All Filler, No Killer? - Outfit

So instead of posting outfits the same days I have worn them, like always, I have collected the few I photographed to leave here with you in the meanwhile. I thought I will be having my notebook with me, but even without, besides the one I already prepared I hope to get a lot of pics up!

This is what I was wearing while running around town for a couple of appointments I had.

Sand-beige cardigan from Tokyo, 1, 2, 3, and a new shirt I got at H&M on sale for 2€. The pants are the bf's, 1, 2 ^^

When I said that planning ahead is essential for traveling preparations, I told you because I forgot to order new contacts as back-up in time myself. Simon's request for a mention of Lensshopper, a guide for finding the best price for contact lenses, in order to find cheap contact lenses, had thus been not completely off-topic for me, because my eyesight is pretty bad. Also, I have seen a couple of my Asian friends wearing colored contacts more often lately, and it looks quite interesting. I have always semi-pondered about getting some with my prescriptions myself, especially now, because I could get my hands on some for cheaper at the moment. So if you have any experiences with colored contacts, I would be curious to hear. Seeing my friends, some contacts are quite obvious, while others look relatively natural.

Frequent Flyer

So I have not told you yet, but I am about to fly to Saigon, Viet Nam, for three weeks again tonight. While you are reading this, I will already be on my way.

As I am considering myself to be a pretty frequent flyer and traveler - as an average student, that is - I learned to fly very smartly over the time. Here is a few helpful and practical tips, that do not cost anything, but believe me, make things more convenient all the way through. Also, I learned to fly very light. I do not jam-pack my suitcase, but let enough space in case my shopping trips turn out to be successful as usual when I travel. This is a very important point, and I try to arrange everything around that.

For the flight itself I recommend wearing the most comfortable things possible. I use to go for a wide, longer skirt - jeans will become very restricting after a while, whereas in skirts and tights/leggings you keep the necessary legroom (I have done a post about this already, with a few other points to consider), and can move/sit freely. I, personally, also try to wear something I can let away a bra underneath, because it gets so itchy after endless hours. To stay stylish nonetheless, opt for the oversized look, maybe with the demeanor of an Olsen twin.

Also, think about the security checks! Wear shoes you can easily slip out and in, you will most likely need to take them off a couple of times. And as more than 100ml of fluids is not allowed on board, try to re-bottle your necessities in smaller PET bottles, for example like these, or try to do without. Fill your lenses case with the fluid you need, so you can still take your contact lenses out while flying without taking the whole bottle, and buy a small tube of toothpaste in any case. Oh, and also leave your gun and chemical weapons at home. Puh-leeze?(sunglasses from; shirtdress from Tokyo, 1, 2; acid-wash jeans by All Saints from London, 1, 2; sandals by Payless from Florida)

As for your hand-luggage, I usually take with me a big, versatile bag I also use as day-wear bag for being out and about at my travel destination. So it probably should be versatile and go with most of your clothes, even better if it has many little bags in- or outside, too.

I also always take a big, snug scarf, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, with me in my hand-luggage. Mine is so huge, I can use it as a cover when I sleep on the plane, in case the ones the airlines distribute do not suffice, as always, or if it gets cold unexpectedly at where I am, it of course comes in very handy as warm wrap-around.

I usually get really sick of the food the airlines serve, so taking a few snacks is really important. Also, on long flights you probably get hungry in between meals anyways, so having snacks with you cannot hurt. However, do not let it be chocolate bars and chips only, but sandwiches with salad, or tupperware with your own home-made food.

Lastly, the bf cannot do without his noise-cancelling head-set anymore. It actively reduces all noises around you for a pleasantly silent flight, on which you hear nothing but the music you want to hear. He also told me to recommend these. I, for my part, can sleep anywhere anytime anyhow. I do like to have music with me, though, as well as an interesting read.

For being far from home
and still survive with only the absolute necessary, it is recommended to plan ahead! Do you still need something (a small tube of toothpaste, maybe?), or are running out of your medical supplies soon? Go buy it, otherwise it becomes stressful, and/or expensive. How will your facilities be equipped? In case of doubt you will need your own towels and bedclothes (youth hostels!). Do you have any particular events you will be attending? So think of an outfit you want to wear for it and pack it. How about the activities you planned, any hiking, or sports? Take sport shoes, shorts, and swimwear. Do not forget about the weather and climate, of course! Sun screen 50LSF for a burning sun, a light rain-jacket, because it is rainy season in Viet Nam now, and it will be hot and humid, and sneakers for tours.
There are some things you might want to leave at home, though. Remember: everything you can have at home you probably can also buy abroad. So for traveling light, and for having nice mementos, like foreign shampoo, or body lotion at the end (once on your way home, you can just as well ditch them), leave unnecessary baggage home. Only things it would be a waste to buy twice, like nail scissors, or so, would be irksome to buy new. But also keep in mind that if you are visiting friends or family, they will have that knick-knack for you to use.

Other knick-knack, like cables and adapters for your technical equipment (camera, notebook, walkman) can easily be forgotten. Consider a checklist for those things.

Now comes the most important part: packing clothes smartly. As said before, I prefer to travel light, thus I only take the absolute necessary, and the very uttermost versatile pieces with me, as well as only the pieces I absolutely adore, and want to have with me (just in case I want to blow minds for any reasons). Also, weather conditions play a huge role when packing, nothing sucks more than having nothing weather appropriate with you when out and about. For a start, here are some super-basic basics I recommend putting on the list:

Always have a pair of simple pants, like a pair of jeans, or black cotton skinnies, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, with you, and a very simple fitted top, like a white shirt or tank. Trust me, there will always be a moment when you wish you had brought pants with you, instead of gazillions of floaty, ethereal skirts and beautiful dresses. As for the top, it will go with everything - yes, e-ve-ry-thing! - and can serve as a last resort. Pack a versatile cardigan, you will never regret it. You can do no wrong in having a pair of waterproof shoes with you, preferably light boots. And even if you do not bother to take that big, snug scarf with you I suggested above, a pretty scarf is always good to keep warm, and to accessorize. Speaking of accessories, take with you only your favorite pieces. The same goes for your cosmetics. In a bunch, they are heavy and take lots of space, you do not need that. For layering purposes, an abundance of monochrome basics is never wrong - like spaghetti tops for underneath, a simplistic black skirt, or a slip dress. To pimp up, pack a waist belt, it can work wonders with things.

Other ideas
for a bon voyage:

Living from a suitcase is annoying, your clothes crinkle, and it can be wearisome finding your clothes in so little space. Consider taking with you those wire-hangers you get from the dry-cleaner. Those are also the ones I use at home anyways. They are light and do not take much space. 5-6 will suffice. Even if you are staying in a hotel where they provide some, they never are enough for me.

Also, consider stuffing dryer sheets in between the packed clothes. The clothes tend to smell moldy after many hours pressed in a suitcase, this will prevent them from doing so. Keep it in the suitcase for a constant pleasant smell. As I have read that many dryer sheets might be bad on your health, I thought about perfuming a tissue to do the same job. My mom uses to pack a soap bar to keep a fresh smell.

If you like to make lists, do one for preparations. If not, do it anyways.

With all that said, for the following three weeks I would like to excuse myself. I want to take this opportunity to take a short semi-break from blogging. However, I have prepared a few posts in advance that are currently in line, and will, through the high-technical, be posted automatically without my own doing in that time and fill the gap. I have also promised to stay available via e-mail, due to something pretty important, so I will still be checking comments, and answering them. If I have the time even, and the opportunity, I might as well drop a post by hand. I am hoping for a bunch of pretty neat pictures. In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer, do not waste it!

Time For A Revolution

What is drawing me to personal style blogs the most is the everyday-ness of the people's styles, outfits, and clothes chronicled. Style is no matter of money but creativity, especially in daily wear. I thus like to see items being worn again and again but creatively mixed up, so that the item can look incredibly different in each context it is thrown in, making a whole other statement depending on what the wearer is up to that day.

I have gone through a period of constant shopping-frenzy, always on the hunt for new things to show off here, following trends, and all. However, I fortunately recollected my raison in time to get back to what the blog had been supposed to be about in the first place, creatively working with what I have.

With this in mind, and as maybe a few of you do read here now and then to find a bit of an inspirational moment from what I do with my clothes, I thought it would be fun and interesting to try to link back to earlier outfits I had worn the same items with from now on.

For example this black, white-buttoned dress has experienced not much love from me since I bought it in Tokyo last December. I pulled it out recently, though, spontaneously working it anew. The scarf is a gift my friend brought home from the Southside Festival this year, and the gray shift dress is from the US. The black, patent, lace-up ankle boots are from, other outfits 1, 2, 3, 4.

We will see how well this concept goes, because it might be tiresome to dig through the archives in search of particular outfits each time.

Your Lovely Places

Many of you might have received the request, and many of you might have already sent in theirs, and now my favorite place is online at Your Lovely Places, a project by Sylvain, who was so kind to ask me to participate. Thanks a lot, Sylvain!

A lot of my favorite blog reads' most favorite places are already up, check out Marie's from Kingdom Of Style, Hannah's from Hannah Couture, Dottie's from Fashion Nation, Lulu's from Chictopia, Sally's from Stitches And Threads, The Clothes Horse from The Clothes Horse, Mattie from Street Fancy, Grace from Grace's Fashionweek, and oh so many more wonderful places to discover! Really, it is worth a look!

Here is mine (of course)

~♥ T O K Y O ♥~

It's A Bit Personal

I read that some people link fond memories to their clothes. That a presumable history behind an item does make it extra special. And that some piece of clothing itself can bring back moments in ones life that may had been forgotten.

There are stories involving first dates, nights out and bittersweet hours. Clothes can be remnants of a certain decade, mementos of a time long gone by, also reminder of what has been not too long ago.

I must admit, though, that I, personally, do not link very deep memories or stories to my clothes (yet!). I remember where I bought them, and maybe I can remember on what event I wore what - but it never happens vice versa, when looking at a piece of clothing brings flash backs of a certain moment back to my mind. Maybe someday, when the clothes are old enough, or I am old enough to have gone through enough stories.

On another note: What do you do the whole day when you are free and have nothing to do?

If it is a really lazy day, I usually carry everything into my bed with me and try to execute as many tasks as possible from, or respectively in there - reading, eating, surfing... you get my drift. Now, that usually does not involve dressing up that much - only so much that makes me socially acceptable if I have to step out for a while. Most of the time, though, I stay in what I slept in, or something similarly sloppy.

But is not exactly there real stories to be found? In those old ghosts you wear to bed, or just to hang around the house? Maybe you clean in them, or only wear them when you are really feeling bad. But most of the time, are they not to great parts year-old hand me downs you once received from someone, or kept for any reasons all of your own? So ugly, and shapeless that they would only make sense somewhere no one outside of your most private sphere would see them?
At least that is the case with one of my oldest sleeping shirts I still own - most of the others have been filtered out by a process of clearing out my closet over the years. And it probably is the most personal clothing still in my closet.

It is probably also the only piece of clothing, ever, I randomly waste any thoughts on - involving questions like what it actually advertises for, what is Toast or Astarte (which logo is printed on the back), and thoughts about the CDs coming out of the toaster. The shirt is a light-gray tri-blend, by the way.

I still can vividly remember where I got it from.

When I was 11 or 12, my mother had still been very protective and anxious about me. Now it was my first year in Gymnasium - more or less the German equivalent to high school - and me and my friend have made friends with a few boys. One of them was doing a sleep-over for his birthday, and we both were invited! My mom would not want to let me go, but the boy's mother was very helpful and assured her to take good care of us on the phone, and finally my mom agreed to let me go. Wow, how exciting it must have been. I do not remember a great deal of the party itself, though. In the course of the evening, however, the boy's father gave these T-shirts to all of us - very likely it is/was his own enterprise he distributed merchandise for - and for some unclear reason I have kept it ever since.

A real ghost in your wardrobe, that even fashion blogger, who expose so much of their closet, do not think to touch upon.

Tags: Tree Of Happiness, And The Book In The Shelf

So I got tagged yet again, first by CRISTA @ Live Fast Die Pretty. The rules are as follows:

1. Pick up nearest book / 2. Open to page 123 / 3. Find the 5th sentence / 4. Post the next 3 sentences / 5. Tag 5 people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

So my nearest book is on my bedside table, and it is The Tale Of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, translated by Edward G. Seidensticker. It is said to be the world's very first novel, and is the Japanese classic literary work. The three sentences on page 123 go as follows:
It had been a dark night, and perhaps it was the darkness that had made her seem so odd. He must have a look at her face - and at the same time he rather dreaded trimming the lamp.One evening when the princess was passing the time with her women he stole up to the main hall, opened a door slightly, and looked inside.

And if that has not been fun enough, I was also tagged by FashionFaker and AUSStyle, asking me to tell
six things that make me happy:

1 - Being around the bf. He just has that special something that makes me all happy and calm. And he always knows everything when I have no idea. I miss him feverishly.
2 - Laughing with my mom. We have the most funny relationship - people never get if we are fighting or getting along, it erratically changes within seconds. But she can be so funny and cute, and we can get along so very well.
3 - A good reading. Be it classic literature, or the newspapers. I love to read. I am pretty selective, though.
4 - Taking pictures. I call it "capturing my youth". I want to someday sit down, look back, and look at all the wonderful moments I had with my friends when we still were young.
5 - Traveling. I love the feeling of adventure, and all the new things that wait for me to be discovered. The moment in the early morning when everything inside me is bustling, and eager to begin the day, and live it to its fullest. And all the memories I take back home.
6 - Being happy. Ha! Ya, I am happy about being happy. I am glad about me being full of this contentment, which I know does not always come easy. I am glad to have this good life I am leading - despite intermittent pangs of fears and dissatisfaction. Life is rough, I hear people saying, so I enjoy the moments that are not.

Hehe, that was all quite fun. So I randomly tag Jones/Thin Man for the Book-tag, and lc for the Tree of Happiness, both @ Fops And Dandies. I also tag The Clothes Horse to reveal three sentences of one of her books, and lulu to tell us what is six things that make her happy.

Bedtime Story - Skip The Text If You So Wish

There was a time I did not exactly know where I belong to. I mean peer-group-wise. Not like I was a stray kitten. I tried to define myself with a prefabricated look to get myself closer to a certain sort of people.

That did not work out.

Then I thought - what the heck! If I do not belong to anyone, and no one belongs to me, why not stand out then, be unique, define myself? Thereby defining something all of my own.

And that is where it all started. It began with channeling the 80ies and punk, adding my own little twists, making everything unpredictable. That is why I am still so into black. And that is where my studded belts come from.

The kids in school started to whisper when I walked by, but I never paid attention. Everyday life was and is my catwalk. When I finished school I was voted "best dressed" and "most eccentric". I did not expect the first, but I was very happy about the latter.

I soaked up everything I thought I could draw inspiration from. It started with Japanese street fashion, because it was something new, something nobody here wears. I was never satisfied with what Germany had to offer, it never was quirky enough. I always had this fear of looking boring, witless, invisible.

When I went to Tokyo for the first time, it was a life's dream come true. I fell in love with this bustling city.

I traveled through Japan's best shopping destinations, leaving nothing out. Then I went shopping in Hong Kong. And then in London. Paris. And in the US. Saigon. And Tokyo again. Traveling is now my hobby. I love it. And I enjoy every single minute of it.

And along the way I am sort of collecting clothes. Letting everything coalesce to some kind of my style.

But I can say - it really feels like me. It is utter fun. I could be doing it forever.

Sometimes I still struggle, unclear about what I want to look like, be like. But that is okay. For me, it is a process. I guess I think about style a lot. Style for me is something I consciously develop. Whatever makes me less average. Maybe even a bit special.

When I still was in school, I always wanted to keep a style diary, capturing my outfits - because I tend to wear them, and then forget them.

And now I have this blog.

The Dress

Some of you might already know this.

I am actually wondering what I am supposed to wear it to. It is not like I was invited to many special occasions very often. I thought I could play drama queen and go to uni on bike in this - it would be quite glam, I think. Or to a BBQ-party.

The moment I saw it hanging on the rack at H&M I thought it cost not the amount I was willing to spend that day, but I tried it on anyways, firmly believing I would not buy it. The moment I had it on I fell for it.

And while I was at it, I spent even more on other goodies.

That is the way it goes.

Chictopia: Style Icon

Really, it is sick how many chic and stylish people roam the space of Chictopia. Yes, I signed up for Chictopia a while ago, it must be my 4th style community or so, but I think this is up til now the best I have come across, with easy navigation, appealing layout and better feel of a real community.

Back to my point, though, it is wicked how most of what is posted on Chictopia really IS chic. And I mean it. At first reluctant to sign up, it payed, especially because I met a couple of my reader of this blog through Chictopia, and it is always nice to get to know who is silently reading.

This is only a handful of those participating, it is really, really tough to select only a few, though. Ya, we are a crazy stylish crowd.

And - what is more - I have been selected as Style Icon of this month. Check the banner on the right, mates! Thanks!!!

A Summer Tune

I have times when I do not listen to any new music at all, but ever since this meme started, I have happily drawn a lot new inspiring music from the playlists by bloggers all over the world. Now, if I was not to bore you, I would list a new list all over again. Actually, the time I listed the other songs I already knew it was to change in the blink of an eye again. Now I also love compiling playlists, so this is what I did - some new, some old evergreens of mine. Not as eclectic in styles as the other list, but you get an idea. Now I am off to compile some CDs ^^