Ways to Wear Your Scarf

The whole concept and design of scarves is a so simple one. Basically, any piece of fabric long enough would do. The million ways possible to wear a scarf are thus all the more exciting. I have always wanted to do a post about its possibilities. The following is but a try at documenting all that can be done.

Current trend: Untied and with loose ends hanging down on both sides of an open jacket/coat.

Oui, Je Suis // Style from Tokyo // Style Sightings // Christina D. from Lookbook.nu

I personally also like my scarf tied around my neck tightly with no loose ends at all, or only one loose end hanging all the way down (for my very long (2m) scarves). I do not like tassels very much, sometimes I cut them off because they annoy me.

Vanilla Scented // Seoul Street Fashion // The Sartorialist // Punky B. // MadMoizelle

The last two pictures show the AA circle scarf also apt for another million ways to vary the possibilites of wearing a simple cloth.

MadMoizelle // Style and the City // Emma's Corner // Bianca V. from Lookbook.nu // D from Monsieur, You're Chic

Also see AmLul.

Double Breasted

I have the feeling as if Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection with contribution from Erin Wasson has influenced a whole one or two years in fashion (as far as I can see right now). At least I always see bits and pieces of "grunge" (holes, ripped, raw materials) and influences of the "yuppie"-style of the 80ies in oversized boys-blazers repeating on the streets.

One such trend-item somehow reminding me of the aforementioned would be variations of the double-breasted blazer. Which for me personally is one of my most favorite trends currently. I am very much in love with the boxy shape of a double breasted blazer and a long lapel collar. The shape of a double breasted jacket has also taken over in cardigan styles, like this, or some of the men's styles below. Anyway, when I wanted an oversized boyfriend blazer, I definitely had a double breasted in mind (and thus came out with this).

I Have to Leave You at Home

Exactly two weeks left.

I am a bit at odds about what clothes I am supposed to pack and take with me for Tokyo?! I know from my own personal experience that it is always better to come to Tokyo with as little as possible because I usually stock up on everything anew. So except for the first few days I never really had the need to bring clothes. But now I would like to be able to. I have so many clothes back here! I must admit I have so many I have barely ever been able to wear them all, and never as often as I really should. And you know, I really, really like my clothes. Combing through my own closet makes me realize how many gems I have in there. I am really sad to leave them at home, though only temporary. All the outfits popping up in my mind when I only think of them... All that is in my closet are the fruits of countless shopping tours from Munich to London, from Tokyo to Hong Kong, from New York to Las Vegas, from Paris to Saigon... Will there ever be a time when all my clothes will have got the attention they deserve each?!

Well, at least I want to try! In the following 14 days left I will revive as many clothes as I can and wear them out just to do them their well-deserved justice. That's how love rolls, no? There is only bf I will miss more.

The Outfit:
The purple top-dress is from my very first visit to Tokyo. The gray dress underneath and the boots are from my second visit to Tokyo. The cardigan is by Zara.
A couple of readers had requested a little shopping guide to Tokyo a while ago for whenever I had the chance to compile one. It also has been a while since I mentioned big news I have yet to announce. Well, now is the time for both, I guess!

So first comes first. I have uploaded a short, personal and completely informal guide to my favorite shopping sites in Tokyo as .pdf-file to Mediafire, a free and safe upload-download-service, for all those who are interested. I am sorry if it is not too comprehensive, but for comprehensive listings of the best shopping areas any other tour guide will do, or definitely check out the links I have provided in the introductory text. Also, the places listed in my document really are my favorites and I would recommend them to you anytime.

I have not been to Tokyo for longer than a month, so I have not yet discovered any real insider tips or secret hidden gems for me to share with you, but I definitely want to do so sometime soon (both discovering and sharing). And I guess I will be having plenty of time to do so sometime soon, too. Which leads us to my big news.

I will be living in Tokyo for a year from the beginning of March on!

I do not know if the excitement and anxieties behind this fact are well and appropriately received by those of you who read this. But yeah, my excitement, anxiety and fear have all grown exponentially the last couple of days since it is not all to long until March anymore. I have got the OKAY from my uni in Tokyo since the end of December of last year, booked the ticket in January, and begun preparations one or two weeks ago. I am being torn between anxiety and anticipation, am both angst-ridden and exhilarated. I google-mapped the whole area around my dormitory and my University, tried to find out how bad or how good I will have it in my dormitory, and tried to figure out how to get hold of a bicycle for cheap. In short, I am mighty excited!

I will keep you updated.


Happy V-Day!

Showing off my V-Day present. It's a Svarowski-*bling-bling*, and I am really so excited about it! See, in my last post I said I do not wear any jewelry, but well, from today on I do! I always loved Svarowski-crystals and the way they sparkle in all colors of the rainbow and how I envied my mom for hers when I was little. And now I have my very own! It's huge, the only way I like all my accessories to be - nice and chunky! It really sparkles and shines and I love how it does so in combination with a neat nail polish to match.

So right now I am waiting for bf finishing my other present, an Apfelstreuselkuchen - my most favorite kind of cake of all times! It goes something like this (German only, though. Sorry!).

You Don't Know My Name

About the outfit:
I am really late with this, but I finally got this legendary American Apparel Circle Scarf everyone is talking about and everybody is wearing. The person that convinced me the most of that I need it is D from Monsieur, You're Chic!, whose ideas and creations involving the circle scarf look all so amazing! I have been saving some of his ideas for myself for later, and thought of a few of my own, which I hope to document sometime. For starters, I have worn my own scarf as bandage-mini (as seen above) some midnights ago, a look I am very fond of. As it had been pretty late in the evening already, the pics are all grainy and of bad quality. Which is a shame because the bandage skirt looks really, really nice up close!

Old Lady Speaking

I have been having serious thoughts about changing my inherent wasteful shopping behavior lately. I am not one who usually splurges on things. Rather, my parents have never insisted on good quality, but usually chose the cheap things over those which promised higher quality but for a higher price (my dad a lot more than my mom, though, who does tend to look for quality). Sometimes it can work out well for you, other times it does not. At least in terms of clothing I have never really been insistent on quality either, and it worked well for me. I preferred being able to amass as much fashion-y, but useless items as possible, more than looking for better quality and reputation. However, although quality has never been too much of a concern to me with most pieces, the difference between cheap retail and high end designs for me lies in the better cuts and concepts more sophisticated brands offer. Furthermore, although I am not insistent on quality, the choice of materials does add a lot more to the good feeling of an item. To make a long story short, though, I am considering switching from cheap retail to deliberately spending possibly more for one single item that really gets to me. Taking into consideration the point of view mostly congruent with what is said in this inspiring post.

So you tell me: What do you take into consideration for shopping clothes? Have you always been looking for quality, or rather the most fashionable thing that is "it" right now? If you tried both, with which have you fared slightly better?

About the oufit:
I have really been looking for a tank-top like this gray one for quite a while. Yesterday I found this one in COS and I love it! It is perfect for layering and instantly a number of outfit-ideas involving it popped up in my head when I picked it up. I have put on a black tiered dress by H&M underneath, and added this old, old brown cardigan by ZARA, as well as the eggplant colored tights from last post again. I think I have the necklace from Tokyo.


My uni semester is practically over. I have done (almost) everything that was due. For the first days of my holidays I guess I can relax. But! only for a little bit. There is still lots to do and to complete for the remaining month. I am nevertheless glad, naturally, since holidays mean a lot of spare time and sufficient time to chill. And that is what I will.

Inspired by bf, who had the idea, I have added a new feature to my side-bar to the right hand side, titled "Things That Inspire Me Right Now" - which is probably self-explanatory. Right now, there is three songs to be heard via a small Flash-Player you can push "play" on to set them off. I will try to keep that little box updated on a regularly basis. I am not so sure how it will work out, really, because I usually hardly know what precisely inspires me. That little box will help me become clear about it, though.

The Outfit:
This is a typical from-head-to-toe-H&M-outfit again. That just happens sometimes. The tights are a deep eggplant-color, but it is very hard to tell, especially from that far.

The Boldest Pattern Mix

Lacking any proper and broad stock of a lot of patterns in my wardrobe, I have to date miserably failed at bold pattern mixes. I am still working on it, though. Yet another impetus to really do so came from two very different places:

Japanese kimono-style // Missoni Men

I think the key is the small size of the patterns that really make the difference. Subtle, yet effective.

Something I have worn weeks ago. Not all too bold, but first and foremost I simply tried to stay warm.