Biker Shorts and Lace

I was already playing around with the idea of biker shorts since last late summer, being very attracted by the idea of layering it under frilly dresses and shorts, loving the idea of having another layer peeking out from underneath.

But sometimes I am even too slow for myself.

Now, without any assistance from my side, biker shorts have gotten a make-over and are accordingly celebrating their resurrection from the dead in a very fashionable manner. And I am reminded of how I, for more than half a year, wanted to play around with that one pair made of angora wool my mum actually gave me to prevent short-skirts-in-winter-wearing me from getting cystitis . For the ongoing summer I am absolutely enchanted by the idea of lace biker shorts!

As soon as the Japanese catch up on that trend, I know they will be all over the place here. Until then, how do I get my hands on a pair asap!? I see so many ways I would want to wear it.

Another thing I haven't gotten over just yet is my lust for some over-romantic lace pieces. Preferrably processed to loose tops or a dramatic dress.

(1. Gripp Jeans // 2. Anywho // 3. Alexa Chung // 4. and 6. from some Japanese magazine // 5. Hand it Over)

Haha, btw, biker shorts with some random T-shirt I stole from my daddy's closet was my uniform back in pre-school to primary school. Can someone say instant coolness. Ahh, childhood memories.


UHMMMMM hello!?? Why has no one told me about it?! You wanted to keep it a secret, did you?! What, you did not know about it yourself? Really?!! WHY NOT?! OMG! I mean, this blog is effing superhypermega cool and I just found about it ... five minutes ago!?

Wardrobe stylist from New York DISCOFUNBATH's mix of street style pictures from New York, her own works and Iconoclasts-posts is amazing. I repeat. A-may-zingggg. I really cannot wait for other stuff to come, after I was devouring her archives in super high speed, just to go thru them again with more appreciating eye and sense of enjoyment.

The street pictures' quality have improved majorly over the course of time and by now they can easily compete with The Sartorialist's or Garance Doré's regarding their high inspiration-factor. I must add that I even like DISCOFUNBATH's a tad more since they are very much to my own personal taste.

Inspiration and Iconoclasts include Jesus and the Mary Chains, Kelly Kapowski or Dead Can Walk.

In any case, DISCOFUNBATH is my new favorite!


  • I came to the conclusion (after I wrote this post) that if I had plenty of money, of course I could be stylish, because I would be able to buy whatever the hell I wanted, I would just buy style. The point, however, is to make the best with the means you have, and since I have never been the quality-over-quantity-type, anyway, I am fine with buying cheap, and since I still think that finding something ridiculously cool for ridiculously cheap is one of the best shopping experiences you can have, I guess I do not necessarily have to whine and complain. Furthermore, it is all about keeping your eyes and mind open to work with the average to make it hits!

  • Lamé zipper-leggings by Glad News + some random oversized print T-shirt and jelly sandals I picked up somewhere in the backstreets of Shimokitazawa, photographed with my new camera. I finally am able to navigate my way thru that highly confusing maze of Shimokitazawa's alleys without completely losing orientation - I concentrated really hard to learn! I still get lost in Shibuya on a regular basis, though
  • If we all had to give our style a name right now, what would yours be? I am striving for Neo-Homeless, but right now I am more a Random Crayon-Sketch.

New Camera

Got a new compact digital camera. A good one at that, might I add. Sharp and clear pictures, acceptable noise-level (it loses sharpness in bad lighting, tho.. I mean not only 'cause the objects get blurred), good, vivid colors for a compact.. all in all, it is the perfect substitute/counterpart to my DSLR. I especially love that I ordered it yesterday in the afternoon, and it came today by late noon. I love Japan.


A few of you asked for pictures with the lashes. Close-up-shots are difficult, tho. I do not know how to Photoshop, so I do not know how to cover up my blemishes, and so most of the pictures just fall through. I still look extremely stupid in the second picture. Oh well...


From a party two or three weeks ago. The glasses were the DJ's.

Art of Lashes

Flipping through SPUR's July 2009 issue to find these and become ab-so-lutely enchanted.

I am especially lusting after the "goldglam leaves" (2nd page) and "snow twists" (last page). I will have to think about it twice, though, since you get each for 8,400JPY, which sums up to about 60€/85USD, lol. But I def think about it, or find me some less expensive but just as nice ones (probs more of the latter ^__^). Pimping up eyelashes is just too much fun.

Since you asked for more Japan-rants, and there is a lot to rant about haha, here is another small one. I went to the cinema some time ago, first time in Japan, and was overly confused when the credits at the end began scrolling down and... people would just stay still in their seats and watch them scrolling down. I thought, okay, that's nice, and kinda polite to the dudes who made the movie, uh-huh - not like we rude Europeans who would instantly leave the cinema as soon as the credits appear. But when we finally got out and my Taiwanese friend told me how confused she was at the end when nobody moved until the credits were done scrolling, I knew it's not me. It's them!

Do you stay for the credits?

On Top

My style has become so terribly pointless. I do not even have any excuse - like 「it's too hot to think of any better」, or 「life's too much stress right now」, or 「I'm out of inspiration」. None.

I have been thinking about buying cheap vs. buying labels and designers a lot lately. I have been in a slump ever since, because my >>standards<< have somewhat risen exponentially to the amount of money I actually have. Le sigh.

I am sick of buying disposable and easily replacable basics. Think of it, we are buying the same things, the same forms and fabrics over and over again, like that cotton T-shirt in blue, iridescent yellow or tie-dye turquoise with sequins. Or that slip-on polyester dress in black, or acid-wash green with drawstrings, or a boat-neck instead of a V-neck. We get insulted when our friends observe that we do have that same dress already, to which we would say "no, look, the cut/color/hem/detail/[insert your own feature] is comple-te-ly different"! We layer cotton over polyester-blend over cotton/rayon.

Okay, maybe it's less "we", more particularly "I". Because from here on I don't want to waste money, time, space, nor effort for useless stuff anymore. My style should begin with the shopping. I want to shop for things that make me stylish, not things that I have to twist and turn to make stylish by amassing things to complement it, which in turn need other things to complement them satisfactorily, and so on (this applies mostly to clothes, less accessories). You could also say, I got lazy and want things to match that lifestyle. Harr.

End of story.

P.S.: Did someone get my point??? If so, please say "here"!

P.P.S.: That's not my laundry hanging around there in the pics! What would the girl say if she knew...

Little Stuff

I lurvv my webcam. SO convenient!!!

Got some normal sunnies/Kanye West kinda lamella glasses hybrids (in red, it's hard to tell by seeing the pics). I liked how goofy they looked and for 500Y or something they were cheap enough to get them just for kicks. I decided they are perfect for the club. I wear my sunglasses at night.

Lately, I really like pimping up my hair hardcore with gallons of hairspray. Just my normal anti-overreaction to my otherwise naturally flat, straight, zero point zero zero voluminous hair. Which is also why I kept getting permanent wave after permanent wave for years.

I also resorted to a cure to my other natural beauty deficit, which is my typically Asian short, straight, meager eye lashes!!! F*** them!

I now pimp them up real good. I somehow also like just to apply them, which is easier and quicker than most expect. I got three cheap 5er packs of lashes in "Donki", how we so affectionately call the "Don Quixote", that trashy you-can-get-everything-in-here-and-when-I-say-everything-I-mean-everything chain store over here. I got some natural looking ones, too (o_O) which eventually does not even make sense to me because when I accessorize it is for everyone to see! May tacky-ness prevail forever. I should really get some with glitzy glitz bling bling on, too. Just because.

I also thought I should start telling a bit about life here. Not exactly my life, so I will just rant about Japan and the Japanese. Because they can be so darn hilarious. They have people in uniforms with big glow sticks waving your way past construction sites or garages or anything that could be very dangerous to pass by without proper guidance! Yes, they are there, and they would be waving at anyone who happens to pass by and that is all they do all day. Provided anyone passes by at all. It must be the most boring job in the world. I would think that signposts with well visible arrows showing you the right way, or blinking lights evoking your attention could suffice. But I guess that's how they create jobs.

Oh and pllluhhh-eeeeze