Hard Day's Work

After a very hard and tiring day of work - this is what I look like:

People were looking very irritated at my one-leg-bandage, and though they tried to be very subtle by doing so, nobody escapes my vigilant eyes! Harhar! The bandage is American Apparel's tri-tone Prada rip offs of course which I bought half a year ago. But today has been the first time I actually ever wore them - or actually only one of them (could not find the other and did not bother) ^^ Note to self: seven espressos do not necessarily make you more awake. Actually, they made me the shipwreck I am tonight.

Happy Socks

Just yesterday I received a light parcel containing three pairs of pretty neat socks by Happy Socks for me to try out, along with their catalogue (which was nicely made and definitely appealing!) and a charming hand-written note by Bianca from Happy Socks in Sweden. Bianca had been so very, very kind to comply to my request for black polka-dotted socks. Alas, I am completely content with the choice she sent to me. So thank you a lot, Bianca!

I do hope you can see them clearly, because the whole point of the following shots were actually to focus on and dress around the Happy Socks.

The whole idea to ask for black patterned socks was to pair them with mono-black socks, a look I have played with while still in school, and which I was already thinking about to re-do again.

I definitely need more shirts. This one is my bf's. Haha, and the tie is the exbf's ^^ Thanks T.!

On another note, it is officially winter in Munich now! Yesterday it snowed for the first time of this year, and the city is already covered in white powder. Bring it on!

Styling H&M

Judging from the sheer number of items in my closet being from H&M one could deliberately say that, if not a great fan, I am a very loyal buyer of theirs. Although this also comes from the imperative consequence of the small amount of available alternatives suiting my taste and my budget unfortunately, I do admit I do love H&M nonetheless.

Imagine my delight with this six-pages-special about H&M (the other three pages being actually mere advertising for their newly released Comme Des Garcons collaboration) in the Japanese magazine SPUR, serving the young glam and glitzy clientele.

I like the idea of looks built around H&M-pieces, since I have so many of my own. And I do like the ideas offered by magazines beyond and in addition to the ones H&M offers itself. I also like the excitingly exalted styling of most of these looks, although much of it is certainly a contribution of good lighting and the model's stances and poses. While a few months ago magazines seemed to focus on the Divided line by H&M (as once pointed out here), I think this one used a lot from the other lines, too, as well as from H&M's much celebrated Trend line among others.

The Random

This is what randomness looks like on my weekends. Especially when I am alone on my own without the bf being around. You cannot really tell, I thought the shirt is interestingly buttoned, though. Doing random things can turn out pretty neat sometimes. Without the cardigan covering most of it, the effect looked quite constructional and original.

Simplify Your Life

I am not exactly the person to give beauty tips & tricks, simply because I am not that type of girl to talk. But what I do know about is how to make things way easier (see also how to travel comfortably) , simply because I am that lazy first of all. So here is some sort of a beauty post:

1. Cat's Eyes:
For a cat's eye make up and a shaky hand with liquid eyeliners, I recommend drawing the line with a khôl kajal from the outside to the inside (approximately to the middle) of the eyelid. Yes. From outside to the inside. From that point on you can work around it to look along the lines of an Angelina Jolie. Fo' realz. Consider spot-by-spot a professional drawing technique.

2. Hairy Issues:
I use moisturizer for structure and definition of the hair. It does not matter if it is moisturizer for face or body, viscous or milky texture. Point is, it is greasy. And it feels lighter than anything else specifically for hair. It is good against flying hair, too. A really little amount is enough.

3. Blush Hour:
I do not apply foundation or make-up most of the time, but I hardly ever let out a bit of blush on my cheeks. I have tried several types and brands, which one and in which color works best for you is yours to find out (I currently use a cream blush by Lancôme). However, the advantages are evident. It gives a much more livelier look instantly, and feigns a healthy freshness. Moreover, there are a lot of ways to sculpture your cheek and face structure by cleverly applying highlighter and color. Although I do not know how exactly ^^ I do feel a lot better with a bit of color on my cheeks in any case. Here is a pretty cumbersomely and peripatetic guide to applying blush I found by googling "blush guide", maybe it helps.