Wool is Sheep's Clothing

the bf's wool sweater; skirt from Hong Kong; tights from Tokyo; shoes by H&M

I wear so much of my bf's stuff lately. I miss him in a very subtle way, it shows in only little things if at all. For example, no matter how cold, I actually never wear wool sweaters.


jacket by Adidas from Adidas Store in Harajuku, Tokyo, 1; gray longsleeve by COS (originally the bf's but I washed it and it shrunk); brown T underneath by H&M; skirt from a boutique in Harajuku, Tokyo, 1, 2, 3; boots, bag and gray tights from Tokyo

It got really cold in Munich while we had been away. It does not look like it is going to get warmer again any time soon. So that was it? Fall has already begun? I would have liked to eat another ice cream, have a picnic in the park, stroll around in sandals. But I will not complain. This is Germany after all.

I got myself a new tripod. I am very pleased with it. Outfit posts are now possibly getting more frequent. Stay tuned.


I did not mention I would be away for the weekend, but I was. I had spontaneously decided to join my friends for a random trip to Berlin - just for the sake of it, without any plan what to do there - and so we took the car and drove all the way up to end up eating really good for cheap (compared to Munich standards, that is), sleeping on the floor of an unfurnished apartment, going out, making jokes of each other, fighting, and being completely random. It was so much fun. I can only recommend being random for a whole weekend once in a while.


As some of you might have happened to notice, H&M is soon to open its first two stores in Tokyo, Japan. After obviously successfully conquering first stations in East-Asia, namely Hong Kong and mainland China, I am wondering how their business will work out in Japan. As in Asia, many of the European high street stores, like Zara, Mango, or Esprit,enjoy esteem and estates (does my clever pun make sense?) right next to names like Louis Vuitton, Dior, or Chanel, it does not even surprise me that H&M will move into its quarters in Ginza and Omotesandô in Harajuku, the two most posh areas of Tokyo.

H&M is getting more and more mentions in the magazines, as well. A sign for an already working PR-machine. In the first excerpt of PS, H&M is mentioned along the lines of Tsumori Chisato. The second and third excerpt of Zipper serve as a little introduction to the brand. However, while we Westerners are crazy about H&M's Trend line, in Japan they seem to go all in with Divided. PS describes it as Club and Party wear, while Zipper announces the 9/13 as day of its opening, and especially looks forward to H&M's Comme de Garcon collabo. Nice step!

However, with the abundance of fashionable, attainable and good quality clothing already available in Japan everywhere, and H&M's average to low quality standards, I wonder if these two factors will not eventually clash, since I have read that Japanese can be quite nit-picking about quality.

Finally, it remains to mention that H&M's prices, unlike those of Zara or Topshop, will obviously not get artifically raised very considerably for the Asian market. With 4999Yen for a oversized Nordic cardigan it is almost the same as in Europe, a bit more than 33€, or 47$.

Three Things

As unfortunate as it is - considering how much I, as do probably many of you, try to defy or evade any labeling or categorization in stereotypes and clear definitions - some attributives defining my style do recur more often than others. And for that matter probably justly so. When it comes down to it, "slouchy" may be called the main theme of my styling. As for other people perceiving my style, I often find them acknowledging and lauding my layering (which makes me pretty happy, btw, because I, myself, deem it rather stark and too basic). Muted colors balance out any twists and turns, while some rare color splashes here and there prevent a sleepy boringness.

So please sit down with me and look at the following. Do you, or do you not think it could very much be "my style"? I at least think it could, because I cannot seem to hide adoration for the slouchy-ness, all the drapings, and muted colors in distinct combo with the subtle, yet powerful colors.

Bössert-Schorn F/W 08/09 discovered thanks to Minirobot

I doubt I need to even mention why, then, the new H&M editorial in its own magazine for A/W 08/09 does hold the same appeal to me. It suffices to say that it is most obviously for the same reasons as for the collections above.

The styling is exceptionally luxe, and I appreciate the layering, as well as the layers of powdery shades themselves.

Take Care!

I am a bit disillusioned about the time to come. Whenever I seriously think about it, there is a rather dreary outlook awaiting. In short, the prospect of the next several months drags me down quite a bit. I try to compensate by being studious and by staying busy. There is no guarantee for succeeding, though. Especially for the part about being studious.

top by NafNaf from Paris / skirt tailored in Saigon / shoes from P'Parco in Tokyo / faux leather jacket by H&M

The last months, everything slowed down somehow. I never finish my weekly newspapers lately, or daily ones, for that matter either. I do not seem to get my second paper started, and thus my third one has to wait still longer. I procrastinate important things until they get unbearable to complete because I get so nervous. Instead, I improve my skills in mastering the pro-chars in Soul Calibur IV on our PS3, read Shelley's "Frankenstein" in the dark, and plan on taking up watching horror flicks in the middle of the night and forcing a friend to sleep-overs because it leaves me paralyzed with fear again. But that is what the long summer-break is for, right? Be patient, life, you soon have got me again.


So I had time and was up to doing something not involving much brain, and I tried to remember what I had worn the last couple of days (minus the accessorizing, I could not remember much, anyway), and so I set up a post.

Hanging around - this is what I wore today:

cardigan from Tokyo; tank by H&M; skirt from a little boutique in Saigon; shoes by Urban Outfitters; bag by Forever21 from Las Vegas.

These pants have become my hang-around favorite, they are so comfortable and easy.

cardigan by World Wide Love from Tokyo; shirt from Charlotte Russe in Florida; pants by H&M, 1, 2; shoes by Urban Outfitters.

The black pants and shoes in the following two outfits are also part of my work clothes. I usually keep them on for both work and after work for going out when I do not have time to go home and change.

track-suit style cardigan-dress by H&M; dress by World Wide Love from Tokyo; vintage patent belt; pants and shoes by H&M

head gear by Accessorize; shirt tailored in Saigon; belt by H&M; blazer, pants and shoes by H&M

I got tired of blogging. I somehow did not want to be part of this whole fashion-blogging-thing anymore. You, who is reading, you are wonderful and lovely. You all encouraged me further in doing what I do, and I appreciate it. Thank you! Still, I will not apologize for less or no posts if it ever happens. Because I am not and I do not feel obliged to anyone to actually post on a regular basis or whatsoever. And I think that is a good thing. However, this blog still is somewhat a scrap book, or even better, a note book. And I do it for myself, and I enjoy it. To memorize things. About style and my outfits. There is nothing more to it, but I let you in on it with pleasure. Sometimes I do not feel like blogging - then I still have this. Thank you for being patient and kind. You make my blog to something very beautiful and special.

Gotta Take Lessons

from the following:

Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney // On The Corner Style // A New Muse // Garance Doré // Elle.com // Gade Mode Arhus

The Fashion Void That Is D.C. // Fashion Fillers // My Daily Style // Sea of Shoes // The Vintage Society

I should not have been too lazy taking outfit shots. I can remember why I started a style diary in the first place. I simply FORGET what I have worn. I soon will take it up again.