Vintage Shopping!

Ha! Just before leaving Munich I had had the first vintage shopping experience ever! I mean, the first I ever even purchased something. Ok, no, I had one in Japan, and I did even buy something. Anyhoo, what I was trying to say is that I'm actually no vintage shopper. I hate the smell in them stores and the feel of the used clothing. It's a huge turn off.

However, before leaving for the US I was determined to find a gift for a friend in the US before taking off and somehow landed in the biggest vintage "market" in Munich, plainly called "Kleidermarkt". I've been in there before several times, but never dared to touch anything, let alone buy. But when I got there that day, they had the place tidied up, enlightened with more lights, re-arranged and good to go. Even that smell wasn't there!!! I was impressed, it looked and smelled much more like a place I would comb through a few racks. They have this pretty wide selection of shoes, as far as I could see. However, actually, I just ran around with the shop clerk finding exactly what I wanted and not looking around very much more. The shop has three levels, each about 150qm²?
I also saw a few "stylish" girls - so the vintage trend must have reached Munich, too. I snapped a few pics while waiting to pay. And then this young guy was there and I said how I had 25€ and that was exactly what my buy cost, but actually I wanted to keep a few € because I was pretty much starving and I said, make it 3€ less and I can buy something to eat and he took 15€! MAN! Is Vintage shopping always so nice? I mean, I have actually already determined to go back there and work myself through their offers anyways - but hell, that was really fun!

Travel Outfit

Ok, I arrived. At very last after a really tiring flight. They lost my bag though, I'm hoping to have it returned to me by tomorrow. But, hey, at least it's the best excuse to go shopping, no?

So while I'm having practically nothing to wear I let you in on some thoughts about travelling.
Over the last few years I advanced to a travelling PRO! Especially my travel outfits are veeerry well thought.
Not only do I choose the clothes by their comfortability, but by their versatility, too, because when I travel, it's about as little baggage as possible. In case I shop a lot, there will be space left. However, in case I won't find anything, I still can work around with the few pieces I have without having to stick to one look.

While it can get stressy and hot when hurrying from one terminal to the next, it gets cool very easily on the plane, so layering is the key. Two top layers are minimum. I choose comfortable pieces, roomy and never body hugging (actually I almost never choose body hugging). This grey print shirt is my bf's and slightly smells of him - which is sweet :) An olfactory lullaby. The long cardigan will be of great use when strolling around later in the evenings. And the top underneath is a simple basic, very good for layering.

The key piece here is the skirt, though. As it's a long flight, I will very probably sleep and I do so in the weirdest positions and maneuvers in the spare space that is a flight seat. A skirt provides legroom and the long length makes it so I don't accidentally flash anything I don't intend to.

This skirt in particular has some pretty neat features, too, making it versatile and a pretty statement piece. Thanks to two vertical rows of buttons on both the front and the back, it can even be transformed into baggy skirt trousers. I'm doing an exaggerated Michael-Jackson here - auh!

Its length makes it the perfect dress, too. Good for frolicking around in the sun.

Good it's so versatile in case I have to get along without many more clothes meanwhile.

Pack The Bag

Sooooo -

I need to pack. I always kinda liked packing. It's your own little universe you're selecting to take with you and during the process your most loved and versatile items filter through. For my last trips to London or Tokyo I didn't pack anything, except underwear, though, for reasons you all know. This time around, the bf doesn't allow me to immigrate with an empty bag, because security might find it strange and the US are so iffy about immigrating and check each visitor twice. Also, I don't even think I'll take the dip into shopping circus just right after arriving, so my clothes will probably have to suffice for a few days. Actually, it's pretty fun getting along with only a few items and mix and match them all over again. I did so with only a fraction of my actual wardrobe while I was "homeless" and stayed with the bf while my apartment was to be getting reading.

So instead of actual packing I brain stormed and built childish collages and it gotten pretty clear which statement pieces will def come along.
I told you that I was going to take the sack dress with me and after my demonstration of its versatility I think it will come in handy. Considering the mild temperatures in Florida at this time of the year it will also suffice as a light summer coat. I can't avoid taking with me a warmer trench, though, alone for getting and coming from the airport in Munich.

Besides a couple of pairs of tights my black shiny leggings have to come with me and I think the silver boa leggings will be just the right amount of quirk for this coat.

I can never go wrong with black pants and flats. So they're part of the basic palette.

And I think I will get along with these tri-tones just fine.

This shirt dress is one of my absolute favorites, so versatile, so easy and uncomplicated, it also found its way into my bag for Tokyo (see to the very right). With the black shiny leggings it's an unbeatable combo.

I loved my pencil skirt underneath it but the lamé mini will heighten the look!

Rain coat for practical, but also for layering reasons.

Pumps, because no one wants to be underdressed. Never. These and the black flats will be the only pairs. The rest has still to be bought :p

Other basics which never are to lack for travelling with me are a few simple tanks and camisoles for underneath or layering, at least one waistbelt, several accessories, like necklaces and bangles, tights and the usual underwear. And sleep wear!!!

And I've mentioned two new bikini tops, one gold boa and this to the right. They'll match fine with the AA undie

Anyways, I've compiled a short (8 songs or so?) playlist with a few of my favorite music. Here is a link. I actually almost never watch videos posted by bloggers - I get very impatient very quickly. But I like getting to know new music so I usually leave one window with the music open and browse on.

Now I shall get up and actually pack.

The Time Is Now

I've not even taken off yet but began my shopping spree.

I've never ever purchased anything from American Apparel, but now I can't let these items pass.

Random Thoughts

I have had another shopping ban going on for the last weeks or so because I wanted to save the fun and money for my trip to the US in five days. However, my mood went so down meanwhile and I thought I had to go crazy. I felt the urgent need for recompense.

Since I found out that there is NO H&M in Florida (!!!) and since I was feeling so unbalanced and off I thought it was just right to hit the next H&M-store and reward myself. I find the saying that shopping is cheaper than a therapist totally applies to me.
Besides the grey rain jacket (for only 15€ rather a pop?), these black pants and flats, I've also bought two very gorgeous bikini-tops which I won't showcase here - this is a fash blog, no soft porn!

Relating to this I know it's wrong to attach feelings to and depending on materialistic, volatile processes and "worldly goods" which bring short-lived joy. While shopping is a therapy, if it gets out of hand, I think I need another therapy against shopping. I must laugh about how serious this all gets, alas it's shopping! I don't know if the process of slowing down as suggested by dreamecho and adapted by fashion desciple will get me somewhere, as I don't exactly know if their concrete problem is what I'm actually facing, but since it's not about my lack of apprecation for the things I buy, it's rather the reason why I shop so often and why mostly all of what I earn and so much of my time is solely devoted to purchasing the next item.

To one part it is certainly because my refined consciousness about fashion and style, about trends and what makes its rounds - a side-effect of perusing 100+ blog reads a day.

To the other it is a rewarding system if things outgrow me and all the stress I'm feeling is not worth the small success I'm having for that matter. Don't get me wrong! I'm not getting in financial troubles and struggles because of it. Also, I'm rather a pretty reasonable shopper and won't buy something I know I won't be wearing, anyways. Whatever I buy there is apprecation and marvelling at it and I take my time to get the best and most possible of it. But is the bf right? Am I victim of a latent addiction lurking inside?

Speaking of the bf, I know that he told a friend of him about my blog which I didn't feel 100% comfortable with, to say the least. After the termination of Strawberry Milkshakes due to the teasing and being the talk of the town amongst her fellow school mates and Fabi's struggles with the detection of her blog by her fellow citizens, I was wondering about how much I'd feel comfortable about friends and relatives and generally people I know knowing about my blog, espesh about this one. I know about a few that they actually know of this, I think it's fine, as long as no one talks about it. It's no big thing, after all. However, knowing that other people I know know of this (a lot of knowing here!) makes me blush and feel awkward and embarassed. Whereas you probably know little about my real life but more about what's connected to shopping and dressing, the people I know in real life are supposed to be aware of more of my personality than my addiction to shopping and attachment to fine dressing. It's not that I wanted to hide an essential part of me - but it's that posting pictures of myself and writing about what's moved me to buy this or the other is way more dissecting than meeting people and talk with mutual awareness of the other.

Last but not least I'm determined to change my style already! I'm bored! After the fact I'm not really able to detach myself from black I think it's an even more challenging issue to change the whole concept of my style. To be continued.


I've spent about SIX hours looking up vocabulary for my 12-pages translation I have to do over the holidays today, which is a very tedious thing in Japanese. I had a bit more than 100 kanjis looked up in the end. In SIX hours!
I thought I go nuts.

No power left to pose in front of self timer so a mirror-pic since long.
You're getting to know more and more of my messy household. I just can't be bothered tidying up the scene before shooting. But usually I really do it once in a while and I just can assure you, that to most parts my apartment is actually really clean. Only I have no closet space left for my shoes and they just lie around on my corridor floor after I dress up and throw around with shoes because I can never decide which to chose.

Speaking of chaos, how does your room look after dressing up in the morning? I just can say from myself that the hole place ends up being a real big mess. Mayhem!

Back To Black

It's no easy task keeping away from black nonetheless. I've tried a several times the past days but made it only once.
I'm rather the one delving into the dark side. Maybe I will opt for more color pops when shopping the next time. I must admit that about 60 to 70% of my wardrobe is black and the rest of it held in other neutrals. Maybe about 2 to 4 % can really be called color?

But you must admit
I'm matching my furnishing rather well.

I'm Weary Of

- believe it or not - black.
I've grown tired of it. It just doesn't really capture the right mood for now. It's sunny but cool/cold - and I love it. That's perfect weather conditions for me. It feels like spring.

I think for the time being I'll work more with gray - :p I'm so unpredictable... ha!

On another note, I just can't can't can't wait for my trip to the US. It feels like years until take-off... I've made several wish-lists with things I want to buy, retailers I want to shop in and books I want to get on the cheap (believe me, there's no books on the cheap in Germany). With the hope to make smart use of the currency differences between $ and €, I'm even holding back shopping in H&M and American Apparel at the moment (it's tough, I'm the kind of person who wants everything, like, NOW), where I've scanned through their online assortment and already picked a few things I just need to get. Also, I'm determined to improve my English and check off further books I wanted to get anyways and reading them in English is good practice. Speaking of reading, I've also subscribed to TeenVogue, which is offering a Special - 10$ for 20 issues in a period of two years. Isn't this amazing??? Why so cheap?? May there be a snag?? And can anyone tell me how to subscribe to Nylon free via Urban Outfitters? I can't find the form to fill out!? Also, I wanted to ask you, dear American readers, which retailers in the US do you shop and like the most? Just in case I forget anything..

Last but not least I CAN'T wait to receive my new camera, the Canon Rebel XTi (in Germany it gained popularity under the name Canon EOS 400D), which is awaiting me at my arrival. I've been dreaming of a digital SLR for quite a time already. The quality of pictures taken with my analogue Canon SLR reminded me of how much a difference it makes to simple compact digital cams.

Straight Forward

My hair straigthener set arrived and I've ironed my hair today.
please ignore my face -_-"

Me personally likes it. On the other hand, it ain't so special either. For the look I am aiming for I think the heavy fringe is essential and still longer hair would help, too.

What's nice is that straight it doesn't look so messy anymore, like with my washed out perm I am to lazy to groom.
As you see I've not ironed it carefully enough, my hair still bares some very light waves. I've gone through it a few times but it won't become really straight!

To have a better idea of my hair you need to see it from the sides.
The two front sides are actually asymmetrical, too. And these lighter strands are a bit of an unanswered question to everyone, because they're natural, I've never dyed my hair.

My semester ended yesterday and after all the stress I've had while it lasted I feel relieved but a bit aim- and clueless now that the ever lasting pressure is gone. With too much leisure and the bf being away I have way too much time on my hands and don't really know what to do with myself.

Yesterday I finally watched a movie via our video projector, something I haven't had the time until now, but it left me distraught and lost in thought. I've re-watched "Memoirs Of A Geisha" and if you don't know this movie, it's simply about a young girl whose family sells her and her sister (it reminded me of the title of an essay I once read by a Japanese female anarchist and communist, which went a bit like "making food of their daughters", which basically meant that parents sold their daughters in order to get the money to spend on food and survive) and she ends up in a Geisha-house where, after a lot of suffering and mistreatment by her mistresses, she's taken care of by another great Geisha who teaches and trains her to become a Geisha, as which she follows her big love and becomes one of the most desired Geishas in the floating world. After the war destroys the ground structures of society and with it the base of the floating world, she once again rises up as one of the last real Geishas to help some former customers of her, amongst them her big love, to convince the Americans to help them build up their new business.

She struggles in a world primary domineered by men to find and win her love, to keep her honor and womanly pride and to survive at last. Over the course of the story she sells her virginity to the highest bidder and always has to resist the sexual advances men make towards her, while establishing herself against her Geisha rivals. Always to take care of to appeal to men, to be the perfect work of living art, Geishas were to satisfy mens need of self-esteem and ego, though not neccessarily through selling sex. Still, the only purpose the Geisha in the movie was to fulfill was to amuse men, entertain men and be a object of desire. As the "Happy End" she finally found the love of the man she's always loved. Which left me thinking that in the end she didn't escape the maze of men-domineered life and society at all, since her prime goal has still been a man, which again domineered all the course of her life.

It reminded me of when I've seen "Wait Until Dark" with Audrey Hepburn, who plays a blind woman, whose husband has to leave her alone because of a work appointment, and whose house gets raided by three gangsters while she's all alone on her own. She's obviously helpless (furthermore she's blind, I must repeat) but manages to help herself with the only weapons she has left to her, the darkness and her wit. In the end, her husband returns, not aware of anything that has actually been going on in the house, totally missing out how brave and clever his wife has resisted the gangsters, although she is blind, and she cryingly falls into his arms and loses no words of how strong she actually is. It's not the same point as what's been going on in "The Geisha", but it was the same scheme of "Happy End", falling into the arms of a man.

It left me a bit hopeless about how emancipated I actually am. Of course I can't say from myself that I'm living a bit the life of a Geisha or that my life and my "purposes" do parallel to hers, but how much of what I do, say and wear is actually to attract the other sex really?

I have to ponder about that, because I realize that I'm not free from the one thought of wishing to be attractive. I don't want to say that I purposely dress for men, because in my mind, I do not, but how much of that is true? Hasn't the "goal" of women not always been to attract men? To be the work of art to one of them?
4th Feb '08

6th Feb '08

Let Your Hair Down

Was thinking about cutting my hair short.It seems to be very popular in Singapore. And it looks pretty cute.

A lot of girls in Japan
wear them short, too.

I don't see a lot of girls with short hair here, but those who have look amazingly pretty.
But that could be because they're pretty anyways.

This begs the question if my face is right for a crop.

I was experimental with my hair awhile back, but these times are obviously gone. Now I'm either thinking about short or really long, hippie-esque-ly uncombed hair with subtle waves and without fringe. Nothing in between anymore, I always end up like that.

As I won't be having the guts to cut them this short, anyways, as experimental as I want to be again, I will go for a heavy fringe and straightness again.
Hair straightener-straightness, I mean.

Very Daul.I've just ordered a ceramic ion hair straightener (permanent straightening is worse to your hair than perms) and will be having my bob cut with two long sides in the front (just as they are now, only better).

I'm waiting for my hair to grow. I'll be 40 when they'll be long finally...

Private Eye

Thought I could just as well show off my eye liner.
I'm not the natural type of girl, I suppose, I love make-up, but I have a natural talent for eye liner, a natural swoosh with which I apply the line every morning. It takes me only one second to draw the line and then another few seconds to paint it and it looks exactly like this every time. On both eyes ;)

I do think I need to fill my lashes somehow, though. They're terribly straight and too little. I thought about getting a perm and then applying fake lashes. Maybe I'll wait until I'm in the US to have it done.

...And I Wear It Like This, This, And This

Hope I built up enough tension yesterday, hee hee! I didn't exactly get love from everybody for my sack, but that's ok. It's up to anyone's imagination what to make of a sack and to judge if there's potential or not.

Why I bought it in the first place was because I thought it looked nice simply worn by itself as it is.

Even if it proved to be not to everyone's taste. But even that's ok!

For my trip to Florida I will get a pair of flip flops on the cheap and pair them with the sack.

huhh?!! - my hair looks like it had been dyed and is growing out, although I never dyed my hair o_O!

It's very comfortable because of its looseness, I'm thinking about incorporating it into my airport wear for my flight.

Actually, though, this wasn't enough reason either for me to buy it.

Second obvious idea was belting it.

Nothing new.

But it works fine.

And thanks to the drawstring I can make it a bubble-hem.

Or unzip it, let it open - woohoo! -

and then belt it up again.
Standing in the changing room, pondering about all the possibilities even with the most simple and obvious of ways, from this point on I thought I can go for it.

Then I also thought I can make use of the up- and downwards-zippability.

If you don't understand what I mean,

try figure. I cannot explain it any better :(

And then I thought I could make whatever with it - the possibilities are, if not neccessarily endless, then various.
I'm following the steps of dreamecho, Susie Bubble or lc (in no particular order) here, who get so much wear out of their clothes which can look so different each time - but I'm still learning.

Considering that accessories, hosiery, shoes and what I can wear underneath is variable, the options are indeed various.It's simple tricks.

Yes, I think it was an acceptable buy! Lucky snatch!

sack-dress and black belt by H&M Trend
purple tank-dress,
neon print dress, neon striped dress and striped belt by H&M Divided
grey dress from Harajuku in Tokyo
scarf from Shibuya in Tokyo
leopard patterned tights from Ludwig Beck Strumpfhaus
UGG-fakes by Tally Weijl
gray pumps by Miss Selfridges from London
booties from Ikebukuro in Tokyo

The End.

I've Bought A Sack

Yeah, really. A bulky, misshapen, baggy sack. I think, they call it a coat-dress in the fashion world, when really it is a sack.

And it hasn't been a cheap buy either (I hope u won't ask!).

Am I crazy? Nuts? Have I gone totally berserk??

How is this "splurge" to be justified? Is there any justification possible? Can I be absolved?

What is she gonna make of it? Will the sack turn into a dress eventually? And can she convince everyone that spending money on a sack was worth it?

To be continued tomorrow...

(btw. the price hasn't been so astronomically high as how I picture it, but you know, it still hurt a little)

You Make My Day

I've received a "You Make My Day Award" from evie at I Need More Drama! Thanks so much!

And I want to thank my parents, and...

No, ok. I'd love to tag her right back, actually, because hers became one of my favorite blog reads lately because I love her view on things, they are such that I can connect so well with them and she feels so real when I read her tidbits of daily occurrences.

Now it's my turn, to give the award to ten other blogger and that's a tough one, really, because I think most of them have been tagged already, anyways. But I try, nonetheless:

LC at Fops And Dandies - yes, you saw that coming, didn't u. I know she's been tagged a few times already, but I still want to tag her.

Fruchtzwerg at Fruchtzwerg's Island - for her support and always being there with nice words! How come I always get to know some of the most sweetest persons on Style Diary?

Dahlia and Sarah at ChicIntuition!

Nadine at Strawberry Kitten's Playground - it's always nice to be in touch with other blogger!

Dinie or Poshpalette at T4JOTR - hey, it's fun to know you and I could play fash adviser a little, but honestly, you don't even need me!

Wendy or retrogurl at Nitro:licious - with news and updates about new designer and high street retail collabs, and, what I love the most, the newest stuff about and in H&M.

Styleclicker - for extensive coverage of rare Munich style.

The Glossy.

Ok, that's not ten... but I'm done.