (like sausages, ha ha), so if I ever missed German food, I'd just get Spaghetti Carbonara.

This'll probs be the one and only occasion when I will wear out this top. I don't know what came into me. The trousers are the coolest of cool on the other hand. Have some other really, really neat stuff I got from my new favorite mall of all times I just recently discovered to show off. By now I think with the help of bf I would be able to write a small cheapskates' shopping guide thru Seoul, tho it wouldn't be all to extensive and comprehensive.

If ur interested in the top write me. I'll end up selling it one way or the other! 10€ or 15US$. I'll take better pics of the top upon request, too.

Seoul II


Not that it's like a tough piece of hard work while I am in Tokyo, but here in Seoul, hanging around with bf as we are so used to do, everything being so refreshingly cheap, and having no worries about the world in general - this is totally my summer vacation and every day is a wonderful sunny Sunday.

Seoul actually is a not too pretty city. Also, anyone saying that Seoul looks and is just like Tokyo, just dirtier, is lying! Or delusional. I really don't see much in common, and I think people who try to compare them are slightly misled by the fact that they are both Asian?

It's also little like Hong Kong, another Asian city I have been to up to date. The one city it bares the most resemblance to in my eyes is actually Saigon (today Ho Chi Minh City) in South Viet Nam, though more developed, less crowded, cleaner, and less raucous. I did not expect Seoul to look most similar to Saigon at all, expecting it to be hypermodern, very fashion-y and high tech as its Korean Wave and excellent movies (Old Boy, A Tale of Two Sisters, Chaser, etc.) had made me believe. However, Seoul is still coined by the characteristic features and landmarks of a poor Asian country, while unobtrusively baring numerous isles of modern high tech and western-oriented worldliness.

While Tokyo is a hot mess of layering and here and there craziness, girls in Seoul dress way more casual in a very playful and feminine way. "Casual" in Seoul is definitely different and more simple than "casual" in Tokyo, and Seoul girls are not even close to as trend driven as Tokyo girls are. However, after half a year Tokyo and all its flashiness, Seoul in comparison for me feels very pleasant and appealing in its pretty simpleness right now.

street randomness

As for the shopping, I can say that I love it here. It is way, way better than Hong Kong, where cheap looks cheap and feels cheap, and fashion is not as nice. It is nicer - though more conservative - than Tokyo, because it is certainly not as expensive, especially with the recession slump having hit South Korea the worst in all Asia and the Korean Won being very cheap currently. I cannot take Saigon for comparison, because "fashion" there is still in development.

You can do shopping at several levels of price and "class". Of course, Seoul, too, has Asian-typical Department Stores boasting of luxury and high end. It also has boutiques, catering to the hip crowd, carrying local brands of any couleur and different price ranges. And then there's the Fashion Malls, where "shops" are lined next to each other on about five to six floors in small stalls. They're like neat indoors markets, where you can also haggle, but fitting spaces are rare.

What I will definitely buy more of here is pants and denim, because until now the Korean ones are the best, fitting me perfectly and having just the right leg length, while more than reasonably priced!

There are a whole lot more very, very interesting aspects and facets of Korean culture (eating culture, DVD-rooms, Night Clubs, etc.), which I - due to various reasons - won't touch upon on here (at least not now), even though I think that that's a shame myself, since it doesn't do Seoul or South Korea any justice limiting the view on its fashion and shopping. I hope to dig deeper into Korea since we have another two weeks here, and I am very curious about what else I will find out.

Life's good, life's great.

No Internet.

So we're sitting in a internet cafe right now because that free wlan we milked turned out to be dead now. So no internet in our apartment probably means little posts. Bear with it.

In other news, life's great!!!

Oh wait! I totally forgot to mention that we're in Seoul, South Korea, right now :D God I'm a scatterbrain fo' realz.


Tokyo was shaken by two earthquakes in two days in a row some days ago. While I totally missed out on the first, stronger one (I cannot really say as to why I probably didn't feel a thing), the other woke us up at 5 a.m. while asleep. Though a funny feeling and exciting in a entertaining way, I was also slightly scared of it getting any stronger. Fortunately, not much else came out of it except for one minute of rattling and rocking. While Tokyo is constantly rocked by minor earthquakes you can feel if you lie very, very still in your bed at night, this one was the very first that made the things around me rattle as well.

A typhoon had been predicted, too (or so I read on, but those forecasts were proven wrong. It reminded me of typhoon season soon settling in in Japan, tho.

Fortunate for us, however, today was a wonderful day. We chanced upon the perfect sunny day for a tourist-y stroll through the Ameyoko street market and Ueno Park.

The Ameyoko street market is famous for being the place to go to for all kinds of foreign spices and foods you cannot get your hands on easily elsewhere in Tokyo. And it's probs one of the few places in Tokyo to score some fake designer and label goods. Ueno park is less a park in the sense of lots of grass and greenery to chill and relax in, though famous for its cherry blossoms in spring, but more a place full of greenery that accomodates a handful museums and temples/shrines, one zoo (which is a very depressing place to go to, actually, if you have ever seen others, spacier ones, like the one in Munich, for example, where the animals might not exactly be happy, but at least not depressed - so that's why I refused to go in again today) and also three small, small lakes.

I enjoyed today tremendously and was actually a bit sad to go home, because I don't really like the place bf and I are staying at right now. But we're off to Korea soon, and I really hardly can wait.

Oh summer, I seriously love thee!

Wild Nights

Wow. I wonder what I was dancing. So sore are my muscles. Especially my neck muscles. LOL?!

But fun it was!

It all started out with all of my friends having other plans for the night and the others cancelling on me during the course of the day, except for that one friend. I got a bit crabby, but he's the best anyway and he came with his friend I knew and we four got all loud and obnoxious and it was the wildest night ever. LoL. The word "wild" freaks me out, but there's no other word more appliable.

The trip home was horrors. But there I am.

Fan of denim on denim. Well, for this shirt it always works!

Speaking of horrors, bf kinda made friends with the band The Horrors in the club we've been in. Anyone knows them? They sound good.

Sleepless in Tokyo


After getting drunk at karaoke just the two of us, we fell asleep just to wake up again in the middle of the night and now I can't sleep. Bf's watching his Korean show and I post random stuff on the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, and blog of course.

Ha, and after spending tons of our money in superdupermegahyperuberhighspeed in just two days o_O we decided to stay home until the weekend and just watch Japanese shows for practice to prevent further damage for now lol. I think when I always complained about how quick my money's gone here, my friends and bf at home never understood what's the big deal. But now they know. I WASN'T JOKING.

So here's just pictures from today being all random. The only point in posting this is the bag actually. Having a thing for batik lately. God, but besides the bag everything else is just really really old -_- I'm getting all bored just seeing this myself o_O

But to conclude, there is no city quite like Tokyo.