I thought I share some of the pictures I sneakily captured today.

I really love the bad high school girl gang vibe going on. Moreover, I totally adore when Asians go white/platin blonde. I always did. I guess the only hair color I would ever go for, if I was to change it, is peroxide blonde.

How can the thought of peroxide blonde Daul Kim or this girl shot years ago by The Sartorialist not blow you off your feet!?

Actually, after I photographed the girl with the super long blonde hair above, I saw another girl with a heavy middle-length bob and heavy bangs in a pink-ish blonde, which looked just as cool, though a bit like a wig. Which makes me think I should get a blonde wig sometime.

And another confession. I once really seriously considered getting dread locks. My mum had already asked some of her African friends if they can do it for me. However, I chickened out last minute. I guess the most drastic thing I ever did with my hair was shaving one side off. Anyway, on to my picture.

I actually really liked this woman's style. Kinda ethno-hippy and sloppy, but somehow special. However, at first I thought her dread locks grow out weirdly. Kind of normal at the roots, but in dreads half way. Upon closer look I noticed that simply her top hair is not dreaded, but only the underhair, which made it look that way. Dread locks have become so rare! I have not seen many in Tokyo, but come to think of it, people with dreads got less in Germany, too.