Long Skirts

Surprisingly, I find skirts ending under the knee more appealing than anything above. And more comfortable, too. I have left my one maxi-dress at home. However, I will take my time to look for an even better one in a better, floating material, and preferably I will be looking for a floor-length skirt while I am at it. Cannot wait to have my perfect one. In the meantime I let these pictures keep my spirit up.

the first two both from Lookbook.nu // third picture from Foto Decadent

Emma Pei // from a Japanese mag // Camille from Childhood Flames

The Shoes

Of my buys, these are my most recent: Vinyl T-strap wedge-sole pumps in light gray by Melissa.

I am especially delighted! Not only do I love wedge-soles, but I finally got some T-straps, too. Oh, and they're shiny!

I first found them in the April-09-issue of So-En and was completely enchanted.
So shiny, so sculptural and yet so simple in their form. I just had to have them!

So what I did was googling them, trying to find out where to get them. I came to only one source, but had to wait until I had the chance to take a look. However, I was strolling through Lumine Est (did I mention it in my Tokyo-guide? Anyway, it's superb! And in Shinjuku) to kill some time yesterday and found them by pure accident. I took one night to reconsider, but in the end I just couldn't do without.

Well, that's the good thing about Japanese magazines. They're like little catalogues from which you can choose what you wish and easily track down what you want. And they feature affordable things most of the time, too.


I feel like slowly getting a life here. At least I stocked up on a few essential bric-a-brac over the last two weeks which I feel like sharing because they are simply too adorable and chic to not to.

First of all, I got myself a cell phone - at last! Oh my, getting it was a real odyssey full of hardships. But I did get what I wanted in the end, which was a chic clamshell in a not-so-ordinary color.

I had the hardest time deciding between the blue and the green. You can take a look at the other options here, but honestly, neither the company's nor my own pictures really do the cell's color justice. Must be because I had to resort to my notebook's webcam for the few I took of it. Only my DSLR's picture in the middle comes the closest.

I also got myself a bike - which I love to ride because it's simply so comfortable and easy going.

And also, I finally have a wallet again! My loose cash, banknotes and cards were ALL over the place before - which was such a fuss. Finally, finally I have them in one place. I love my key holder, which basically was a cell phone pendant I remodeled. Oh yes, and I forgot my compact powder make-up at home which I usually resort to when liquid make-up is too much of a fuss. I got the same by Maquillage by Shiseido again, but this time in the cutest, princess-y diamond case. It's just too cute.

I have not been really sure if I am very happy about being here. I am so far away from bf after all, and therefore the prospect of staying a whole year makes me terribly homesick at times - the first time since I was 6 or so.

However, this weekend had been so extremely fun! One of my best friends is here right now, and we had a blast. Doing all the things you do in Tokyo - shopping, Karaoke, Purikura, eating, drinking, hanging out. I have met and made new, intensely cool friends, which I am seriously excited about! I had good talks, good laughs and simply a good time.

On the other hand, my dormitory is really nice and I love it here, but being tied to a curfew and having to ask a person in charge for permission if I want to sleep at a friend's house or it's getting real, real late is a millions steps back from what I am used to. Which is living on my own and not being responsible to anyone.

Well, I have to wait and see how everything works out. I am not a negative person at all, it only didn't feel so perfect either. I really don't know how all will be as soon as I really have a steady everyday life.

Obsessed with Excess

Obsessed with excessive layering. Key pieces involved: wide, tapered, rolled up pants. Constructed and unconventionally cut jackets and skirts. Ruffled and draped dresses. An abundance of accessories and embellishments at just the right places.

I love Sô-En (荘園), because in this regard they are the No.1 inspiration.

From several current and older issues:


Missoni // Daisy Lowe // Fruits in Japan

Haste Ye Back!

I've bought myself a rucksack.

I considered wearing a rucksack unimaginable until just very recently. Actually, after I've seen Lulu and Your Mom, Yui from A Slowboat to Mediocrity, several spreads in a number of Japanese mags, and after I wore a rucksack instead of a handbag for the flight, I completely turned 180° and am now pro rucksack.

The white/black contrast and shiny material completely sold me on this one.

Although I must confess that it has a bit of this feel of my youth to it when these Eastpak-backpacks were all the rage with us kids. I still can remember how they were 35DM and how that amount was the world to us.

Settled In

It took me some time, but I think I am now settled in well enough. At least, I am enjoying myself finally and have even already made a few friends. What's better, this weekend one of my best friends from home, at the moment staying in Sapporo in the north of Japan, is coming to visit. Oh yes!! This will be such a good time! Cannot wait!

Anyway, I haven't told you yet, but I have still some other good news. I was offered to write a little column in an E-Paper, Whizkid (formerly known as FOCUS Campus, you can download it here, German only, though - sorryyyy!). It will be about how life in Japan is like and how I am doing. I am pretty excited about it, and am collecting a lot of ideas to write about. After I have been announced in the current issue, tomorrow or Friday morning my first article will be up with a lot of pictures.

After I blah-blah'd about double breasted blazers, of course, the first thing I got was this pretty fancy one. It has a slouchy feel to it and a really good cut. The plus are the golden buttons.

So anyway, I was a little bit shopping after uni. In 109 in Shibuya to be exact. Not really a place I usually shop in, but I was lucky. They of course do have things suiting my taste.
Pictures by me.

Thursday, 5th of March
I've arrived safe and sound after an all in all 20h journey. My dormitory and room are both way better than suspected.

Friday, 6th of March
Terribly jet-lagged. Stayed awake for the whole night. In the day, I had to run errands and do paperworks for public authorities in the pouring rain. I was completely soaked and stayed home for the rest of the day.

Saturday, 7th of March
Had really been looking forward to this because I had a date for shopping with a friend from Germany. Unfortunately, everything wasn't going so great like I had wished, as I, again, hadn't been able to sleep the night before.

Sunday, 8th of March
I took the whole day off to do my own thing and check out my neighborhood before uni starts tomorrow. Did groceries shopping, which I always like and calms me wherever I am.

Anyway, as you can see, I still need some time to really settle. I at first had expected it to be fantastically special, but it's also okay that it's not. I always knew Tokyo only from vacations and trips, so I rarely got in touch with what it's like to simply be and live here, especially in the more suburban areas around the city centers. I guess it will by the by become more exciting, though. Uni hasn't even started yet. The only surprising thing is, even for me, that I am not as thrilled as I expected myself to be. My general attitude right now is more of a very calm and even-tempered nature.

Thanks for all your well-wishes, though! I very much appreciate it.

Pictures from Tokyo by Dropsnap

Don't know when I will get back into regular blogging again. I need some time.



I'm getting SO nervous! Tomorrow's the day of departure! I haven't even really packed yet. What to take? What to leave? How to bear the farewell!?