Ways to Wear Your Scarf

The whole concept and design of scarves is a so simple one. Basically, any piece of fabric long enough would do. The million ways possible to wear a scarf are thus all the more exciting. I have always wanted to do a post about its possibilities. The following is but a try at documenting all that can be done.

Current trend: Untied and with loose ends hanging down on both sides of an open jacket/coat.

Oui, Je Suis // Style from Tokyo // Style Sightings // Christina D. from Lookbook.nu

I personally also like my scarf tied around my neck tightly with no loose ends at all, or only one loose end hanging all the way down (for my very long (2m) scarves). I do not like tassels very much, sometimes I cut them off because they annoy me.

Vanilla Scented // Seoul Street Fashion // The Sartorialist // Punky B. // MadMoizelle

The last two pictures show the AA circle scarf also apt for another million ways to vary the possibilites of wearing a simple cloth.

MadMoizelle // Style and the City // Emma's Corner // Bianca V. from Lookbook.nu // D from Monsieur, You're Chic

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