But I Love Julia Frakes' Style

Fashionblogs were once created and put up to celebrate the difference. Bloggers would love the alien, new way of mix-and-matching, inspire one another in terms of doing and wearing things much differently than all the others around them do.

Now, too many fashionblogs seem to repeat themselves, hold up the same trends and styles the other three before them did. They celebrate the very same "fashion icons" over and over again and the uniform kind of "Coolness" is perpetuated by bloggers who mainly follow the stream. And those who wear the "cool uniform" the best are celebrated accordingly, indicating that cool is not unique. Not anymore. Unique was but just a trend and we all followed. The styles are becoming stale and average. All the more so, the more blogger blog the same all over. It is not uniqueness, that is celebrated now, it is uniform beauty.

But that is why I love Julia Frakes' style all the more.

It is the kind of whimsical I am looking for in fashion.

If I see yet another blogger studding everything he/she can find and haltlessly posting about it - I don't know... I guess... that will be too much!?

On Cobrasnake

Ooh, I am on Cobrasnake (somewhere here). I do not even frequent the site, but it was funny shaking hands with Mark and also Steve Aoki anyway! I should have been more communicative, though! D'uh! I do not know what's crazier, though, the city Tokyo, or simply my friend, who dragged me up to Steve Aoki, insisting on talking to him. But, yeah, he's darn cute I do admit! I totally adored his outfit. And the party was crazycrazycrazy goooood (both parties we've been to SO were!)!!! Too sad we left so early.

And oh! I love the Japanese! I stupidly lost my cell in one of the club's toilet the same night. In Germany that probably would have been a closed case then - someone would have picked it up and kept the fanciness that is my lime green clam shell. Not here!!! Someone picked it up and deposited in the club's office! HOW EXTREMELY NICE!!!

The Sitting Image

Seeing these pictures pretty much up close, I might reconsider wearing make-up on a daily basis -_- My skin's a bit greasy, no? To be fair, though, it is not like I treat my skin very well. Bf was shocked to find out that my beauty routine is common hand soap as facial wash, but sometimes I skip even that. And yes, I go to sleep with my eyeliner still neatly drawn on my eyelids haha.

So although I am pretty much of a beauty-and-care-idiot, I know one important thing for sure: a good haircut is most, I emphasize MOST, essential. It frames your face and makes or breaks your looks, because it can either emphasize your best structural facial features and complement your style, or just be a unbearable mat on your head. I have been dreading with my uncut hair for weeks, feeling all distressed with how it looks and how I looked with it, until finally, finally I got a much needed hair cut yesterday. Not too special, I would have thought it to turn out more drastic, but now I think it is lovely the way it is. Especially considering me in the salon explaining how I want it to be in the most crappy Japanese. Haha, it suffices to know "back" and "front", "long" and "short", "here" and "volume" to make any hair dresser understand, I guess.


What I have heard about Japanese summer makes me already shudder in terror. I cannot cope with heat at all, even less when it is this humid sort of heat that makes you sweat all over and your clothes cling on your damp body >.< Accckkkkkkkkk, that feeling of sweat - the horrors!

Anyway, today was fairly warm, something around 23 - 25°C, and I was already struggling. So not cool. Literally.

However, now I can tell you that these Melissa wedge-sole T-strap pumps
a) indeed smell like bubblegum which I find a nice self-ironic touch to rubber-/plastic-shoes,
b) may not be the most comfortable pumps I ever walked in, but definitely comfortable enough to run around in them all day, and
c) are love!

Not too long ago, I suddenly felt like I urgently needed a vivid red long cardigan. And when I stumbled upon this T-shirt-dress in green and red, I somehow thought red was just the right thing to go for. This is rather interesting, because up until now I have always been very, very careful and hesitant with red. Now it feels so very right!

The T-shirt-dress has little button-holes at the hem and buttons on the inside of the shirt, so you can button the hem up to create some sort of bubble-hem, or like me, drape it a bit to give it a more interesting silhouette and volume.

Had also been on the hunt for those cool wide-wide-leg pants I have seen in Japanese magazines galore. At the same time, I am also strongly attracted to loose fitting sweat-pants. Somehow, these pants combine several features of both kind of pants with their wide cut, moderate drop crotch and the drawstring-waist like of sweat-pants, and the cotton, a bit linen-y material.


I had been looking for some epic geek-glasses the whole time I have been here. I knew that, if anywhere, I definitely would find the perfect ones for me here in Japan. But I did not really for a while. Today I came across two. Which I looted obviously.

The pictures are terrible for several of reasons, obviously. I just thought I want to show you at least one of my buys and figured these glasses would be the easiest to photograph, because I can just sit in my pyjamas and use the webcam to show them off. Haha, I love my pyjamas!

Anyway, the first are yellow - apparently - and I bought a matching wristband with it, hahahaha, so tacky! The second ones are really nice with thick frames being tinted and two-toned. Cannot wait to wear them.

I am very bad with outfit shots lately. Although that really is what I want to do.

Fake Eyelashes

I wonder why - when the Victor&Rolf collab with Shu Uemura unleashed a teensy tinsy hype with fake eyelashes among the blogosphere in 2008 - him, that is Alex, did not come to mind to anyone of us. Alex, from A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick, you know.Him being dressed in the height of fashion of his days. Come on! The idea with the single fake-lashed eye is obviously crazy good!

As is Anthony Burgess' written work of the story that I am reading right now. Which came before the movie, just so you know. Because some don't.

Made Jewelry

Shame on me!

I had received an e-mail from the most charming ladies at Made Jewelry - like - a month ago, but with all my Tokyo-buzz I wasn't really able to appreciate what they sent me - a notification that they've created a necklace for their Laced-collection inspired by my blog:
And an extraordinarily beautiful one at that. I love the mix of chainlinks and stones in between.

You should look up their catalogue, because I find the other pieces just as charming and intriguing! To have a piece of jewelry dedicated to my name in the lines of Susie Bubble or Zana is just another great honor adding to the fact of having a necklace created for me itself.

And might I add: THANK YOU!
Edit: I am extremely sorry for being such a dummy. I didn't realize that none of you could see the pictures of these. So here, these are the pieces I was blah-ing about ^^