Two things that trouble me.

First, is this the way the bf sees me? I mean, he has this whole other perspective down on me going on, and it spoils the view on most of my outfits most of the time. I mean, it must be how he sees me, because he takes my pictures standing tall as he is. He does not see how GOOD my outfits actually are!!! And you do neither! I have to tell my mom to take them, because she is considerably smaller than him, and from her perspective I always turn out cool. Haha, like, in any possible way anyway.

Second, why is ALL I am wearing here by H&M? Without exception (maybe not my panties)! Although lots of things being from all over the world, all possible stores, I still reckon H&M to take approximately 40% of my wardrobe. A bit embarrassing. Could be the fact I cannot detain myself from wanting things at home either. H&M = cheap quick fix. I need another trip to somewhere.

What I Want for Fall

If you were wondering about the considerable high amount of inspiration pictures from magazines and such, the answer is quite easy, because obviously I am in search of inspiration. Finally, I have gained some style-orientation, and the following is what I want for fall.

What to keep:
  • original hosiery
  • constructional layering
  • unusual color-clashes (salmon+yellow)
  • scarves
  • black
What is new:
  • lace
  • extreme pattern-clashes
  • fierce, high heeled shoes
  • more outfits in wide-leg pants - the possibilities are immensely appealing
  • more pants - with all the dresses and skirts, I, for my part, neglected the possibilities of pants way too long

Sienna Miller in some lacy goodness // Agyness Deyn in Marie Claire US September 2008 // dream a little dream of shoes // a feminine silhouette in wide-leg pants // Copenhagen Street Style
  • smokey eyes
  • More DIY
Encouraged by this very inspiring post by The Ongoing Project, I feel a refreshing creative upsurge of ideas involving a re-do of a few things from my closet, re-thinking silhouettes and colors, and playing around with some ideas in general. There will be some DIY involved, I reckon, and some learning-by-doing respectively. However, we will see how it goes.


Sweet, July 2008

They spelled both Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westwood incorrectly.


Random captures from Lucky, September 2008, including advertorials, from Mygazines.com

Lucky obviously works with more earthy, neutral, and muted colors, in contrast to the Japanese magazines.

The materials they feature do seem like of a higher standard, though.

The looks are considerably more feminine.

More business.

Advertising takes most pages in Western magazines, while in Japanese it looks like there are none (although of course there are, although rather sparse and more subtle).


Zipper, September 2008