Men's Picks

Since I always was the one to shop, and the exbf was always the one to crave for chocolate, now that it is the other way around, I sit in front of my ten chocolate bars by Milka with Daim brittles, and he is up to some shopping inspirations. So he asked me for some men's style recommendations. At first unsure, I realized that I do have some really recommendable men's styles to hand on, and at this point I must emphasize their uniqueness and chic to you too.

Dinie from T4JOTR:

Boy, this young fellow sure has issues (sorry Dinie ^^), but his blog is full of inspiration, not only and foremost for the males. His own street style captures, his tid-bits of inspirations, and most of all his own style, as well as those of his friends, caught in beautifully photographed pictures are always a joy to look at. In his blog, he also gives a very deep insight into his emotional landscapes and vulnerabilities, emphasizing the tight connection between feelings and style.

Ca from The Cablog:

It suffices to say that Ca has impeccable, nearly unfailing style sense. His way to accessorize is one of the best I have ever witnessed, and his love for details is always a pleasure to take inspiration from. His fragile silhouettes and the soft color palettes are owned and inhabited by his own personal edge, which make his already unique outfits all the more exciting. His layering is ace, and I especially love his cool air in the most fantastic items.

Kanye West:

The one person both the ex and I, boys and girls, men and women alike agree on in unison to have one of the best men's style currently in business. His street cool, yet refined use of colors and layering convinces most of us, I think, and when asked for a male style icon, Kanye West would be the first to pop up in my head.

Men's Non-No:

If you are able to get your hands on Japanese magazines in any way (in most parts of Europe try it via Japan Centre, in the US keep looking out for the US branches of the Japanese book store Kinokuniya), then do not miss out on Men's Non-no. It is one of the best Male Fashion magazines I have ever flicked through, and each and every issue certainly has some inspiration in store for everyone of any type or style. Their expertise reaches from Japanese edgy, and Asian quirky to European cool and chic, and nonchalant casual.

Lean Back

Now that everything is settled with my University term and all of the courses I had been after - moreover, now that I received a new working cash card, everything is fine and well, and I finally can lean back a little.

long cardigan and T-shirt by H&M, old Freesoul Jeans cut off, heeled boots by Fornarina, necklace by Forever21

So today my new cash card came in the mail, and of course the first thing to do was to go shopping. For me, there is no way around a long cardigan this winter, so this one was part of the loot I copped in H&M. There are seriously a hundred of ideas involving long cardigans in my head, simply for layers and layering alone.

Gucci ad and picture from Men's Non-no

Long cardigans on men - delicious!

Rock and Rolled

So I had been browsing the usual stash of Japanese mags (namely ViVi, Zipper, non-no, mina, Sweet, Men's non-no) the other day, and I am particularly enchanted by the whole rolled-up pants thing. Seriously, it makes each outfit so nonchalant, yet chic in a seriously fierce manner. Am I talking n.o.n.s.e.n.s.e.?

After the whole boyfriend-jeans-hype I think this is the natural thing to do. Rock'n'Roll it up. Tokyobanhbao got into the flow, too (1, 2).

Best is, who does not have old denim baggy pants fit to be rolled up. This is nothing new really, so everybody can get in the fun!

Up The Wall

This is something I have worn approximately one month ago. I changed into this one after this to go out and dancedancedance. I know, wool sweaters for dancing is sort of weird, but I am that cool. Uhmmm ... so basically there is nothing new, just felt like posting it. And I look funny dancing up the wall.

I cannot wait to receive my new cash card after my old one broke a couple of weeks ago. I am basically without cash or any sort of money at my disposal, and forcefully constrained to cut back my expenses. However, you know what that means when I will be having a cash card again? I know you do.

Last but not least I re-discovered the aesthetics of sneakers. And I am determined to force new shoes upon a certain someone. Against his will if I must. So I browsed around and found these:

The first ones (Adidas Campus Vulc Suede) are obviously by Adidas and look pretty classic, yet fresh. The second (Verlauf white-gull gray) and third pair (PUMA Unlimited Hi NM CA/SU) are both by Puma and have a more modern vibe, while the first Puma-pair plays with a certain retro-look, and the second is really neat with its colors. Of course there is a lot more options concerning sneakers, and if I was much of a sneakers-type I would have a hard time choosing the perfect pair for myself. So what do you think? Do you have any preferences in sneakers? And do you have any suggestions what to choose for a guy?

Catch Up

Thanks so much for your support concerning the last post. I got in! And am really looking forward to writing this essay that comes along with it. Although it might be a bit of tough work.

I am wondering if most of you trust your mirrors? Like I once pointed out, the way others see me depends on their angle. It happens that the reflection in my mirror looks perfectly fine to me, while examining the same outfit in pictures is a little shock. The good old "what the hell have I been thinking?!" question then pops up, and I wonder how much of my self-perception is completely warped, and how much of it corresponds to reality. The worst misconception is always about my hair. I might consider photographing my head before going out, just to make sure I look okay.

Just Another Day

blouse, skirt and shoes from Tokyo; long cardigan by H&M

Wish me luck guys! There is this course I need to successfully accomplish to fulfill everything I wanted for this semester and now it is about to get in. The lecturer said there is a rather long waiting line and today he will decide who to let in. I have pretty good reasons to be accepted, I hope he will think so too. Anyway, wish me luck wish me luck!!!

Complementary Colors

Hm... I wish I could at least say I am too busy studying instead of posting ... but that would be a lie. Very, very random University-outfits.