To The Max

Oh, happy times! Finally I was able to charge my DSLR. I so, so missed it!

Out Of Order

Before completely going M.I.A. I can just as well shoot a post out there just for the sake of it with a picture I have taken several weeks ago.

At this point, I am not sure where to take this blog. I still like it, but things got a bit out of focus. I have lost my blogging-drive.

I have been out a lot lately, mingled with people, been sociable. And when I am home, I just read the news the whole day, read books, eat, and sleep. Nothing fancy really. Except, of course, I am nonetheless impeccably well dressed always. Only you do not see a great deal of it. That is sure a shame, but cannot be helped too much. Both my cams had run out of batteries, and I lacked the devices to charge them up until now. It is terribly annoying, because of some evenings I wish I had taken pictures, and am irrevocably disappointed that there is no visual proof of what the evening has been like.

Remember: if you have a camera, use it! You only live once, and you want evidence of that you have been there!

To make matters worse I got really, really ill yesterday. I mean, it is nothing serious, I just really feel like crap. I have not felt that bad in a long time.

I will not promise anything, but as soon as I am better, and my DSLR works again, business will supposedly resume as usual here.

Step Out

I stepped out yesterday.

From the shadows into the sunlight.

Seriously now, we passed a little boutique yesterday, and I saw the exact same dress I am wearing here, which I got from Forever21 in the US, and had handed over 13 bucks for.

Curious, I stepped into that boutique, took a closer look, found myself assured that it is indeed that same dress, and asked how much she sells it for. Guess what, she was English, and said: "One twenty-nine".

Now she cannot possibly have meant 1,29€, yes? Well, then she must have meant 129€, yes? Uhmmmm, is that not like, TEN times the original price?

Credits to my friend K. for the pics.

The Boyfriend Pants

I wonder if it is only a new movement with girls trying on their bf's jeans, but I have done so already when my bf and I just started dating. Actually, though, I already tried my dad's on long before I even met the bf.

So with the boyfriend jeans being all the rage at the moment, I can only say that I gave up on my bf's, because I doubt that I can pull them off very well (the bf can much better), and I will always choose something else over baggy pants if I have the choice. Which I have.

However, now before the bf took his flight back to the US yesterday (yes, yes, you are now bound to be very sorry for me, I miss him!), we went a bit shopping for things he might like, and I ended up convincing him of buying two new packs of boxer shorts by H&M. The thing is, I am utterly excited about them, they are so cool, I so want them for myself:

Little pattern which look like little cherries, or branches of an abstract tree, on a light gray.

To the right is a more standard one, but I like that they incorporated pink lines into the pattern. The middle one is a dark green, with lighter green polka dots, very cool, and quite unusual.

The best is the one to the far left, though, having pens, pencils, and brushes printed on it, with color spots sprinkled all over and inbetween.

Like with his jeans I tried on ages ago but had to dismiss, I thought his new shorts so amazingly cool, I was thinking if I was to get away with wearing men's underwear as summer shorts? We will never know, because like with his jeans, I doubt these are meant for me to pull off.
And now he has gone back anyways, and took his shorts with him, too.

Cory K. Vers.

For all you people out there obsessing about Louise (I guess all vigilant blog readers naturally just know who that is), you are not the only ones:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Through one post I came to a whole chain of other posts about her.

And if you speak, read, understand French, that will be a plus for you!

Black Minis

The most important basic in my closet currently is the black lamé mini skirt by American Apparel. Since I figured simple, black minis in a quirky material are immensely versatile, I ordered a black sequined one, and am waiting for it to arrive. I bet we will be a whole lot of fun.

Compared to my DSLR, my compact SÜCKS!

Pic(k) Of The Day

Holy moly, it's a powder pink jumpsuit!


Need to post these straight away, otherwise they will get lost:
Copenhagen Street Style

Pic(k) Of The Day

I admit it, I neglect the "Picky Picks Pics" side of the blog. What do you think? Do you miss it much? Not that it would change my habits too much, unfortunately, but I might as well reconsider.


There are outfits that have a positive impact on people. It shows in open feedback - a few get complimented on, and in a few I even get approached (which, I assure you, otherwise never happens) by men. For me, it is immensely surprising, and utterly unpredictable which outfit will get that sort of feedback, and why actually, because normally I do not get any feedback at all, except through the blog. I can see why men hit on you more if you dress a certain way, but in this one? So the bf really likes today's outfit, and a work mate of mine did drop he thought I looked very chic today. I can never really figure out what the bf thinks looks nice, I can just imagine what he might not like.

Lately everybody is making very fine pictures of humble me, including the bf (thanks, hon!). In the last picture he is starting to argue with me, though, hence that grimace.

The weather has got so good lately, so the bf and me ventured out for some errands, going to the Biergarten, and in the end I also ended up buying a pair of shoes.

That little trip today also resulted in a pleasant encounter with Kim, a.k.a. Fruchtzwerg, at the local H&M. The bf thought that H&M is obviously the place and forum of fashion bloggers all around the world. I am sorry to not have asked her, and her sister, to sit down for a quick chit-chat over coffee, but since both parties had enough other things to do, I guess we will sort that out for another time, right? Truth to be told, though, she definitely needs a better camera for the blog, because I frankly think that the pictures do her no justice at all.

The Birds Sing Of Old Times

picture courtesy of NY Times

A yearlong increase of an ever growing crows population is plagueing Japan lately. Several attempts to limit scale of the increase, and its accompanying damages are destined to fail, or not enough to do so successfully. Blackouts all over Japan have been discovered to have been caused by the nesting of crows, the vast, high-technological infrastructure that is Japan's is disturbed by the crows picking up fiber optic cables, and several children seem to have been victims of deliberate attacks of those birds in search of food. The NY Times speaks of a battle of men against animals for the limited space available on the island on which the Japanese have founded their state. Obviously, the crows are very clever, involving visible "dummy-nests", which are to distract the anti-crow-patrols from their actual nests. Lured into the cities by open trash-bags, which are usually simply laid out on the street for pick-up for disposal, they are seemingly getting more and more aggressive, and a serious threat to men. See the whole article here.

Now if that does not remind you of a good old Hitchcock classic, namely "The Birds" with Tippi Hedren.
Coquettish Melanie Daniels, played by Hedren, is up for fun, and paddles to a quiet village near San Francisco to make fun and games with Mitch Brenner, played by Rod Taylor, whom she just has met in a pet store before. However, shortly after her arrival the bird's world is beginning to act strangely, until the first attacks on humans shock the whole village and make the start for a mad frenzy.
In the end it stays unsolved what on earth has driven the birds to do so in the first place. But besides the fact that Hitchcock's movies are all well worth watching, old movies in general do hold a certain allure, from which I find it difficult to escape.

Stiff suits, perfectly-tailored two-pieces, complicated hair dos, and the perfect make-up. Even when Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" has supposedly just slept with even a sleeping mask on. Her make up and hair is still perfection nonetheless when rang out of her bed at the beginning of the movie.Have you ever looked that perfect waking up?

Then, in "Sabrina", she refuses to go out for dinner with Humphrey Bogart in a supposedly sloppy demeanor, which nowadays would very certainly be accepted as très chic, and even French effortlessness:I could not help but wonder what about her all black ensemble of body hugging shirt and leggings, which I thought very nice to look at, sloppy enough to skip dinner at a nice restaurant?

Very obviously the old times did expect slightly (and if I say slightly, I mean tremendously) more "style"-wise, than is nowadays the case. It was more about form and class.
Grace Kelly

Maybe we have become too neglectant about form and class. Now that everything goes, that old elegance has gotten lost. The need for dressing up appropriately. When was the last time you have been in a room where everybody has actually really made an effort with dressing up, respecting the form, and showing some class? I just despise unbuttoned cuffs as much as a weak hand shake by men, and visible bra-straps as much as the inappropriate flesh-flashing by women.
Cary Grant

I often find myself more charmed by that elegant suit with matching hat of that old dame walking by on crooks, than by the sloppiness so prevalently found worn by the youth.

But of course, I, too, have certainly more to do besides dressing up, doing my hair, and make up. However, being effortlessly chic is the one thing, making no efforts the other.
Lauren Bacall

With that said, my cam's charger is US-plug, and I lack an adapter to charge, thus my cam is useless for the time being. I could use my compact, but I am too lazy anyways.

Old Friends, Old Habits

We had a British lecturer at our faculty teaching for a week, and he did mention the Bavarian lifestyle, which is obviously also very famous amongst the rest of Germany, since it was his Düsseldorfer wife who made him aware of it in the first place. Thinking of it, in the mind of most Americans, it seems, lederhosen, beer, beergardens, and rustic, bavarian architecture predominates their picture of Germany (just think of Uter of The Simpsons as the personalized representative of Germans in general). To be honest, we DO think, that Bavaria is special. It is up to everyone to judge, if it is actually so, though.

So although the girls from Les Mads called for a neat, little blogger meeting while their stay in Munich, I was very sorry to cancel the date (seriously sorry, girls!), and go for a BBQ birthday party of a good friend of ours instead.

Well now, that is München, Bayern, in summer: carrying meat, Würstchen, and all kinds of good stuff to lakes, and rivers, keeping the refreshments cooled in the water, drinking beer out of bottles, and wine out of paper cups.

Every year it is the same, we all will at some point gather, and make up a grand BBQ. We stay until late at night, and if it is getting cold, we ignite a bonfire.

The best about this BBQ-party was connecting to old, supposedly "lost" friends again. I always forget how much fun I have with them, until the next time we meet.

By the way, dear Germans, pay attention to people from other countries: at some point your small-talk will always get to the beer!

Mothers And Daughters

Now, is my mother not an adorable darling, or maybe she as my mum is just as freakishly obsessed with me as I am with myself - ha! ha! I gave her the cam, and ordered her to take pictures of myself, outlining a few points in short: adjust the picture right, make a head-to-toe, and take quite a few. In the end I had tons of fun pictures, hard to choose between all of them, so I finally made a dream come true, and animated myself :D Yay, the_moving_kitten.

the moving kitten
Now, that was fun!

I already told her to better be prepared, because I will let her do all my pictures from now on, as she has done her job so well.

As mothers are, she was quite happy about me being very satisfied with her work, and drove me shopping :D Well, some drug store utensils only, and the cake store had been closed unfortunately, but I guess she is quite glad that I now have even more reasons to come downstairs and occupy her with some foolish tasks while she is at work.

I actually also occupied a friend of mine with taking appropriately cool pictures.

What do you think? Has your mother, and your friends the better photog-skills? Who can beat mine, anyways!

Completely Random

These are just so completely random, but I think all of them are exorbitantly cool, so there is nothing that would justify to hide it from you.

Taylor Warren at Streetpeeper

GlamCanyon is probably one of my fave Street Style site at the moment, especially since Kat Walks has come out of the dark of them night clubs, to the bright side of the streets.

On The Corner is a fairly new, or maybe only newly discovered Street Style site hailing from Buenos Aires in Argentina.
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