Two outfits from the last couple of days.

This is a dress I let a tailor make for me last year in Viet Nam, but never ever wore out. I updated it with a belt and am pleasantly surprised about how constructed it looks. Edit: I added a front view of the first here.

Also, I am wearing neon-orange nail polish, which, unfortunately, does not come out so well in pictures :( These pictures are so diffused and annoyingly "snowy", anyways.

This one is loosely inspired by Vera Wang's Spring RTW 2008:
I sort of liked it, but think I may have looked a bit frumpy.


June 2008 issue

Describing itself as "いちばんリアルなファッションマガジン - the first real Fashion magazine", Kera slipped my attention mostly because I always thought it was more aimed at the gothic-lolita-princess fraction of Japanese youth-style-maniacs, and thus incompatible and too overfluous with Japanese-extremeness for the European clean&chic. While this is certainly true, one should never judge a book by its cover, literally, and Kera might be quite too much at times, but it still is inspirational because of just that.

It in fact covers a lot of the styles I actually experienced Tokyo's youth clad in. Lacking the proper, "professional" terms with which they probably categorize themselves, I give them my own titles - who knows the more appropriate terms, let me know, as I am curious to know.

There are the dolls and princesses, who sometimes also are only one step away from the Lolitas, and Gothic-lolitas, or maybe they are of the same sort. At one point, Kera titled them "Romantic ~"

Their love for wide, voluminous skirts, worn in a rather old-fashioned way, with romantic details and a penchant for Victorian elements, makes me think that Ranna from Only Shallow or The Clothes Horse could very likely find one or two inspirational moments from these (I could be wrong, though ^^).

On the other hand, there are the punk-girls - of which, I, personally, have rather seen less on the streets of Tokyo,

but this could be because their styles rather merge very well with the Gothics, and thus making it less easy for me to differentiate them too precisely. In Kera, both have been categorized under the one term "Rock ~".

Despite my own spare coverage of Goths in this post, Kera covers Gothic-styles just as much.

And then there are the Spank!-girls, of which I actually only have learned the proper name thanks to FashionHailey, who has been rather active in the scene staying in Tokyo, and also provided a German (!) documentary video about it, which I translated for her in the comments section. In Kera, they titled them "Colorful-Pop".

And then there are, in my opinion, the upgrade princess versions of most.

Here the punk princess, there the Spank!-princess.

With all the variety and a diversified mix, there is still room for a good amount of betweens.

I know that in Japan there is an abundance of styles to be had, and by the mere choice you can choose from alone there are so many more styles to be created. Most fascinating, though, is the perfection with which the girls exercise and carry out their styles they are devoting themselves to - from head to toe, from coat to underwear.

That these styles are not only magazine-made, and hardly copied by their readers, as is so often the case with editorials in, say, Vogue, or Nylon, or any European/American magazine, shows on the streets, where the girls in fact really dress up like shown above, and sometimes even go a couple of steps further. If you are not able to take a field trip to Tokyo's streets, there is a great amount of street style pictures on the web, proving my point. Kera has some of itself:

I am always impressed about the style-excess-ism of Japanese young people. There is a reason why the whole street style capturing movement started in Japan.

These are not scanned by myself, but by 2baki.

The New Chic

by Facehunter in Stockholm


It is all sort of transsexual, no? Meaning it is transcending gender specific features in fashion.


t-shirt by COS; tank underneath from my mom; skirt from Hong Kong; shoes by Payless from Florida; bag by H&M

Another outfit (note the bag! I LOVE it. And the pink shirt is actually see-through - but you cannot tell very well by the pictures) for watching soccer. Germany vs. Turkey 3:2 !!! It has turned out to be a reaaaally, reeeaallly good game, and I think the outcome is acceptable to everyone! GG!

I am actually up way too early. I do not know why, even if going to bed at 5am, the latest I get up nonetheless is 10...

I spent HOURS finishing this little work of nail-art:

I have seen a girl with some beautifully painted nails and asked how she did it. When she explained the whole process it sounded quite easy, but it took me quite some while to get it right... >< d'uh.

Tag: Summer Music Playlist

Rules: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

I got tagged by expecting Mode Junkie, I wish her all the best with her little one and future family. So exciting!

Like her, I link to the respective youtube-videos, enjoy!

1. Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart: ever since I have seen Control, their tunes do not get out of my head - I am really wanting to "dance to Joy Division" like they say in this song.

2. Beyoncé's World Wide Woman: I actually like most of her songs - just recently a friend of mine gave me a Best Of and I think she makes some really groovy music. I really feel like dancing.

3. Meiko Kaji's Hune ni Yurarete: Imagine lying in the park in the midst of greenery underneath the azure blue sky while listening to this song - GOSH! So romantic! Another good one is Onna no Jyumon.

4. One Republic's Stop and Stare: I really, really like this one. Caught it first when I was in Las Vegas, it is such a catchy tune, and the sort of drama I enjoy in pop music.

5. Dr. Dre, feat. Snoop Dogg's Still D.R.E.: We are sort of in a gangsta-rap-phase and debating about what is the best - so we kind of got to Dr. Dre, whose music is so classic! Other nominees are The Wu-Tang-Clan, Snoop Dogg for his laid-back style, Notorious B.I.G., et al. We dismissed 50Cent and 2Pac, though.

6. Trentemoeller's Remix of Rökysopp's What Else Is There and Trentemoeller's Remix of Yoshimoto's Do What U Do: I sort of have the feeling as if I will be hearing those evergreens a lot more often the next time. However, as long as we all are happy - I am okay with it.

7. Robyn's Be Mine: If anything, listen to the Ocelot Remix - it rocks!

For the youtube-playlist with all seven songs, click here.

You need to know that I am absolutely into music - I love eclecticism in music even more than in fashion, so I tagged seven persons I took great care of that they all are possibly very diverted in taste, and hope for a good mix of playlists - because I LOVE playlists!

Gille Krivich's Gille K. - because her exceptional sense of aesthetics likely transcends into her taste in music.
Tavi from Style Rookie - I wonder what the young peeps are into right now!
Sleepyhead from ZZZzzz - because she exudes some massive coolness, I wonder what the cool girls are up to.
dreamecho - because her laborious thoughtfulness seems to pervade everything she is doing - may it be dressing up or working, I really want to know what and if she is listening for relaxation.
FashionHaileyTokyo from FashionHailey Hits Home and Melbourne Street Fashion - a knowing professional about the Tokyo-scene, there must be some Japanese electro somewhere in her player!
Lea from Lea Loves. - If I met her on the streets of München, I probably would imagine her to be hanging in Atomic Café, Glockenbachviertel, and the university district in places like brick or Schall&Rauch. Am I wrong? I am dying to know.
Helvetica from Dance With Me Forever - Just to know what the cutest blogger I know is up to.

By the way, it is still so freaking hot - my tip: fill a little vaporizer with simple, cooled mineral water and have a refreshing mist for out and about.

Freaking Hot

It is so frigging hot today. I literally melted. And then I got busted by the police, for driving my bike the wrong direction in a one-way street. Gosh, it was the university district, EVERYBODY's doing it! And while I got my fine written by the policemen, another guy drove by their car undetected from the same direction I came.

The police is EVERYWHERE at the moment. Must be because of the soccer-matches. I do not know. It is a bit like in a police state lately. They bust you for driving your bike with ear-plugs in.


I do not know if this concerns any part of the rest of the world in any way, however, Europe is in a fever right now. The EM, European Championship in Soccer, is currently taking place in Austria/Switzerland (which teams are already out of the game), and yesterday Turkey won against Croatia, which makes it the opponent to Germany in the semi-finals on Wednesday.

This match is likely to become a most emotional thing - at least that is what most of us say. Either it will become a milestone in mutual understanding, communication and partying - or it will become the catalyst of a serious conflict. I hope it will be the first.

To understand more about Turks in Germany, I guess the most recommendable reading right now would be the case about the Ludwigshafener fire from the beginning of this year, which also set a whole lot of minds on fire about the scope of Turkish-German relationships in Germany and their neglect.

On another note, this is what I wore yesterday. It is the most sporty I can get:

Jacket = present by a work mate; tank-top by H&M; tulip-skirt by American Apparel; tights from Ludwig Beck; shoes by Etam from Paris; necklace from the US

Nationalisms are sort of most interesting.

Flashing Lights

Although the weather lately is more fit for an outfit of the sort of this:boots against the rain, tights and cardigan against the cold (by the way, this is also what I actually wore for my presentation - you see, planning ahead helps nothing at all with me),

I was playing around a bit nonetheless, mentally and stylistically preparing for summer.

Inspiration came in form of current trends, worn by many fashion-blogger around the world.

The following might not be the H&M girl's tutu so popular amongst blog-fashionistas (the who-has-it-crowd has been comprehensively collected by LeaLoves, who has also fallen for it),
it comes pretty close, though, and is, might I say, in my opinion slightly nicer because of the layers. Does anyone else think it is baffling how many have hopped on the bandwagon in no time? A couple of items have spread like a virus amongst bloggers, resulting in every third girl having the same.

I reckon this is nothing I would actually wear out any day.
I have this skirt from my last trip to Tokyo, and it reminded me of the patterned, tiered mini-skirts made popular by Luella. It is not actually tiered, though.

Some chicness:

And this is completely random, but I somehow really dig bobby pins. Especially the riffled.
When I read this interview with Michelle Williams, in which she declares her love for bobby pins, I was not too sure if it makes sense. Come to think of it, though, bobby pins are pretty sexy. They hold your hair up in a beautifully, slightly messy way, and they exude some sort of subtlety very alluring in my eyes.

Audrey Hepurn In "How To Steal A Million"

One of Hepburn's nicest movies, in my opinion, is "How To Steal A Million" from 1966, co-starring charming Peter O'Toole.

In the movie, in order to cover her movie-dad's art forgery, she asks the supposedly gentleman-burglar O'Toole for help, and in consequence gets entangled in a big theft coup and romance.

While almost all of her movies bare a remarkable stylistic relevance, except a few like "A Nun's Story", this one is especially nice because of the 60ies-fashion and style, and the perfectly carried out mod-shapes and designs.

A darling of a coat!

I love the purple stairs. Divine! Also, you cannot tell here so very well, but she is wearing the most charming patent rubber boots with her night gown.

I love O'Tooles shirt with the navy blue. You need to click to enlarge to see what I mean.

Hepburn carries herself amazingly effortless, and swings with a charming verve. Always perfectly groomed, she is my epitome of elegance and style.

Screencaps by me.