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Hum, everybody in the blogosphere is talking about their weather at the moment, but I will not. Come on, we all know it is soon going to be spring/summer, and we all are waiting for it collectively, but spring is a volatile bitch, no need to talk about it.

Rather talk about the bf, who surprised me by returning home from the US to Germany for a few weeks completely unexpected, without warning nor notice. When my door bell rang I thought it must be a parcel. Oh, how much I love him!

Unfortunately I have packed myself with loads of uni stuff - hence the lack of any outfit posts. After busying myself with homework, having a tight schedule in general, working, sitting in cafés almost all the time (I almost feel really existentialist), and chatting with friends over a glass of fresh orange juice or white wine, I just cannot be bothered. Also, I have been meaning to hide from you, anyways, because I have got my hair cut, and a new perm wave which came out not quite as I had wished. Well, I made friends with it after a few days - I am always optimistic - but I know a few guys, who have not. Not that I actually care, but fact is that I got too lazy to blog besides publishing a few posts which had been in line, anyways!


Yeah, I know, real life got me again - but honestly, thank god! I was worried about having an addiction, but now I know I was only bored. Let's just hope real life is being nice.

Anyways, I wanted to post something. I have torn the elastic hem of the dress, as well as the tights. I like the dress so much better that way, and the tights were torn already, so why not pretending like it was on purpose.

Ugghh - I cannot see pictures of myself anymore, either it is the hair or me in general, but I look worse and worse ><

On another note, I FINALLY finished my homework I was dreading over for the last two months!

You Red My Mind

Wow, seeing all the comments on the "Yellow"-post, you are, like, totally craving for color right now - and using "wow" and "totally" so charmingly reminds me of Cassie from Skins (who is immensely adorable), which makes it all the more fun.

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Look How They Shine For You

"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do. Yeah, they were all yellow!" - Coldplay

Red Lips

I am fed up with my time consuming (read: wasting) habits revolving around the internet, and am feeling very fed up with the internet in general lately. I realize I very much prefer only reading international news via my Google-reader at breakfast, or actually hold a paper in my hands and read. Blog posts are currently "piling up" indefinitely. I was trying to get hold of the Asian issue of Newsweek, however each continent delivered by Newsweek has its own issues without an option to get the others it seems, even via subscription. If anyone has an idea, let me know! I appreciate it!

I have mentioned some new experiments I indulged into last weekend. Now it is time to unveil what has been a new source of whimsical joy added to my traditional dress up besides new shades of nail polishes: Lipstick.
Unfortunately the vibrant red does not come through all too well here, but I hope you get an idea. I really like how it accentuates my supposedly pale skin tone, and makes this little interesting color spot in an all in all neutral black to white palette. I was honestly surprised, how, after being very, very hesistant about lipsticks all my life, and my friend's consistent affirmations about how well she thought it looked on me, I very quickly grew highly fond of the idea of lipstick!

I have in a whim also got myself another stick in a wonderful warm hot pink shade the same day, which works perfectly for every day (not pictured). For some reason I like taking pictures of my left side more than of my right, although the light is so that the other way around it would be certainly more helpful.

On another note, I have tried my skills with "poached eggs" today for breakfast. They are, seemingly, the American equivalent to the German hard boiled egg for breakfast (Frühstücksei), and I really liked them when I had been in the US. Our cook in the café I am working in told me,that not even some professional cooks really knew how to make them well.
Mine did not entirely turn out like I know them from the US, but I guess for someone who has not even known how to make a German Frühstücksei (it's easy, though, boil water, slowly slide the egg into the water with a spoon, and cook until it reaches its perfect softness, I was told 6 minutes is good for a soft, liquid egg yolk) the outcome is not at all too bad. I like the egg yolk still liquid, you too?

I Feel Like The Color Blue

When eating good stuff, I tend to eat the sides I don't like too much first - like I want to save the best for the last. After being full of sides I don't like, though, in the end I am too full for the good stuff on my plate. It is very annoying. However, I wish I was the same with my daily tasks. Getting the things I do not like off the table first before enjoying what I actually want to do, and go play.

Very, very unfortunately, though, it is not that way when it comes to daily obligations, thus resulting in a terrible delay of finishing my homework I had to do over the holidays. Yes. I still have not finished it. I procrastinated so long I dragged it with me all through to the new semester. This cannot be a good sign, and will weigh heavy on my Karma.

Ever since I have been to Las Vegas I realize how superstitious I am at times.
So if I look tired in these pictures, be sure I am. Jet lag phase is still not yet over, and my eyes feel so terribly tired, I even got myself a cucumber to cover my eyes for refreshment.
I have a new mini-obsession going on at the moment. Since I have got myself this dark cherry red nail polish in Florida, I grabbed two more at home. One in hot pink, and the most recent in a pretty shade of azure blue! The pink is by Rimmel London, I can very much recommend their nail polishes. I have had a couple of them way back, and they all were very vibrant, and last long. The blue is by Essence, a German cheapie brand, but looks very good!

You Have New Male

Your bf needs a new styling idea? Roll up the sleeves of his trench, as well as of his pants, pair it with loafers or oxford for an extravagantly stylish air.

Me very likey.

Glamcanyon - the Facehunter of the crazy nightlife!

The Vagabond Set by Sanna from Tokyo

Keep On Surviving

I honestly need some good rest. My jet lag is still keeping me awake until 3 or 4 in the morning, and today was first day of the new university semester, and my lessons start at 8am every day of the week. I do not properly work without sleep.

While the day started off bumpy and frustrating, I met with my friend K. in the afternoon, and from then on we had a jolly good time spontaneously trying out something very new, but utterly fun to me. That will be the subject of another post to come, though.

The Bandeau Mini

is here to stay.
Altamira NYC

Julia Stegner
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Breakfast In Germany

Finally some more fashion-related posts again. After rambling too much, I realized that I actually like Munich. From all cities I've been to so far Munich ranges not even all too far behind Tokyo and Las Vegas! Isn't that something!? Maybe this article by the NY Times sent to me by LC contributed a bit to more positive feelings. Thank you! It almost made me proud of where I'm from. Now I'm hoping someone will visit me here soon. When I laid awake at 3am because of my jet lag, I thought about all the super good things I would know to recommend my visitors during their stay. Interested, anyone?

The downside of Munich is its influence on my color choices, though. I got back to black and neutrals. It feels almost fresh for a change, haha.

Finally got around getting German breakfast after I've been lusting after a soft boiled egg and Brötchen for so long.
Pleasantly mild temperatures made a breakfast outside an enjoyable pleasure.

Good Idea!

Have this ghost of a long sleeve shirt in your closet left, and no idea what to do with it? These girls know what:

taken from Jille.

I'm embarrassed to have forgotten the source of this, if you're the blogger whose picture this is, please accept my apologizes and comment, so I can link you! Thank you!! I know you also added a useful editorial of how to bind the shirt.
I have to catch up with a few tags I got. And since I've returned to good ol' Germany, I have a lot to say about that, too.

The rules:
1. Link the person that tagged you.
2. Tell the rules.
3. Tell six unimportant obsessions/six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Link to six people.
5. Comment on their blog that they have been tagged.

So La Lila and Fruchtzwerg tagged me to tell six unimportant obsessions/six unspectacular quirks of mine:
Whenever I hear a really good tune totally unexpectedly, I'm really getting into the mood, and am up for going out dancing, but I never actually do. Never. And I have to sing along. It's an urge.
I'm addicted to my personalized iGoogle start page - it's displaying my bookmarks, global news feeds, posts in my google-reader and my inbox of my e-mail account, and I permanently check it, and cannot stop.
I get angry when, in the evening before bed, the bf brushes his teeth first without me.
My goal is to calculate a good buy and its real value for my wardrobe mathematically, I'm secretly working on a formula.
I'm in a conflict, because I'd like to be more bad ass, but then again I cannot help being nice to people, dress "pretty pretty", and I cannot handle drugs.
Compiling playlists is a passion. I love tapes!!!

Also Fruchtzwerg tagged me to tell

8 Things I'm Passionate About
- traveling
- the bf, the bf, the bf
- getting smarter
- eating
- shopping
- dressing up
- studying languages
- blogging (it's good for practicing English, too!)

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
- traveling
- getting smarter
- speak Japanese, Chinese, and French fluently
- learn to cook
- read more books
- have a car
- marry the bf and settle into a very good, happy, and fulfilling life (yeah, I wish!)
- be a nice daughter to my mom

8 Things I Say Often
- cool
- ok
- Ich hab Hunger ("I'm hungry"), and in this context: "Hast Du Hunger? Gehen wir was essen?" ("You hungry? Wanna eat?")
- I'm SO full right now.
- hossa, die Waldfee! (although correctly it's "holla, die Waldfee!", translating it is rather senseless)
- yeeah!
- wo sind wir? ("where are we?")
- what the --- ?!

8 Books I Have Read Lately
- Murasaki Shikibu's "Tales Of Genji"
- Ihara Saikaku's "Five Women Who Loved Love", collected narratives
- Fjodor Dostojewski's Collected Narratives
- Leo Tolstoy's "War And Peace"
- Paul Auster's "City Of Glass"
- William Makepeace Thackeray's "Vanity Fair"
- Franz Kafka's "Der Prozess"
- John Whitney Hall's "Imperial Japan" from the Fischer's Weltgeschichte Series

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
- Pale - "Goodbye Trouble"
- Roisin Murphy "Overpowered"
- Otsuka Ai - "Daisuki Da Yo"
- Bob Marley - "Waiting In Vain"
- Camera Obscura "Tears For Affairs"
- Robyn - "Be Mine"
- Justin Timberlake - "Rock My Body"
- any catchy 80ies song with cheesy synthesizers (imagine "She's A Maniac", "She Works Hard For Her Money", or "I Ran So Far Away" by A Flock of Seagulls)

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
- they neither need my attention, nor my time
- they laugh about my jokes
- they actually like me
- they are the few people in the world I like telling what I'm really thinking, and feeling!
- haha, ok there's not so much which comes to my mind right on the spot, I'm rather spoilt.

I tag
1. sweet Helvetica
2. As I'm really bad with tagging other people, and I'm one of the last remaining who haven't long been tagged, I reckon most did the game already, anyways. However, if you're amongst the few who haven't been tagged yet, and you'd like to tell us a bit about you, with this please feel tagged! Yes, you!

By now you must be totally bored by all these facts about me already. But behold! After I rambled so carelessly about the US, now it's the turn to lay bare a few of Germany's faults and flaunt them! And I've only got out of the plane, took my train back home, and that's about it. However, in such a short time I remarked some reeally bad German habits, and was reminded how annoying Germans sometimes are.

People here don't help you. I was stumbling over my own two feet with my two suitcases and handbag, struggling to get both on and off the train, and over the gap between, and while there were men standing around me, NO ONE EVEN BOTHERED to help me a BIT. They just walk by, or even WATCH! How stupid are German men!!! ARRRH, I got so angry!

I explain it with my theory, that German people need a reason to do something. They will do it if you ask, or if they want to hit on you, I suppose. OR they need me out of their way faster. But I don't ask, and no one ever wants to hit on me, and they have time Saturdays. So there I am. They do friggin' nothing without a reason of their own.

However, that's also the reason why I feel uncomfortable when strangers talk to me on the street. In other countries, like, say, Viet Nam, it's totally fine to talk with everyone, and many foreigners who come here are surprised how cold Germans are, no one talks with no one. If you keep my theory in mind, though, it gets more understandable: Because people need a reason to do things, if they talk to you, they must have their own reason to do that, too. Now, if a greasy old man talks to a young girl at the train station, go figure! Remember, Germans are not nice! Well, let's say, least Germans are! Everyone's reserved, because all know either you must be wanting something, or you're a lunatic. Sad, I know.

Also, they think everything is their right. For instant, some of you may know, my mom has a restaurant. They ordered a 0,5l beer? They WANT exactly 0,5l beer, no less. It's their right, since it's marked 0,5l. With more they're fine, too, though.

Germans are very frugal and greedy. They want everything for free, and if it's free, they dig deeep into the bowl and fill their pockets. Such is the nature of the Germans.

What I like better in Germany, though, is that things are PRICED AS MARKED. In the US, my milk is 3,99$. Excluding taxes, though! I never knew how much I have to reckon to add (7,75%? How am I supposed to KNOW???). Also, in restaurants, it's the tax AND excessive tipping. Hossa, die Waldfee, tipping in the US can get really ugly. I know they're living off tipping, but 20%? In Germany it's generous to give 10%.

Oh, but I wanted to talk about Germany, right. So since waitresses don't live off their tips, and Germans are a unfriendly folk, service in Germany is pretty bad! Sometimes waitresses talk with each other, completely ignoring their guests. Or are just super unfriendly with you. And because Germans are frugal, their managers usually never schedule enough waitresses for service. You can be kept waiting, and waiting, and it's not even the waitress' fault. Also, forget about sales person in big stores. Super unfriendly. So NOT helpful.

As mentioned in the comments section of last post, I hate German opening hours! Shops don't operate until after 8pm, and Sundays everything is SHUT DOWN. The entire Federal Republic of Germany becomes a GHOST land. I hate Sundays in Germany. There's about nothing to do. Imagine, a few years ago, shops in Bavaria shut at 4pm on Saturdays. What do people do on weekends???Haha, just inserted this pic of a Brezel for kicks!

Talking about the weather is a popular small talk topic. Many foreigners from countries with consistent climates don't understand. However, weather in Germany is so consistently inconsistent, it makes sense to share your own opinion about the weather forecast, and the clouds in NW, or the wind coming from SE. The bf and me try to find out the direction of the wind blowing all the time!

That said, it's cloudy right now, but it's about to rain the next days.

My flight home was very pleasant, the seat next to me remained vacant :D so I had a lot of space to loll around and sleep all the way through. Because United knew we're going to Germany, we were right on time! Even a bit early! Nice!

That's for now!

A European In America

So today is my flight home and I am packing my bags. The new luggage set still smells all new and so unbearably plastic-y, I got all sick of it and feel really depressed now. 

However, instead of whining I thought I do a comprehensive recap of things that caught my attention here in the US from the angle of a real European (yes, yes, yes, that's what I am! jealous?!). You know about a few points from here, but I've got some more.

I'll miss the real Mexican food. There is no such thing in Munich. Only some crap that goes under the mysterious name "TexMex". I'll especially miss the "Two Amigos" for that matter. If you're happen to be in Sarasota, be sure NOT to miss them!!!!!
And I'm not even paid to say so, but we just went today again, and my grilled grouper in lemon sauce was SO freaking GOOD! Man, I'm gonna miss it.
I love its interior "design", so colorful, purple and yellow is one of my most fave color combo. You just have to feel like in Mexico.

Sorry, I'm not meaning to offend anyone, but I have to get it off my chest: SO MANY people here are SO FAT! It's not even their volume, but their QUANTITY! Television commercials are full of ads for lose-fat-without-doing-nothing pills, but fact is, you have to do something about it, you know, it's not healthy! WALK! Get out of your car! But a few are obviously so fat, they need these automatic scooters for disabled,
and they get to the buffets first for this, it's like a disabled-access-pass, while others wait in line for an hour. So they roll in on their scooters... But wait! He stands up! Oh my GOD! He WALKS! YES! HE CAN WALK! He is actually NOT disabled! Just too lazy to walk? It's obscene, but you can see that all the time.

That being said, it's understandable to get fat easily. Getting around Fast Food is tough, because it's easily accessible, fast, cheap, and available. Everywhere. Anytime! Disney World in Orlando, FL, was worst. I reckon 85% were, bluntly put, SO FAT - but worst is, I cannot even blame them. I tried, yes, I really, really tried, to get something other than fatty, greasy, sickening Fast Food inside of Disney World, but it's nearly impossible!!! We were inside of Epcot, where they had a world showcase, in which they've chosen a few of the world's most famous countries and represented them with a copy of what said countries are most famous for. Also, each country had its own restaurants with some of their presumed "traditional" dishes, which were outrageously Americanized. They had been able to choose the most fattiest dishes from the Japanese cuisine (chicken tempura! you don't get chicken tempura outside America, because there is actually no such thing! and if there is, it is probably called CHICKEN MCNUGGETS! Holy cow!), steak was on the menu of almost each country's restaurants, and Germany was represented by solely Bavarian culture. Bavaria never even considered itself as part of Germany, haha! But that's another story.

Oh, ya, and the super sizes everywhere. It's like during depression, Americans have to buy gallons of milk? I don't think so, but go ahead. It's practical, though!

A big difference between Americans and Germans, is that Americans are SO nice, warm, and friendly! They smile, they greet, are polite, laugh, talk openly, and are fun to hang with.

However, I'm NOT friendly. I'm German, good gawd! So I want to just walk in and out of the apartment building without talking to anyone, without looking anyone in the eyes, or have anything to do with anyone but ME. Instead, good manners is to greet the receptionist, everyone you're meeting on your way downstairs, and be friendly! SMILE! GREET! Heavens! That's too much for me!

People in Florida, or also in Nevada, and definitely in Arizona, or California, as well, like to live where it's HOT! So they live under a burning sun, a hot climate, whether humid or dry, only to move into houses with air conditioning, and then they turn down the temperatures to, like, 16 degrees Celsius everywhere??? What the --- ? A friend of ours complained about always being cold, when she's living in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the midst of freaking desert, and she's complaining about being cold!? I tell you why!

Americans don't ask the stupid, and incredibly annoying "Where are you from?" question, at least not me, but I've been only staying for a while. I think it's because it's a melting pot anyways, and obviously no one even thinks of you being from somewhere else, but the US (the bf and his American friend claim most don't even know that there's anything else beyond the US). In Germany, I have to stand the question all the time. It's so stupid. So I like not being asked.

From what I've seen, America's most popular shoes are in this order: 1. sports shoes (although most of them definitely don't look like they're doing any sports, haha), 2. flip flops, and 3. crocs. Haha, crocs! Good lord!
And the three most popular girls' exclamations: 1. that's cute, 2. I love it, 3. oh! my! gosh!

Oh, and TV. You have so many channels! And so much advertising. After two weeks I didn't see one ad twice! SO many. And a advertising break every FIVE minutes??? What the --- ! I can understand that TiVo is a standard in every American household.

Organic food is all the rage in the US. Everyone's looking for the freshest, most organic food. All those who can afford it all the way through, that is. That's good, I think, and the whole Organic Food trend is pretty big, as far as I can see it. It's good that most products are Made in the US, so they don't ship the food from everywhere in the world to the US, because while that may be healthy for the human, for the environment it's not. With huge groceries full of Organic Food ONLY, like Whole Foods or Trader's Joe, etc., I guess it took off pretty well, and I'm waiting for Germany to catch up on this for reasonable prices. 

While in the US "Hey, how're you doing" is a standardized phrase when greeting, I had big difficulties with it, because in Germany, you only ask friends or closer acquaintances about how they're doing, and it's a personal matter. In Germany, you don't go out and ask complete strangers, shop clerks, or the waitress how they're doing?! I didn't really know what to answer. But now, it's o.k. 

American men are definitely more gentleman-y. They open and hold the door for you, let you in first, and let you order first. Find me a German guy who does that!

Las Vegas was very boobs-n-ass orientated. I like the sight of groomed girls and boys (I especially like the look of groomed Asians on gambling tables, it has this decadent vibe, reminiscent of the opium dens of China's roaring Twenties), however, in Las Vegas groomed very much meant showing as much of your assets as possible. All the boobs-flaunting and push-ups made me feel all teensy-tiny, what I actually am, but which can easily be forgotten if not in Las Vegas. Also, groomed up in the US looks like going to a prom in candy-sugar-coated dresses in lollipop colors, delicately strapped stilettos, and hair in a bun. They probably wear designs by Lauren Conrad from the Hills 

Very text-heavy, I leave you with this. Took me some time to write it and my flight is impending right now. It was fun, though. Tell me, if you found this inspiring, or interesting. Of course I generalize a lot. Don't be angry, if something isn't to your taste. It's just fun! I have many things to say about Japan, or Viet Nam, too. Maybe I'll write about it at an appropriate point. 

Next time I see you is from Munich, from home. See you then!

What Happened In Vegas

From a five-star-hotel-like apartment to an actual five-star hotel, from one heat to another heat, I'm back from Las Vegas to Florida. It has been a blast!!! However, whatever's spent in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. 'nuff said.

Sorry for the lack of updates, our five-star hotel unexpectedly didn't provide free wireless, and we were stuck in an oasis of decadence and leisure, fine dining and gambling, without any internet access. It would have been nonsensic rambles anyways. 

I could post a few tourist-y pictures, of the casino-hotels, the strip by night or the fountains in front of the Bellagio. However, I didn't even take that much, and secondly, this isn't a slide-show. But to give you a small impression what my stay has been like:
We stayed at the Wynn's, one of the strip's top locations. Fairly new, it offered all the conveniences you might expect from a luxurious trip to Las Vegas, only that most of the conveniences were charged extra, like wireless. That sucked a bit, but I'm not complaining, it was grand! 

Shopping wise, and now behold!, I put Las Vegas as my personal #2 top shopping destination after Tokyo!!! Now, if that doesn't mean something. Maybe it's my fault, because I didn't dig deep enough into New York, or it's the British Pound's currency rate and the high British living standard that makes everything unbearably expensive in London, but definitely it's the low quality and buy-and-dumping shopping experience in Hong Kong. However, what's Tokyo to Asian fashion, it's Las Vegas to the US - not style-wise, but because in Las Vegas, you can get almost EVERYthing you could wish for from the US. The high end names, the high street retailers to Outlets, food, cosmetics... What I have to give into consideration is that I'm not much of a thrifter or vintage-girl, though, so concerning these points, I have no idea and can give and have no clues.

And so, like I said, I took the last opportunity to check off a few must-haves from my ever transforming wish-list and indulged into fashion in the most literal way, and picked up a few of the season's "it"-items. I don't feel like a victim, although I probably am, but I feel really, really lucky about my buys, which were not even that many, but quality buys. I have the feeling as if these will bring me indefinite joy, and for one of a few times I feel almost perfectly happy shopping-wise. Funnily, what I'm speaking about are my shoes-buys.

First item was chunky platform/wedge thick strap sandals, possibly with a T-strap. Alas, here we go:
They're perfect, comfortable and beautiful, I SO love them, and they have been so cheap. I got 50% off because there was a last-size-sale going on in Charlotte Russe, so I got them for around 13$.

I've been secretly dreaming about gladiators, and not only me, but amongst the 800 blog posts I had to catch up on after Vegas a lot of blogger had obviously done so too. So gladiators are probably a mere seasonal-item, but you never know. They can possibly stay, as unexpectedly as heeled brogues and ankle-boots do.
Although originally pondering about gladiator "boots", I resolved to stick to the more accessible version. At first hesitant about their wearability - moreover, the mirrors in the shoe shop were elongating and I hate that, because it warps reality and there is a likely possibility that after coming home you realize the shoes don't suit you at all - it turns out I love them! They're real leather, comfortable as shoes can be, and have the fierceness and quirk to spice it up.

This is a dress I picked up in Florida and has from then on been my dress-for-special-occasions.
It has somehow a festive feel to it, probably because it's under-knee-length. I've worn it to dinner with friends, to Le Rêve, an acrobatic performance show in Wynn's, and Elton John's Red Piano concert at the Caesar's.
Not "trendy", but beautiful and elegant are these Nine West yellow suede pumps I picked up in their outlet store and I had had my eyes on. The picture very clearly does them NO justice, but I post it anyways.

Down-dressing the special-occasions-dress to take a walk along the strip after Elton John.
Another mere "trend" buy was a 100% silk blouse in dip-dye purple/beige, and a fun sequined cropped vest, which was on sale from 78$ to 9.99$ at Urban Outfitters, both not yet worn outside.

In Las Vegas you're not only constantly reminded of that you're actually in the midst of a vast desert by its surrounding rust-colored mountains which are permanently visible behind the high hotel-buildings and neon flash signs, and which stretch behind the whole Las Vegas skyline, but by your dry skin and lips - so dry it hurts. Drinking lots is essential, and I mean water!, as well as moisturizing the skin in any possible way. It's ridiculous, or maybe it's just me. I got a skin rash that burned and felt like sandpaper.

And thanks to all of you who cheered me up about the bf's and my soon-to-be long distance relationship, it made me very happy that you care! I can't describe how thankful I am to have so lovely readers, but I am! Thank you, LC, helvetica and evie!