Layer It Like Crazy

Another element very dearly favored by me and always a point to consider when dressing up is layering. Yes, yes, you hear me, do you! In the style of Tokyo's style victims and paired with a more toned down European vibe I'm always fond of over-excess of fabrics and layers. That is most likely one of the reasons why I'm not a big fan of heat and too sunny weather. With the rising temperatures the more layers have to go - I hate sweating. So while the weather in Germany is obviously perfect for layering at the moment, here in Florida, it's not. Fortunately, though, the weather is good for still other things, too. Who needs to layer on the beach, right?

Susie Bubble from Style Bubble

The Streetswalker

My favorite here is a bold mixture of patterns and colors and shapes - very chaotic but with its own certain charm, this is the perfection of dressing:
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And This Is Why I Want To Add Color

Facehunter has, over the weekend, posted a few pictures which prove my new approach to colors the right way!

In all of these, colors add that extra splash of enticing quirk, the cherry on the sundae-ice-cup. Thrown in between mute neutrals and classic color-palettes are neon-colors, and a new breed of hue, which is nowadays declared "neon pastel".

Especially lovely are these aforementioned "neon pastels", like here:

They're not yet fully classified with terms and names, and are so refreshing, that they are a grand pleasure to play with, since mixing them with other colors makes surprisingly new, and original combinations.

all via Facehunter

Be prepared to stand out from the crowd.
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This Is Why I Always Loved Black

While few of you remember that I've always been particularly drawn to black, especially when it comes to dressing up, choosing between several colors in which a dress comes in, and when it's about going safe when an outfit is about to go out of hand. Probably more than 80% of my wardrobe consists of plain black. This year, however, I've successfully stepped forward, and am about to add a bit of extra color, desperately needed. Especially because I've grown tired and weary of being so irreparably predictable in my fashion choices, it annoyed me so to no describable extent.

However, probably black won't ever go away. It has only to rest for a few months, but I'm sure, I'm never too far from embracing it all over again. Only now, we both need to take a break from each other, letting the other rest, and find new ways to express ourselves.

Kate Bosworth - although this outfit looks more like "trying too hard", to me, but when did my opinion ever really count?

Modedorf, Duesseldorf

both from Facehunter
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So I'm back from Disney World obviously, thanks to everyone who's been wishing me fun, be sure I had my share! A closer and more exhausting coverage of my trip is probably to come soon in another post!

Pic(k) Of The Day

I admittedly love The Sartorialist. I, however, always was still reticent about praising him as very refined photographer. So many of his pictures showcase a clever, or, how I put it, profitable use of light, and put the person, the object of his photographs in the right sceneries and contexts. Still I'm often put off by slant lines and their chaotic composition - I just hate when pictures are lop-sided, as much as I hate misspellings (people call me orthography-fascist - oh, wait, I call myself so - sorry, I know I'm not perfect either, but it just bothers me when I read texts, that's just how I work).

However, I simply cannot deny that after all he has a certain talent. I suspect he's not really aware of certain rules of photography, and obviously, he needs not, because today he released (oh, that sounds very professional! "release") a chain of pictures, amongst them this of Kanye West and entourage, which proved once again that he's somehow kind of deserved the title as one of the most influent and "best" (by who- or whatever does define what that is) blogs around.

It's for empathetic, well-chosen and quick insights into what's fashion is mostly about, actually, what it is supposed to be about. People and what makes them unique, besides their clothes.

For a not posed and not arranged picture the use of perspective is enticing, and, yes, really cool. They look like a film still of "A-Team" or another cool gang of four strutting their ways to the next heart-warming, entertaining adventure. This picture is certainly not flawless, but the real eye for the right moment definitely shows in snap shots.

Plain White Ts

Who doesn't want it much simpler sometimes (I know of course that Dinie does in any way) and what's there better than to go back to the most simple and basic basic, the plain white T-shirt.

We're speaking about an all-time classic here, However, I'm more than convinced that it takes actually more than really a plain white T to make it work. With the right features a plain white T can be a very alluring and enticing clothing indeed.

Nisa Risa Perisacooper from Perisacooper

Screw the crew neck, plain white Ts seem so harmless and - well - plain, that a more plunging neckline is not too much out of place. V-necks are good as are wide round cut outs.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Soft, delicate, almost sheer fabrics are essential. It won't help having that 5er pack of plain white Ts from ___________ (put whatever local discounter in) made by a stiff cotton fabric in a highly unflattering cut (which is actually really in fact resembling a simple "T" the most). Best is something floating, fitted and feminine, despite it being a "simple" plain white T. The floating, light fabric will flutter around and flatter the body (whatever body type you may ever have) and feels comfortable and delicate.

Nicole Richie

What about a cotton/silk blend? Something, which feels precious.

And at the end of the day it's still possible to simply tuck it in or throw whatever you want over (say, a vest) and p!mP it up.
Daisy Lowe (via On Track)

I was actually inspired to this post by 1. Dinie (as mentioned above, hi Dinie!), 2. several looks which suddenly popped up revolving around white Ts, and 3. because of my own lack of a good one (*notes "plain white T" in her ever growing wish list*).

Full House

I have had good reasons to merge Picky Picks Pics with my personal style-diary-ish blog besides the fact that maintaining two at the same time was a bit** to do. Now that today everybody's gone and I'm having the whole house for myself, I spontaneously decided it's time for some dress-up play-around.

As mentioned before, inspiration like I usually posted on Picky Picks Pics had as much to do with my personal style showcased on It's A Bit Personal as my personal style has to do with what I find inspiring enough to post. So here I am: I was browsing through blogs in search of something I wanted to post about and found myself to be hooked by an "inspiring flow". I wish dressing up was always as easy as that, looking at a pic and impersonate it on the spot.

You may not really see the parallels of inspiration and result as obvious and evident... - no, scratch that, I hope you do!

I do not need to repeat what it is that makes M.I.A.'s style outstanding and remarkably iconic. Click here for a reminder.Neon colors, lively prints, nu-rave, hip-hop-electro or grime have all been connected to what she's doing, what she's wearing.

So this is my nu-rave-ian color splash pants I grabbed at Century21 (which is right next to Ground Zero, and is an incredible Outlet store with brands like Marc By Marc, Religion or Oscar de la Renta for a fracture of what they're usually sold for elsewhere), which feel incredibly summer-y with strawberries and sun shades printed all over.
I like the length of it most of all and the rope draw string to tie it at the top.

Thanks to traum.taenzerin I stumbled across an indeed very lovely new street style site with the most adorable girls in gorgeous pretty styles showcased, Hi Stiley. Among these girls I found this girl in a belted long vest over a delicate pale pink slip and an incredible cute pose.

Mostly because it reminded me of this translucent, see-through slip I bought in Urban Outfitters some weeks ago, and also, because it reminded me of this trend of belted scarves pretty popular some time ago, I dug out this new dip-dye scarf I found at Forever21 in New York and made it have its first outing.

And then there's Genevieve Jones, who I'm not quite sure about what she's making a living with. I suppose like all of the "It"-girls she's probably having something to do with whether acting, singing or modeling, though.
Kudos for really knowing very well how to dress, though! Here's a little outlook on her style-"portfolio".

I'm lacking proper shoes to round the look up, but you get the idea.

All in all it was a lot of fun this inspired-dressing-up game and I wish I had more to offer. What's urgent is more shoes. I realized that possibilities are narrowed down to a few basic directions if you lack the right shoes.

Outfit Posts

That's kind of funny and weird, but I've been in fact reluctant about posting my usual outfits which were what "It's a Bit Personal" had been all about, after merging both of my blogs into one, because I know that many of you who land here only have known "Picky Picks Pics" and may be surprised about what this is doing here. On the other hand, maybe no one even noticed. Anyhoo, so this is how my blog looks like from now on.
After I finally got the bf to take my outfit pictures the ones I do myself with self-timer now turn out to be much less cool. Also because our room is so messy and doesn't make a good scenario.

Anyways, has anyone seen the South Park episode from about a week ago where Britney Spears shoots her head off and the Paparazzi following her turn out to be aiming at the lone goal of killing her as offering for a lush and succulent corn harvest? Yes, no one ever said summing up South Park would sound sensible. Well, to get back to it, in the end they succeed in photographing poor Britney to death (these bastards!), however, with a very successful corn harvest this year they're not yet done, but have their eyes already on their next victim. Miley Cyrus! And now look at this.

Bohemian Hipster

While I'm talking about adjusting my style for spring/summer, you know this Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress I just recently bought is quite hippy-ish and preferentially what is nowadays called "bohemian" style. As I'm fairly new to this "bohemian" kind of style and not yet fully sure if it really suits me and what I'm trying to look and be like, I'm in search of a way to get around to applying it to my persona. Most obviously, I need to match my accessories for that.
Bangles and necklaces are not the problem, since I have tons of them, also a few wooden ones, which I think will match the look.

It's more about the hair, which suggestedly is the item to heighten the look and completes the whole hippy-ish air surrounding the style.

Headbands or -scarves, feathered hair accessories and subtle waves in long brown locks is definitely helping. Then again, I unfortunately have never been really good with hair accessories and the like and whenever I don them I rather feel like a jerk. Or Pocahontas for that matter.

These hair accessories by Urban Outfitters look very very much like what I possibly need for the look. Their stuff is pretty subtle and light:
But I know UO well enough to suspect that how much they possibly want for these is more than I'll be probably willing to pay, anyways.

So DIY like Wendy did is very likely the way to go (also, thanks again, to Wendy, for letting me use her Urban-Outfitters-collage!).

Erin Wasson

Spring/Summer '08

Painfully Hip pointed out several ways to prepare for the new season, cleaning out the wardrobe and being more efficient and pragmatic in terms of style and clothing and shopping in general (references lead me to Bits And Bobbins about cleaning the closet and iCing about ways to prepare for the coming season, two interesting reads). One of the suggestions involves making lists of things that turn out to be lacking in your wardrobe after you've cleared it properly. Furthermore, it is suggested, to create things like a mood-board, or a list of several styles and style-types and -components which you think fit and essential for the coming season. Writing them down and adding what items are needed to accomplish the look (even better, if you also add where you think is best to get these items), and taking the list shopping is certainly one step towards more efficient and pragmatic shopping. An achievement I very certainly aim at.

So although I not truly believe that making a shopping list is making it more efficient and my mind more pragmatic about buying things - rather, it is more than likely that I end up with lots more than my list suggests - I like lists and it is certainly not hurting to have a list, anyways. Furthermore, I've begun buying for spring and summer in the US already, however, in a not really very pragmatical and style-conscious manner. So while I'm slowly, slowly running out of money - and with two still impending trips to Miami and Las Vegas, too, which are likely to be not good for my savings - I need to cut and minimize my losses as much as still possible.

Very obviously buying and perusing the most recent issues of ViVi and Jille., two elaborate Japanese fashion magazines I got at Kinokuniya in New York (thanks to LC again!), inspired me a lot this time. This is why buying magazines is dangerous: it makes you want more than you need. I cut it down to the most essential, though.

1. I've been dreaming about a cute maxi-dress, preferably strapless, for I don't know how long. Worn with a cropped jacket like the model here is definitely the way to go and quite hippy-ish and bohemian.
I wouldn't mind a maxi-skirt either. The point is the length, the dramatic feel of a floor-length dress or skirt.

2. I'm always in love with 80ies inspired clothing, a cropped synthetic 80ies-style jacket is definitely on my list, but not very urgent. I have a jacket that applies to it satisfyingly, I think I'll determine to work more with it.

3. Jumper/jumpsuit/romper - however you want to call it, I'm in search for one for months now. As much as I like strapless dresses at the moment, I do prefer straps or sleeves on a jumpsuit.

4. Color splashes: I think I'm currently working O.K. on the task of adding more color splashes into my wardrobe. It definitely needs it.
Preferably vibrant colors are fit for the challenge to liven it up.
In that regard I need to work on my shoes collection, too.

5. Speaking of shoes - I've never got around to buying any, but I really want to have platform sandals or wedges with lots of straps and buckles all over the place. After so many months of infiltrating, indoctrinating and manipulating my brain as to make it really, really wanting them, I suppose mags and blogs alike have been successful.
I'm still on the look out. However, more sandals in general would already help a great deal.

Oh, and look at these:
Japanese fashion producer are so fast with catching up with trends. While we're still waiting for the High Streets to copy Chanel, Japan has access to an abundance of different gladiator-sandals-inspired styles. The ones which the model is wearing is LOVE, and I think not even very pricey. So this is on my list, too, I'll wait for Diana Rikasari to get her hands on these she ordered at eBay and check out how much they're recommendable to order.
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Rolled Up

This season obviously neither boys, men, girls nor women keep their pants at their usual length. Whether if it's cropped balloon men's trousers for men and women, any 7/8-length pants, or rolled up skinnies and jeans. Well, let's face it, most of MY skinnies and jeans are a tad too long for my height, anyways. Getting them to a not-wrinkled-at-the-ankles length makes a bit of tucking here and rolling there essential.

lulu from everybody is ugly

ViVi, Japanese fashion mag


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