Arabian Nights


from The Sartorialist

With the crazzzzzzzzzzy heat going on over here Arabian style style is not the worst idea to go for. Probably won't help much, but I find the looks alluring, anyway.

The Yukata

Spontaneously lent a yukata from a dorm mate (was to buy one, then ditched the idea to go plainclothes, just to change my mind) for fireworks, quickly got taught how to wear it, fell asleep to hurriedly scurry with the yukata-dressing before we had to leave the house.

Then an elderly woman in front of the McDonald's we were buying fries at made us aware that I bound my yukata wrong - the way you only do for the dead - and she recommended going to the McDonald's toilet to correct my error. Where another elderly woman working at McDonald's happened to come by and without being asked did all the dressing for me. How NICE! It can be quite a fuss to get it right, u know.. Especially with the obi. Elderly Japanese ladies are so concerned with and sympathetic to yukatas!

Anyway, here's me and the yukata wrapped correctly and beer.
So even though my yukata was all wrinkled from being stored in a bag all year, and I ran around like a dead person at the beginning, wearing yukata was tons of fun! All the other students were taking pictures of us as if we're really cool.

Here's the rest of the gang doing a catwalk.

So I might go out and buy my own for the summer along with some bast flip flops to go with them today. Have nothing else to do today, anyway.

Love the Melon

Base Control cardigan, AA tank, vintage Tsumori Chisato skirt, F21 necklace.

Believe me when I say that the weather is not as mild and moderate as my outfits suggest. To be honest, it's SUPER HOT!


But for some reasons, the Japanese still tend to dress rather warm in 34°C, so I kind of feel stupid when I dress too lightly. I feel like a tourist and insecure about my upper arms..?! Also, it's always better to have some back up with you to throw over when they turn the class rooms' air conditioners under 20°C again.

But anyway, it's summer :D A freaking hot summer!

And I cannot live without ICE. I have a new favorite water ice! It comes in form of water- and honey-melonslices on a stick and what depictures their stones are in fact small chocolate balls :D
black chocolate for the watermelon, white chocolate for the honeymelon :D ain't they genius ?! So original :D

I love photographing Japanese house facades and fronts. They have some really cool architecture here with balconies artfully winding around the facades, and futuristic looking stair cases. Sometimes I stop in the middle of the street just to take a picture of a house.

And a friend of mine is coming to TKY soon. The thought of it leaves me panic-stricken. But lately I have the feeling as if I am going psycho anyway.

At least I own the crowds at Karaoke!

Print Pants

I sense a new WANTED! And this one's a cheap one, too. Get the pyjama party started! Always had a thing for print pyjama (-like) pants. Funny how I never ever realize those of my ideas that are the oldest and most insistent.

Tales from Frederic
// Anywho // SPUR Magazine

Hi New Top!

It's very cute. Although you cannot tell. But that's why I am telling you.

Something for the Japan-rants series: culture clash. While I am an insensitive hard boiled ass telling you I don't want to go if I don't, I don't want to join if I don't, I don't want to eat it if I don't, I realized that I baffle my dear Asian friends a bit too much by being so darn blunt. I think they find it pretty funny most of the time, but I am pretty sure that that way I will provoke some sort of disruption with some sometime.


I took up twittering


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2009/07/10: I screwed up my layout and cannot get back to how it was before o_O

Upper Upper

I am always extra happy about comments by peeps who decide to come out de-lurking and leave a comment (saying extra, cause I am happy about any comment).

Even more so if they have a more than interesting new suggestion for me to look at.

Mentioned suggestion comes perfectly in tune with my current tendencies and re-kindled affinity to men's fashion and blogs.
Upper Upper is a
"hip hop and vintage based fun fashion lover's crew"
from Toronto.

I love their style and their attitude. I was all thrilled and super excited when I laid my eyes upon the first pics and knew right away that I came across a real gem of a blog!

They definitely know what they're doing, which shows in quotes like

"Real men can pull off ladies jacket and make it look as if it's men's."

If girls can pull off boyfriends' wear, boys can pull off girlfriends' wear! Something I tried to convey to any guy who wanted to be taught by me. But for no reason no one ever wanted to believe it.

Conservative, boring German boys, EAT THIS!

"Whatta? You say you don't wanna put on adidas top and Nike sneaks? Then you got no damn right to eat Japanese style pasta, bitch! It's the free styling. Damn it."
Haha! This reminds me of Yui saying
the japanese are generally a bunch of posers where fashion is concerned,
which is often times true and can be a pain. But it can also be a great deal of fun when it becomes clear that it's just a well delivered message to not take ourselves too seriously!

just don't!!!

Because that's the best part about fashion, yo! READ THIS while we're at it! I love it.

So big, big thank you to Megu, who not only came out de-lurking and making my day, but also for this blog so that, as suggested by Megu, I and
"maybe you can see what some Japanese boys are thinking when they put that crazy gear on!"
Yeah! Bring it on!

Eine Abfolge von zusammenhängenden Bildern und Text

I think I am one of the last bloggers in the whole wide world who has not yet posted any of the shoes Jak&Jil so loves to hunt after.

Now I did.

This reminds me of how I wanted to post the following for forever. Because you see, I am quite iffy about hemlines - how the very bottom of the clothing falls on the next "stage", or layer. When I still was wearing jeans on a daily basis, I would choose my jeans and trousers according to how they would sit on my shoes. This made both the choice of trousers and shoes a bit complicated, but obsession is obsession is obsession.

I am still full of admiration for good sitting trousers, and also how they fall on the shoes.

I thought the way the trousers are only tucked in half way is beautiful (I think this was a full body shot by The Sartorialist, but you see, this is all I cared about). I do that too most of the time, because it looks a lot more interesting than just tucking it in fully. Also, the way the trousers' material crumples and sits makes for a very interesting detail.

I usually hate cut off hem-finishings, because it makes the hem too soft and it lacks weight and some sort of resistance to the "fall" of the fabric. This way it works OK, although I would still think that a tuck-in would add more to it!

Actually, I always wondered why nobody ever designed jeans or trousers with sloped bottom hems? Either sideways or front- or backwards. Or did anyone?!

Two pictures I took myself months ago when I just came here. I really love when guys work high-top sneakers, because I am into them a lot, and working around them can be tricky when it comes to how the trousers sit on them. At least that's what I am thinking, because when I still was wearing sneakers I had a hard time doing so. Although I never wear high tops (too stumpy legs!).

I know, you should better keep it a secret if you want to be one of those "in the know", but I adore hipsters, especially the emo-sort of them!
Haha, how can you not? (That's Jack White and Alison Mosshart by the way)


Imma try to take more pictures outside. Seeing the white wall of my room makes me fall asleep. Also, it looks like I wouldn't go out hahaha.

But I am always too shy to ask people to take my pic, and Tokyo is always so full of people I cannot take one real quick myself being all sneaky and stuff without being discovered haha.

And when I use others' pictures I happen to be in it has to turn out like this hahahahaha

6am on a rainy morning. I tried being very creative in hiding my peers' identities. Hahahahahaha ain't I genius! Besides, I am looking choooo-stupid lol

I must laugh all the time in real, too, because while writing this I am chatting with bf sending him silly messages. Yessss, I make myself laugh! hahaha

Oh and by the way have you ever chanced upon Japanese nail art?!
She has it all! Little cartoon characters, cakes and donuts :D She's having her own party on her nails.

Hahaha I must laugh again seeing her nails and checking what else is there. I'm not sure... ice cream?? sandwiches?? hahahahaha


I love what I have in my inspiration folder. I really need to get it sorted and rekindle the picked pics aspect of this blog again.

Mega // Cocorosa // Turned Out // Face Hunter

unknown // Drop Snap // Saga // Geldof & Chung

The most interesting aspect about black&white in photography is probably the wonderful possibilities and at the same time strict limitations of the play of light/shadow that the exclusion of colors imposes on the picture.