Thank You!

Seriously, I had concerns about posting the "Hitler"-post at first, but your reactions could not have been more stunning in the most positive way possible. Everybody who commented contributed such amazing insightful, very thoughtful, and to me new but fascinating viewpoints on the issues regarding 2nd WW, and how important it is to handle the issue appropriately. Besides the few main actors of the war, so many other countries have also been heavily affected in different ways. It was really fascinating to finally learn how they handle that. Thank you!

I recommend everyone to read through the comments on the post, because I think there are very important points that had been made! And feel free, to make your own!

Complex Variables

I'm giggling in joy right now. Bf and I have set up a blog together. I have always wanted to make a blog with a friend or even better my bf!

Okay, so this one will be a music blog. Since bf and me have always been exchanging playlists or recommendations from time to time for as long as I can think, even before we got together, I thought it would be fun to make them public, so anyone interested can get a piece of the cake. Also, I just love music, and it is fun to discuss it.

But ok, now go to


I just woke up and was randomly browsing the web to find this: ---

It's from a very hip Japanese Goth-fashion brand and is just new in. And just in time, because Hitler is my big topic at the moment.

I am studying Politics in Tokyo, and quite naturally the lessons often touch upon Germany, because most classical political theories and a whole deal of political history plainly come from or have taken place in Europe. Of course, the Holocaust has been brought up a couple of times as well. Very particularly in one seminar, where the main point is to discuss things with one another (not a very strong trait in Japanese universities, though), I have encountered opinions that extremely upset me.

First of all, some young Japanese males find Hitler good. I use "good", but it is probably "cool", or "admirable". I will not even get into why they like him, because for me, it does not matter.

He can be held responsible for the Holocaust, which should suffice as argument as to why it is wrong to find Hitler "good".

Fact also is, opposed to what half of the world thinks, he was not even as genius as half-baked knowledge might make one think he was. He clearly lacked political competence and a sense of reality, which in turn was covered up by his great rhetorics and a good amount of demagogy, which then again gave the impression that he was a great leader (which he was not, because he even drove his own people to the bitter end through a war which at one point they were clear to lose). He was not even the lone power within the regime.

However, this is probably something only someone who really grappled with the subject knows, and that is what most Germans do (and I hope they continue to do in the best way possible). After 2nd World War, Germany has undergone a warysome process of guiltiness and atonement. They had to accept the fact that all were to some extent guilty and responsible, and until today, Germans all around the world (me included) have to face little trials for what happened. But we take it, and accept it, because it is a part of German history, and Germany knows it had done wrong. The German school system therefore teaches very clearly and realistic about what had happened in Nazi-Deutschland, and does not leave the horrid parts out, so that we understand. You can blame Germany for many things, but not for not grappling appropriately with the topic.

I was not even upset because Japanese might like Hitler, because I know some just do not know better. I was upset because Germany had to stand a little trial again, but held by people of a nation that has its own history of war and warcrimes not yet sorted out sufficiently. It hurt to hear the accusals, the arguments clearly warped the facts and the resulting responsibilities completely. Taking the blame from someone who was just as much guilty as oneself is hard to swallow. To be clear, the Japanese today are as little guilty for what happened as the Germans today are. But I wish these kinds of things would be handled differently here, that would make it much easier for me. Intellectually, as well as emotionally. However, I guess the person I really have to talk to is my lecturer. So I will do.

I thank the T-shirt above to make this topic at least a little fashion-related. Just to make myself clear, I think wearing Che Guevara or Fidel Castro T-shirts without the appropriate political and historical knowledge is equally wrong. We should make statements, but we also should know what we are talking about.


I thought I share some of the pictures I sneakily captured today.

I really love the bad high school girl gang vibe going on. Moreover, I totally adore when Asians go white/platin blonde. I always did. I guess the only hair color I would ever go for, if I was to change it, is peroxide blonde.

How can the thought of peroxide blonde Daul Kim or this girl shot years ago by The Sartorialist not blow you off your feet!?

Actually, after I photographed the girl with the super long blonde hair above, I saw another girl with a heavy middle-length bob and heavy bangs in a pink-ish blonde, which looked just as cool, though a bit like a wig. Which makes me think I should get a blonde wig sometime.

And another confession. I once really seriously considered getting dread locks. My mum had already asked some of her African friends if they can do it for me. However, I chickened out last minute. I guess the most drastic thing I ever did with my hair was shaving one side off. Anyway, on to my picture.

I actually really liked this woman's style. Kinda ethno-hippy and sloppy, but somehow special. However, at first I thought her dread locks grow out weirdly. Kind of normal at the roots, but in dreads half way. Upon closer look I noticed that simply her top hair is not dreaded, but only the underhair, which made it look that way. Dread locks have become so rare! I have not seen many in Tokyo, but come to think of it, people with dreads got less in Germany, too.

Democratized Dreams

When online show-off-platforms for the everyday stylista, like and, sprung up like mushrooms and moved a great wave of girls to participate in the fair and join in with their outfits alongside the in parallel further growing blog-community, people spoke of the democratization of fashion.


I have stopped reading fashion blogs for an indefinite time now. I have always been aware of their side effects, but now I decided to act once and for all. Something has to change! With their ability to inspire me, connect, and keeping me up to date, they are also jointly responsible for my never ceasing, insatiable shopping lust. Since blogs can not only be a medium to express and spread ideas and creativity, but also to list up all those wishes and wants one has (with detailed descriptions, selling points, and a link to a respective online shop), these wishes end up becoming one more of the blog's reader's (me!) wishes as well. It is a never ending circle. Democratization of fashion ends up meaning democratization of our desires.

I, as blogger myself, try to avoid wishlists on my blog, but as being on the receiver-side, too, I cannot help but taking it in. Some people can withstand getting sucked right in. But I can't. I think from here on it makes more sense to start to think about what I can really achieve with the things I so wish, even more with the things I have, than amassing tons of wants.

I might sound a bit drastic, but fact is, I have put my google-reader and its 400+ blogs I subscribed to aside for a while. I do check a couple of my faves from time to time, though. Not like I chose the life of a hermit.


A few weeks ago Michael from Whooga Australia came up to me and offered me a pair of UGG-boots.

YEAH man!

Gosh! Okay, now you have to know, I am one of those people, who love UGG-boots. I mean, you either hate, or you love them. For some reason I am one who always wanted a pair! It's just that way, I cannot help it and I do not even apologize! I guess they are on the same level as Abercrombie&Fitch, or Paris Hilton. Popular, but style suicide. However, I simply love the idea of a slim silhouette topped off by a chunky pair of boots.

Why say no!?

Whooga could not have sent me a better pair, this particular shade of brown is the nicest I have ever seen (I told Michael I am fine with any color, except pink and purple, I mean I love UGGs, but in baby girls' colors?). I am dead serious! It is just hard to sell me on the color brown. They are genuine Merino sheepskin leather (ohh, the smell of them is intoxicating!), and lined with the most cosy wool. Walking in them is like walking in cotton balls.

Unfortunately, it is slowly getting unbearably hot and humid right here, while in Australia winter has taken over. I wore these out today, but had no other choice but to change later on. What babes they are, though! Winter will be fun in these.

Oh, and project Neo-Homeless is starting off well. You cannot be any more dingy despite daily showers than with lots of sticky hair spray in your hair and greasy skin. The high air humidity is already f**g with me.


Yui inspired me to give myself a motto for a new round of the fashion-shopping circus I will dedicate myself to. And just a few days ago we had a conversation in which I blubbed about how I want to look less polished and calculated, but much more fucked up. Always wanted to!

So for me, my summer style will be all about sloppy fitting clothing, more flow, long skirts, warped proportions, eccentric mish-mash and dingy flaws.

Since I have to give it some name, too, and it will be fun to have something concrete to try to follow thru, my motto for summer therefore will be Neo-Homeless.

Summmm ideas..

Lykke Li // Am LuL // from Stil in Berlin

unknown // yes yes

It is supposed to be a still loose concept, flexible enough to add or drop whatever element I think fit. The modern grunge-style, so perfectly impersonated by MK Olsen for an instance, has often been denounced as homeless-style. I know, in my last post I indirectly distanced myself from that grunge-hype. However, with my idea of neo-homeless I want to involve lots more colors (vs. all black), shabby footwear (vs. fierce high heels) and a well measured amount of femininity (vs. tomboyish-ness) while keeping the androgyny (what else could I boobs-less girl do hahaha). Plus a lot of hair spray.

Did I tell you that I am a real emo at heart!?

By pure chance, I came across my idea of a perfect outfit for my new style-scheme on Dropsnap just yesterday. That washed out, loose sweater, the colors and proportions totally sold me on this. Her hair is wicked, too. Let's bundle up for summer!!!
Haha, I am a bit amused about myself for coming up with "neo-homeless".

My Music can explain me better.


I am surely not very quick with catching up on trends, but I am also not very keen on it anyway. I guess I like to take my time to digest what has been offered hot to find out if I really want to make this particular trend mine and part of my style. Often I don't. It would have been very easy to indulge in cut off jeans, white tanks and fierce heels, and haha, studs! to start it off, but I am just not that cool.

For me, things do not have to be trendy or in. Actually, I tend to prefer walking the opposite direction and wear things that are particularly not trendy. Find things that are underrated, rather than overrated.

Feathers have lurked somewhere, were talked about just enough to mark them as "kinda trend", but less in your face. I had taken a fancy to them the first time they appeared. I love these feathers' soft texture and form, as well as the enigmatic brown shades - all of which blend so well with the structure of my own hair and hair color. With all the softness and earthy feel I find feathers the perfect counterbalance to all the studs and black fierceness going on.

Haha, but I talk like I was some invincible heroine immune against all the evil trends menacing public peace and order. Of course I am not. Only, I am not that trendy after all. Here is my personal kryptonite currently hovering above my head (in no particular order):
  1. transparence (as in sheer dresses, see-through T-shirts, clear plastic and blunt honesty)
  2. smoking (ya, the carcinogen one)
  3. letting go of materialism
  4. the whimsical (as in feathers, delicate pendant chain-necklaces, powdery colorings)
  5. pulling all nighters with nothing in particular to do and for no obvious reason
  6. acid wash! on everything

My Style Diary

I wonder what has happened to all the girls that used to post on My Style Diary. My Style Diary seems to have lost most of its users in general, probably due to the rise of many more fashion communities ( or Chictopia for an instance) and because maybe some have started their own blog? Well, the abandoned Style Diaries would not tell anything about their users' whereabouts, which I find truly sad. Though My Style Diary technically allows little opportunities and interaction, there were some greatly stylish ladies that regularly posted their stuff on there. It has always been a pleasure to peruse all those diaries.

For the dismissal of one Style Diary in particular I am especially sad. Since the last picture seems to have been uploaded on May, 22th, I guess Australia based juicygal abandoned her Diary about a year ago already. She left no note whether or not she is continuing some sort of a Style Diary elsewhere, but I wish she did!

She has always had the boldest colors, prints and items and mixed them together so perfectly well. She never posted very often, but I was happy about any picture she would provide. Alone the horse-bag or acid-wash frilly bloomers make me all silly and drooling!

We should really consider an action plan to get the old My Style Diarists to get back to us! How could we ever let them go!? Really, I consider My Style Diary as an essential part of fashion-blogger-history. I truly think that My Style Diary has been where it all began. I started posting outfits there (still do), until I switched to my own blog, and also, it was there where I "met" Fops&Dandies or Dreamecho for the first time, for instance. I think fashion bloggers have been getting younger and younger lately, probably most do not even know about My Style Diary anymore, but why not take a look.

The T-Shirt

Yes, I am still among the living. Yes, I still shop a lot, too much for my own sake. Yes, I still put all my heart and effort into that vain, but pleasurable process of dressing up. Butttt - and here is the but that makes this blog quantitatively suffer from a lack of personal-outfit-posts (after all my favorite kind of posts) - I am just plain lazy. I am high on this city just as much as I get majorly drained out by it at the same time. To put it differently, when I am not shopping, eating and drinking, partying, enjoying and living this city - ah yes! and go to Uni - I sleep. Like, 12h+. Sometimes I could just run and run and run around this city, sometimes I just enjoy the little things that come with being here.

However, as you can thereby see, I am doing exceptionally fine! And I even got some outfit shots together. Strictly speaking, the following are not even outfit-pictures. It is just about this new T-shirt I got at Zara today. Yes, Zara...

After two months of unfiltered exposure to the full power of Japanese hipster style, for some reason I am feeling slightly drawn back to the simplicity and kind of understated elegance and straight-forwardness of European/American labels for a balance. So much as to why I ended up in Zara today after strolling around Shibuya for several hours.

Aaaanyway. So this T-shirt. I am not exactly sure why I eventually bought it. I guess I was drawn to the slightly acid-stone-wash-fade-out effect. Also, I wanted a tacky crop top, that bares a teensy tinsy bit of the midriff. Butttt - and here is a but again - you cannot even tell the acid-wash-effect in the pictures, so I doubt it has a great effect anyway. And it is not even exactly cropped, just, well, slightly shorter than your usual T-shirt. Maybe because I took an M-size, because there were no S-sizes left. So why did I take it then?!

No idea, but I like it anyway.

Raguel pink anchor-penchant necklace - Pageboy drop crotch drawstring waist linen baggy pants

COS gray tank - H&M black skinnies

Lowry's Farm light denim skirt w/ pockets

old cut-offs

I hope to get some outfit shots together soon. But do not rely on me.