But I Love Julia Frakes' Style

Fashionblogs were once created and put up to celebrate the difference. Bloggers would love the alien, new way of mix-and-matching, inspire one another in terms of doing and wearing things much differently than all the others around them do.

Now, too many fashionblogs seem to repeat themselves, hold up the same trends and styles the other three before them did. They celebrate the very same "fashion icons" over and over again and the uniform kind of "Coolness" is perpetuated by bloggers who mainly follow the stream. And those who wear the "cool uniform" the best are celebrated accordingly, indicating that cool is not unique. Not anymore. Unique was but just a trend and we all followed. The styles are becoming stale and average. All the more so, the more blogger blog the same all over. It is not uniqueness, that is celebrated now, it is uniform beauty.

But that is why I love Julia Frakes' style all the more.

It is the kind of whimsical I am looking for in fashion.

If I see yet another blogger studding everything he/she can find and haltlessly posting about it - I don't know... I guess... that will be too much!?